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Måneskin Songs

Before their rise to fame and consequent victory in the 2021 Eurovision song contest, Maneskin were normal teenagers performing in the streets of Rome. Nowadays, the band is riding high, with most of their music ranking high in Spotify charts. The Italian band is composed of Damiano David, the vocalist, Victoria de Angelis, the bassist, Thomas Raggi, the guitarist, and Ethan Torchio, the band’s drummer. The band members met way back during their high school days with Ethan Torchio, who hails from Frosinone, being the last one to join when the band was looking for a drummer. Before their appearance and eventual triumph on Eurovision, Maneskin had finished second on the Italian X-Factor in 2017.

The band has released two studio albums and has 28 records that have been certified platinum by FIMI (Federation of the Italian Music Industry). In addition, Maneskin released their EP in December 2017, mainly composed of cover songs that they had previously done on the X-Factor. The EP was a commercial success and was certified platinum by FIMI. The first single from the band, “Morirò da re,” which is in the Italian language, was released on 23rd March 2018 and was a continuation of the band’s newfound success. The band’s debut studio album, Il ballo della vita, was released on 26th October 2018, and it featured the track “Torna a casa,” which topped the charts in Italy.

The band’s songs often feature angry lyrics and are also famous for their costumes which at times defy gender stereotypes. Following the triumph on Eurovision 2021, the band’s vocalist was quoted saying that they just wanted to show the whole of Europe and the world that rock and roll never dies. True to his word, the band’s sound and music have often been compared to the 70’s rock. Here are the top ten Maneskin songs.

10. Coraline

This rock ballad features some fantastic vocals and an acoustic guitar at the beginning, which later fuse with electric guitar tunes and drums. The platinum-certified song was written in a hotel room by Damiano David and Thomas Raggi. If you want an introduction to Italian rock music, listen to “Coraline.”

9. Vengo Dalla Luna

Coming in at number nine is the song “Vengo Dalla Luna,” which I find to be one of the band’s most underrated songs and one of my personal favorites. The track is contained on the band’s 2017 EP, Chosen.

8. Torna a casa

Though this song is sung in Italian, it is pure perfection and might make me enroll for some Italian classes. Damiano’s voice is quite sensual, and you can feel his passion, longing, anger, and fear. Even though I don’t understand what the lyrics say, music is a universal language, and this song feels good listening to it.

7. Vent’ Anni

Vent’ Anni is one of Maneskin’s most memorable songs written during the Covid-19 lockdowns while the band was in London in 2020. The Damiano David written lyrics are quite catchy, and you could listen to this song all day without getting bored of it. The song features some emotional melodies and great poetry that we have come to associate with the band.

6. Are You Ready?

The number six song on our list of the top ten Maneskin songs is another song from the band’s 2018 album, Il ballo della vita. This song is a bit different from most of their songs, and the melodies in it sound a bit Indian or Arabic. However, “Are You Ready?” is a unique song that will surely get you up on your feet.

5. Somebody Told Me

“Somebody Told “ is a song released by The Killers in 2004 but was later covered by Maneskin during their time at the Italian X-Factor. The song is contained in their 2017 EP, Chosen. You need to see their performance of this song to realize just how good they are. Their outfits are fantastic, and the bassist and singer understand how to control the stage effectively.

4. Moiro Da Re

It’s rare for us to get so much into Eurovision winners. However, Maneskin have released some incredible music, and honestly, it’s hard to ignore this band. “Moiro Da Re” is the lead single from the band’s 2018 album Il ballo della vita. The song was written during the days after their success on X-Factor. The song is about redemption, never giving up on oneself, and being confident in yourself.

3. Zitto E Buon

“Zitto E Buon” is a song to praise one’s ability to be true to who you really are and making your way up through tears and time even when other people are criticizing you. This song is quite significant since it was the band’s commercial breakthrough and is the song that won them the Eurovision Song Contest of 2021 as well as the Sanremo Music Festival. Even though you might not understand the words in the song, you have to admit that it is pretty awesome. The song topped the UK Rock & Metal Singles Chart for seven consecutive weeks and peaked at position 17 in the UK singles Chart, hence becoming the first Italian song to achieve that feat.

2. Beggin Cover

The original version of this song was composed by Bob Gaudio and Peggy Farina and was popular in England back in the 1970s. Maneskin did a cover of the song in 2017 after performing it on X-Factor Italia and later included it in their EP, Chosen. Damiano David’s vocals are quite impressive, and listening to the song will give you some good energy.

1. I Wanna Be You Slave

Sometimes, you have to go the extra mile to win over that special someone you want in your life, which is the message passed across by this song. “I Wanna Be You Slave” is no doubt the band’s biggest hit, peaking at position 12 on the UK Singles Chart and thereby surpassing Zitto E Buoni, which had previously peaked at position 17. The song has been certified platinum in several countries including, Austria, Spain, Portugal, and the United Kingdom. If I ever get to meet the band, I will for sure tell them to make more of such music.

Photo: Bruno from Roma, Italia, CC BY-SA 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

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