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Nazareth Songs

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Our Top 10 Nazareth Songs list takes a look at a 1970s band that most rock fans remember from the song “Love Hurts.” The band Nazareth first formed in the late 1960s. The group originally was from Scotland. Like many bands that originated on the Eastern side of the Atlantic Ocean, Nazareth was far more popular in Europe than they ever were in the United States. However, their 1975 album Hair of the Dog contained a cover of an old Everly Brothers’ song entitled“Love Hurts.”

The song was a massive hit for the band, which helped them become a household name worldwide in the mid-1970s. The band was never able to achieve another hit single as big as “Love Hurts.” Nonetheless, the band continued to tour and release albums continuously for 50 years. Once again, like many other bands that have hailed from the Eastern side of the Atlantic, the group went through many lineup changes over time.

Our top 10 Nazareth songs list presents 10 essential Nazareth songs that many fans may have never heard before. Most of us Classic Rock Fans who grew up in the 70s all brought the Hair of the Dog album and the follow-up record Close Enough for Rock ‘n’ Roll. Yet, the band released some great tracks before those records and, of course, after. Here are 10 Nazareth songs I think you will enjoy.

# 10 – Dear John

We open up our top 10 Nazareth songs list with an excellent track from their debut album entitled Nazareth. The band’s first album was released in 1971. The first single released from the album was the song called “Dear John,” not to be confused with the same Elton John song title “Dear John.” The band consisted of Dan McCafferty, Manny Charlton, Pete Agnew, and Darrell Sweet.

# 9 – Goin’ Loco

Forty years after the band initially formed, the group released the album The Newz. Released in 2008, all original members were on the vinyl except the exception of drummer Darrell Sweet who had passed away nine years earlier. After forty years, the band had not lost a step. Just take a listen to these killer riffs and fabulous playing. “Goin’ Loco” was the album’s opening track.

# 8 – Telegram (Parts 1-4)

I played the opening side of this great album hundreds of times in the 1970s and never realized the first four songs on the record were part of a suite entitled “Telegram.” Simply excellent stuff. The suite “Telegram” was released on the Close Enough For Rock and Roll album. The record was released in 1976. It was also one of the best classic rock album covers of the 1970s.

# 7 – Morning Dew

Nazareth’s cover version of the Grateful Dead’s “Morning Dew” first appeared on the band’s debut album Nazareth. The band’s first album was released in 1971. Nazareth was an exhilarating band to catch in concert. The boys lit it up on stage. The excellent live version of“Morning Dew” in the video below is not to be missed.

# 6 -Shanghaid In Shanghai

As we approach the halfway point on this top 10 Nazareth songs list, we turn to the great Nazareth song “Shanghaid In Shanghai.” With some killer guitar riffs and an explosively sung chorus, this song ranks right up on our Nazareth songs list. The song “Shanghaid In Shanghai” was released on the album Rampant. The album was released in 1974. Deep Purple’s Roger Glover produced the album. Deep Purple’s Jon Lord also played a synthesizer on the track.

The album, released in 1974, also defines the sound of an era. The slide guitar sound is very reminiscent of the band Lynyrd Skynyrd.  The guitars, amps, and recording consoles also produced a specific harmonic sound during that time period. It is very easy to hear if your ears are tuned into that kind of thing.

# 5 – Miss Misery

The opening riff to Nazareth’s “Miss Misery” is a shining example of the definition of classic rock. That killer, dry-sounding guitar riff surrounded by fat bass and drums wrapped up in a high-tenor rock vocal was pure Nazareth. The band’s great song, “Miss Misery,” was released on their legendary Hair of the Dog album. The album that was released in 1975 was relentless on every track.

# 4 – This Flight Tonight

As we continue our Top 10 Nazareth songs list, we turn to the band’s fourth album, Loud ‘N’ Proud. The record was the band’s fourth album release. It was issued in 1973. The great Nazareth recording, “This Flight Tonight,” covered a Joni Mitchell song. The song “This Flight Tonight” has become a huge fan favorite. The album also contained two other cover songs. “The Ballad of Hollis Brown” was a remake of a Bob Dylan song. “Teenage Nervous Breakdown” was a cover of a Little Feat song written by Lowell George.

# 3 – Razamanaz

The classic Nazareth song “Razamanaz” was released on the album Razamanaz in 1973. It was Nazareth’s third album release. At the time, the band was touring with Deep Purple. Their relationship with Deep Purple resulted in the band utilizing Roger Glover as the record producer.

# 2 – Hair Of The Dog

The opening drum lick of this tune always reminded me of the opening of Grand Funk Railroad’s “We’re An American Band.” The great song “Hair Of The Dog” was the title track to their magnificent 1975 album Hair Of The Dog.  The record is the band’s biggest-selling album, selling over two million copies. It broke the top 20 in the United States, peaking at number seventeen on the US Billboard album charts.

# 1 – Love Hurts

There was no doubt about this one. Coming in at number one on our top 10 Nazareth songs list was the band’s biggest hit of the career. The phenomenal track “Love Hurts” was a radio favorite in 1975 and 1976. The song was released on the album Hair of the Dog in 1975. Dan McCafferty’s iconic vocal sound dominates the track, fueling the song into one of the most instantly recognizable classic rock songs of the 1970s.

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