Top 10 Lynch Mob Songs

Lynch Mob Songs

Our top 10 Lynch Mob songs list looks at the catalog of an American ensemble that was prominent in the hard rock, heavy metal, and glam metal scene. The band was incepted in 1989 by guitarist George Lynch. Initially, George Lynch was a member of the glam metal act Dokken that started in 1978. Dokken went on a hiatus in 1989 after George and vocalist Don Dokken failed to come to a consensus on the band’s creative direction.

George Lynch influenced former Dokken drummer Mick Brown to follow him to his new band Lynch Mob. Oni Logan was brought in as the band’s lead vocalist while Anthony Esposito took on the bass guitar. The band signed a recording contract with Elektra Records and started working on an album.

Wicked Sensation (1990) marked the Lynch Mob’s debut album. The album was a success peaking at number forty-six on the Billboard 200. Some of the best releases from the album include “River of Love,” “Wicked Sensation,” and “She’s Evil But She’s Mine.” The first lineup change happened after the band returned from touring. Oni Logan was dismissed from Lynch Mob, with vocalist Robert Mason taken to fill his position.

Lynch Mob hit the studio to record and release its eponymous second LP. “Tangled in the Web,” “Dream Until Tomorrow,” and a cover of Queen’s hit “Tie Your Mother Down” are the most significant songs from the album. Lynch Mob (1992) failed to match the feats reached by Wicked Sensation (1990). It managed position fifty-six on the Billboard 200 chart. The band disbanded soon after returning from a tour in 1994.

Both Mick and George joined Dokken in 1995, which had reformed in 1993. Once more, George Lynch was out of Dokken after he was fired. Lynch Mob tried awakening Lynch Mob’s musical pursuits. His initial trial didn’t work but resulted in Syzygy (1998), a three-song EP. George Lynch continued looking for new members for a complete lineup. After gathering up new members, George led the band in releasing a third LP, Smoke This (1999), under Koch Records.

The album saw the band change its musical direction, taking on rap metal and nu-metal sounds. Unfortunately, Smoke This (1999) failed to perform as the band wished. After going on tour, the band once more broke up. Lynch Mob would later be revived in 2003 by George Lynch, Anthony Esposito, and Robert Mason. The reunion was marked by the release of the LP REvolution (2003). REvolution (2003) featured re-worked versions of the band’s songs and several Dokken tracks. Lynch Mob later disbanded in 2006 with guitarist George Lynch touring under his name.

The following year George Lynch started a hard rock and heavy metal band under the moniker Souls of We. However, he didn’t give up on Lynch Mob, having him revive the band in 2008. The following year, Lynch Mob released its fifth LP, Smoke and Mirrors, under Frontiers Records. Lynch Mob resumed to its usual hard rock and heavy metal sound with this album. George played the guitars while Oni Logan took on the lead vocals. On the other edge, Scott Coogan played the drums, while Marco Mendoza, formerly of Thin Lizzy, played the bass guitar. “21st Century Man” and “Smoke and Mirrors” are the most popular songs from Lynch Mob’s fifth LP.

Lynch Mob later released two albums, Rebel (2015) and The Brotherhood (2017). The two albums charted on the Billboard Top Rock Albums and Billboard Hard Rock Albums charts. However, The Brotherhood (2017) performed better than the former, making it to the Billboard 200. It peaked at number one hundred and four on this chart.

Eventually, George Lynch put to rest the band’s musical pursuits in 2020. Nevertheless, he is still active in the music scene as a touring member of Dokken. The success of Lynch Mob was majorly associated with George Lynch’s inspirational guitar skills. Lynch Mob ended its musical career, having released seven LPs, four EPs, and two live albums. Here we present the best Lynch Mob songs of all time.

#10 – Smoke This

Opening our top 10 Lynch Mob songs list is the impressive hit “Smoke This.” The song serves as the album title track to the band’s third LP. “Smoke This” finds the band taking a new musical direction by introducing some rap metal and nu-metal elements in its performance. Kirk Harper was the band’s vocalist at the time of this album’s release. However, the band didn’t achieve mainstream success in the rap-metal scene. This prompted Lynch Mob to return to its usual heavy metal, and hard rock sounds in the next album release.

#9 – Automatic Fix

“Automatic Fix” is a thrilling release from the band’s sixth studio album. The song features some great musical arrangements and is acclaimed thanks to its magnificent opening riff and George Lynch’s transcendent guitar solo. The song also brings to its listeners some of the best vocal delivery by Oni Logan. In an interview, Oni revealed that he fell in love with the song’s energy and attitude. In some way, this might have inspired him in delivering one of his best vocal performances.

#8- Smoke and Mirrors

Coming in at number eight is the aesthetic track “Smoke and Mirrors.” “Smoke and Mirrors” serves as the lead track to Lynch Mob’s fifth LP. The album marked the band’s first release under Frontiers Records. “Smoke and Mirrors” has been lauded as one of the best Lynch Mob songs, credit to Oni Logan’s inspirational vocals. Thanks to the hook-laden guitar riffs delivered by the legendary guitarist George Lynch, the song brings on a melodic feel.

#7- Miles Away

After being dropped by Frontiers Records, the band went on to sign a recording contract with Rat Pak Records. “Miles Away” is the fruit of the band’s LP under the label. The song is among the hits that helped catapult The Brotherhood (2017) to mainstream success. George Lynch revealed that “Miles Away” and all the songs on the album reflect what the band is all about. The song features adventurous hard rock sounds delivered at a slow tempo.

#6- Wicked Sensation

Number six on our top 10 Lynch Mob songs list is the tremendous hit “Wicked Sensation.” “Wicked Sensation” is the album title track to Lynch Mob’s debut album. This funky ballad had its lyrics penned by Oni Logan while George Lynch handled the music. “Wicked Sensation” brings the best out of George Lynch’s guitar skills. The song peaked at number thirty-one on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Chart.

#5- Main Offender

Lynch Mob signed off its career on a high note, thanks to the success of its final LP, The Brotherhood (2017). The Brotherhood (2017) is home to our fifth song on our top 10 Lynch Mob songs list, “Main Offender.” “Main Offender” is a dazzling track that showcases great musicianship by the band’s final lineup for an album release. George Lynch and Oni Logan were joined by former BulletBoys’ drummer Jimmy D’Anda and bassist Sean McNabb. Sean McNabb has recorded music with other ensembles, including House of Lords, Dokken, Queensrÿche, and Great White.

#4- Slow Drag

“Slow Drag” is one of the best Lynch Mob songs from the band’s LP Sound Mountain Sessions (2012). A re-mastered version of this song is also featured on the band’s final LP, Sun Red Sun (2014). “Slow Drag” is a high-spirited ballad that brings the best of the band’s hard rock vibes. Lead vocalist Oni Logan delivers some awe-inspiring vocals on this cheery ballad.

#3- Dream Until Tomorrow

The number three track on our top 10 Lynch Mob songs list is the melodic hit “Dream Until Tomorrow.” “Dream Until Tomorrow” is featured on the band’s eponymous sophomore LP. The song came after the band had dismissed vocalist Oni Logan. Robert Mason took on the vocals delivering a brilliant performance. “Dream Until Tomorrow” peaked at number twenty-three on the Billboard Mainstream Rock chart.

#2- River of Love

“River of Love” is one of the band’s most acclaimed songs of all time. The song is the best release from the band’s original lineup, having it released on Wicked Sensation (1990). All the band members penned the lyrics of this love-infused track while George Lynch composed its music. “River of Love” managed to rise to the nineteenth position on the Billboard Mainstream Rock chart.

#1- Tangled in the Web

Number one on our top 10 Lynch Mob songs list is the electrifying hit “Tangled in the Web.” The song is featured on the band’s eponymous second LP. “Tangled in the Web” features some bluesy distorted guitar riffs that add charm to the song’s overall feel. The guitar licks on this song capture the peak of George Lynch’s best skills. “Tangled in the Web” went on to peak at number thirteen on the Billboard Mainstream Rock chart.

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