Top 10 Moenia Songs

Moenia Songs

Moenia, a rock band from the country of Mexico, reached a major milestone when a performance of theirs was presented on HBO Plus. This captivating, mesmerizing two-hour concert from 2005 at the National Auditorium in Mexico City showcased their multitude of musical talents. The three-member band rose to the occasion to deliver the hits that have become such a passion for so many fans.

‘Moenia Hits Live’ was the name given for the performance. Seeing and listening to them live is tremendous, whether it’s on Youtube or in person. I highly recommend it.

The same guys behind the electronic pop songs from that night continue to this day. They are lead singer, Alfonso Pichardo, keyboards and guitar player, Jorge Soto, and Synth programming and player, Alejandro Ortega.

The trio has continued to write and produce great Spanish music through the ups and downs of retaining and losing favor with popular culture status. Over the years, they have won prestigious awards, had songs placed in culturally significant movies (Amores Perros), and also have been ignored by the press.

The Spanish music market is typically dominated by Latin ballad crooners, teenage vocal groups or musical styles with more mass appeal such as rancheros, cumbias, or reggaeton. Somehow, though, Moenia has kept things together against all odds to fight for their niche in rock and roll history. As they continue to break barriers, we take a look at their top 10 material.

One of the most successful albums of Moenia was ‘Sterohits’ from 2004. This disc was a purely covers soundtrack of hits from other Spanish rock bands. If you find the time, I promise you will not be wasting it while listening to this compilation.

But, moving forward with our top 10 list we are strictly focused on songs written by the band.

Also, it should be noted, that in the band’s career trajectory, there were some early era hits with a co-founder and singer, Juan Carlos Lozano. He left the band after the very first Moenia album to pursue a solo career.

As the catalog from Moenia is large and there are so many worthy songs that could be reviewed, it is decided this list will only include songs from the mainstay pillars of the band (Alfonso, Jorge and Alejandro).

# 10 – Como Ves Tu

From the 2001 album, Le Modulor (The Module in English), the song ‘Como Ves Tu’ shows off the electronic savvy of the band. With a steady beat, a slick sound, beautiful lyrics, and the soulful voice of Alfonso, the exquisite nature of their music takes off to the outer limits.

# 9 – Me Equivoque

I love how Moenia uses the synths to create such a wild platform of sounds. From the 2006 album, Solar, comes the catchy ‘Me Equivoque.’ This ballad is impossible not to love. We only hear Alfonso in the beginning, but then we discover it’s a duet. He is accompanied by a female rock star, Denisse. She is the lead singer of Belanova, another Mexican pop-rock band, and they have had plenty of hits including ‘Rockstar.’

# 8 – Lo Mas Grave

Moenia really penetrates the depths of electronica with this obscure cut, ‘Lo Mas Grave’, from the 2006 album, Solar. The song is five minutes long, and it takes us on a trip of sounds that I can only describe as unique. The voice of Alfonso carries us and the song through it all with clarity and confidence. It’s his talents as a singer that is a huge part of these depths of sound.

# 7 – Morir Tres Veces

From the 2012 album, FM, is their biggest hit, ‘Morir Tres Veces.’ The three men of Moenia have continued to lead electronic rock music in Spanish for new generations. For me, it’s a blend of a distinctive hook, great lyrics, a beautiful voice, rhythm, melody and a desire to push us to a better place that makes them so awesome.

# 6 – No Dices Mas

This next song, ‘No Dices Mas’, from the album Adicion, the trio’s first album together in 1999 as the new, everlasting Moenia became a bigger hit in subsequent years as a single release from their HBO special. Seeing them perform live provides more punch and makes the song a lot edgier. The crowd knows every word of it.


# 5  – LLegaste a Mi

From 2001’s album, Le Modulor, this gem tickles many parts of the musical pallet. Moenia are masters of EDM (Electronic Dance Music). They can take the smallest synth beat and make magic. As writers, the lyrics are romantic…talking about life, lost loves, new loves, internal battles and moving forward in life

# 4 – Sufre Conmigo

Another wonderful ballad offered up from Solar in 2006 is ‘Sufre Conmigo.’ With a synth lick mixed in the middle, Moenia prove over and over their musical talents go beyond the ordinary. This is a complete rock, mega ballad with a soft opening, a driving beat, and a band dominating their niche.

# 3 – Un Rato

Solar from 2006, in many ways, was a defining album for Moenia. It is a rock-oriented album, as each song easily connects to the next. And, there are no duds. This song is a deep cut, and the last track off the album. It shows how serious they took this album. Feel the diversity of the synths, the coming together of a song as different elements serve to bring it to a high. It stays right there and we feel transported to a different universe.

# 2 – En Que Momento?

In 2003, Moenia released the album, Televisor. There were many great songs, but this one may have been the most ideal hit. You can easily translate the title and know what they are talking about. The guys are so carefree in this song, and it feels like they know their responsibility is to bring us in to a better mood.

# 1 – Manto Estelar

How do I describe this ethereal piece of art? The poetry of sounds offered up in this classic, ‘Manto Estelar,’ from the 1999 album, Adicion, come together like they were made from the beginning of time. You will hear the words “No Seria ti” many times over…”It wouldn’t be you.”

Feature Photo: Julio Enriquez from Denver,CO, USA, CC BY 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

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