Top 10 Luther Vandross Love Songs

 Luther Vandross Love Songs

Our Top 10 Luther Vandross Love Songs list presents the best love songs from an r&b singer who knew how to melt the hearts of female fans.. Luther Vandross is one of the kings of romance. When you think of crooners who sing love songs he might not be too far from your mind. He has recorded some of the most romantic love songs of all time. He recorded a lot of babymaking music. In fact, his music might be responsible for a lot of babies being born. He writes love songs that you can feel in your soul. His songs will make women’s hearts melt. They may also help men get lucky with these women.

Luther Vandross was always popular with female fans because he knew how to write brilliant love songs for women. He made it possible for men who couldn’t express themselves the same way be able to open up to their soulmates. He can make a song sound romantic even if the subject is about breaking up with someone or looking for love. You may find yourself using his lyrics to do the talking for you because he knows how to make women smile with his words. Luther Vandross has a lot of loves songs so narrowing it down to 10 was a challenge, but we were up for it. Our Top 10 Luther Vandross Love Songs list will feature his best songs.

Top 10 Luther Vandross Love Songs

# 10 – I’d Rather

The first song on our Top 10 Luther Vandross Love Songs list is “I’d Rather” from his eponymous album. Luther Vandross released his eponymous album in 2009. The introspective song is about a man who was in a bad relationship. They were dealing with problems so they parted ways. He moved on with someone else, but realized that he wasn’t happy the way he thought. The grass was greener on the other side. He’s not happy with the new woman in his life. He realized that he was happier with his ex-lover. He decides to go back home to her. He was nothing without her. He has an epiphany. He thought the new woman could replace her, but he found out that wasn’t true. He returned to his ex because he realized he wasn’t happy the way he was with her.

He would rather have bad times with his former lover than have good times with another woman. In other words, he would rather be with the woman he truly loves than stay with someone who doesn’t make him happy. This love song teaches you that you should try to make your relationship work. You should love the one you’re with because you may not always be happy with someone new. Luther Vandross touched on this subject and makes you realize that you should work things out instead of running away. Love isn’t always easy, but it’s worth fighting for if you love the person.

# 9 – ‘Til My Baby Comes Home

The next song on our Top 10 Luther Vandross Love Songs list is “’Til My Baby Comes Home” from the album The Night I Fell in Love. The Night I Fell in Love was released in 1985. The affectionate song is about a man who is being chased by other women. There are women who want to be with him, but he only has eyes for his baby. He doesn’t want any other woman. He has the woman he wants. He gets weak in his knees when he sees her. He misses her when she’s out and can’t wait for her to come home to him. She is everything he ever wanted in a woman so he has no reason to look elsewhere. When he’s feeling down she makes him feel better. He dreams about her every night. He dreams that she’s laying by his side every night. He knows their love is genuine. He’s secure in their love.

Every man and woman wants to have love like the one Luther Vandross describes in “‘Til My Baby Comes Home.” There are sharks in the water who are waiting to take people from us the first chance they get. It’s great to know that the person you love cares about you enough not to lead you astray. It’s good to know that you can trust your lover. This is what love is all about. Love is about being able to trust your lover. The music is upbeat and great to dance to with your special someone. You won’t be able to slow dance to this song, but you will be able to dance with your lover to this song. If you are secure with your relationship, this is going to be your jam.

# 8 – Any Love

“Any Love” is from the album of the song same. Any Love was released in 1988. The forlorn song is about a lonely man who wants to find love. He is lonely and sad because he doesn’t have anyone in his life. He cries to himself to sleep at night because he’s alone. He doesn’t want to give up on losing love. He has hope that he will find love so he can stop being lonely. This is something most people have dealt with in their lives. It can be hard to see people around you in love when you are alone. He feels the pain of that and wants to find love of his own.

Luther Vandross knows how to peek into your soul and knows how you are feeling. He’s giving the listeners an inside look on how it feels to be lonely and wanting to be loved. His lyrics are so compassionate that it feels like he’s talking about himself. Luther Vandross was a celebrity so he knows how it feels to be lonely because he spent time alone while he was touring. He tapped into the way people feel when they cry at night because they don’t have anyone to love. He wrote a relatable song because most people have been in this situation. This love song is different from falling in love. This track touches on the subject of finding love. If you are hoping to fall in love, then “Any Love” is the track for you.

# 7 – Wait for Love

“Wait for Love” is from the album The Night I Fell in Love. The Night I Fell in Love was released in 1985. The hopeful song is about falling in love with someone. This track is similar to “Any Love” since Luther Vandross is looking for love in both songs. In “Wait for Love,” Luther Vandross is in love with a particular woman. He believes there’s a chance for them to fall in love with each other. He tells her that he is hoping that they get together. He was lonely and had a lonely heart until she came along. He is willing to wait for her to love him. He realizes it will take a long time, but he wants to wait for it. Luther Vandross knows that love is worth the wait. He says it’s not a waste of time if you are in love.

Luther Vandross must be inside people’s heads when he writes his love songs. He knows how to write reality-based songs. He gives great advice on what to do when you are looking for love. He gives excellent advice in this song. He lets you know that you should wait for love if it’s worth it. If you truly want love, you shouldn’t give up on it. The reward will be worth the wait. Luther Vandross could have easily written a song where he got the girl of his dreams. He chose to write a song where he has to wait for her to be with him. It’s hard to imagine a romantic man like him having to “wait for love.” It means if he was willing to wait for love, anyone can wait for it.

# 6 – The Closer I Get to You ft. Beyonce

“The Closer I Get to You” is from the albums Dance with My Father and Dangerously in Love. Dance with My Father and Dangerously in Love came out in 2003. “The Closer I Get to You” is a sweet song about a couple falling deeper in love with each other. They are friends who find themselves falling in love with each other. They express how they feel about each other and want to be more than friends. Any time they are near each other, they realize how much they need each other. This is a touching song about falling in love with your friend. Friends fall in love all the time. It could be a risk because if your relationship doesn’t work out, you could lose the friendship. There are also times when friends make the best lovers. Luther Vandross and Beyonce cover the topic of friends who fall in love.

Luther Vandross and Beyonce take on a common subject. Friends fall for each other because they spend a lot of time together. It makes sense that they would develop feelings for each other. Popular singers have honest reactions to the subject. Roberta Flack and Donnie Hathaway recorded this track before them. They made this the classic jam that it is today. Luther Vandross and Beyonce took a chance recording this song, but they did their thing on it. Their version was popular too. It won’t make you forget the original version, but you can enjoy it. This music is excellent babymaking music. As soon as the music starts, you may have to send the little ones out of the room. You can celebrate the love you have for each other. If you and your soulmate started off as friends, this is the song for you.

# 5 – The Best Things in Life Are Free ft. Janet Jackson, Bell Biv DeVoe and Ralph Tresvant

The next song on our Top 10 Luther Vandross Love Songs list is “The Best Things in Life Are Free” from the Mo’ Money Soundtrack. The Mo’ Money Soundtrack was released in 1992. The deep song is about not being able to buy love. Love is available for free. The song is based on the proverb the best things in life are free. There are certain things you can’t buy. Love is one of the things you can’t buy in life. You either have love or you don’t. The narrators talk about falling in love with each other. They learn a valuable lesson about love. They realize that they have each other and it means everything to them. The song was written for the movie, but you don’t need to watch the movie to understand the meaning behind it.

This bouncy track is different for Luther Vandross. He didn’t record pop and dance tracks like this song. This was a chance for him to sing a love song against a different beat. He was able to appeal to a different audience with this track. The song is more suited for Janet Jackson than Luther Vandross, but he proved he was up for the challenge. His words still sound romantic against a dance beat. Luther Vandross and Janet Jackson do a great job conveying how it feels to fall in love without a price tag. Bell Biv Devoe and Ralph Tresvant join the duo on this track. It gives fans of New Edition a chance to hear the guys reunite on a song. This is a fun love song to listen to with your soulmate.

# 4 – Power of Love/Love Power

“Power of Love/Love Power” is from the album Power of Love. Power of Love was released in 1991. The sultry song is about the kind of love that makes you forget about everything else except the person you love. He believes their love is powerful. He thinks they have the greatest power of all. He said there’s no feeling like love. Love is a feeling that can’t be denied or hidden. It’s a strong feeling that holds on to your heart. If you are in love, you agree that love is the most powerful thing in the world. You may find yourself singing along with him about how powerful you feel when you have love in your life.

Luther Vandross knows how to touch your soul with his breathtaking music. This track is an excellent definition of love. Love can be powerful and have a strong hold over you. He knew to record a song that will drive anyone crazy if they hear it. He’s one of the kings of romance so it’s not a surprise that he recorded such a sweet song about love. The lyrics aren’t cheesy. They will resonate with anyone who has been in love. If you are in love, you can play this song for your soulmate to let the person know how you feel. The person in your life will love you even more if you let Luther Vandross tell your soulmate how you feel.

# 3 – There’s Nothing Better Than Love ft. Gregory Hines

“There’s Nothing Better Than Love” is from the album Give Me the Reason. Give Me the Reason came out in 1986. The sentimental song is self-explanatory. Luther Vandross and Gregory Hines tell the listeners that “there’s nothing better than love” in life. They appreciate the women that love them. They express how they feel about the women in their lives. They are so happy that the women love them and continue to love them. It makes them feel good to know their ladies will love them forever. It’s a wonderful thing to know that the person you love has the same feelings you do. Everyone wants to have someone in their lives who makes them feel like they are loved.

The meaningful lyrics will make you feel special. People dream of wanting the love that Luther Vandross and Gregory Hines talk about in “There’s Nothing Better Than Love.” As soon as this beautiful song starts, you are ready for a romantic ride. Gregory Hines was more known for his dancing and acting than he was for singing. He was able to keep up with Luther Vandross. Everyone couldn’t sing with Luther Vandross and keep up with him, but he was able to do it. You can use this song if you want to have a romantic evening with your partner. You can let your soulmate hear these poetic lyrics and let nature take its course. This song will make you a believer in love whether you are in love or not.

# 2 – Always and Forever

“Always and Forever” is from the album Songs. Songs was released in 1994. The invigorating song is about loving someone for life. You love someone so deeply that you find yourself thinking about the person all the time. Your soulmate is always on your mind whether the person is around you or not. He talks about his soulmate being a dream that came true for him. He knows he will feel that way every single day. He wants to hear his soulmate tell him that she will care about him the same way he cares about her. He assures her that he will always love her. His feelings will never change. Every woman wants to hear that her man will love her for life.

When you think of love songs this song may not be too far from your mind. This love song is probably on a lot of playlists when you want to hear loving songs. If you are a fan of r&b music, you know that Heatwave recorded this track before Luther Vandross. This is one of Heatwave’s signature songs so Luther Vandross took a chance on covering this track. Luther Vandross knows how to make a cover song his own. He covered a lot of songs, and he knows how to put his spin on them. Luther Vandross’ smooth vocals take you to a different place in time. He makes you believe that he’s in love while he sings this song. This song is ideal for couples who love each other unconditionally. “Always and Forever” can be the love song you listen to when you are dancing with your soulmate.

# 1 – Here And Now

The number one song on our Top 10 Luther Vandross Songs list is “Here and Now” from his album the Greatest Hits 1981 – 1995. Greatest Hits 1981 – 1995 came out in 1996. This faithful song is about a man’s undying for the woman in his life. He talks about how much he loves his soulmate. He promises to love her faithfully. He assures her that she’s the only woman he needs in his life. He will never love another woman the way he loves her. You believe him when he promises to love her faithfully. You would have to have a heart of stone not to be moved by this song.

The lyrics read like wedding vows. He sounds like he’s promising his heart to her. “Here and Now” is one of Luther Vandross’ signature ballads. This song is poetry set to music. The song is a wedding anthem. If you are a fan of love songs, this song isn’t too far from your mind. If you play this song for your soulmate, the person might not be able to keep from crying. This song might bring tears to your eyes because the song is beautiful. “Here and Now” is the epitome of love songs. This track is exactly what the love doctor ordered. You can use this track when you want to walk down the aisle to the person you love. You can let Luther Vandross serenade you down the aisle. You could also use this song for your first dance or celebrating an anniversary.

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