Top 10 Nathaniel Rateliff Songs

Nathaniel Rateliff Songs

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Top 10 Nathaniel Rateliff Songs showcase the most popular Nathaniel Rateliff Songs like “And It’s Still Alright,” “Wasting Time,” “S.O.B.” and many more. Fans of Nathaniel Rateliff will recognize him for his Americana-style music which features a little bit of blues here and perhaps a bit of folk there as he has been entertaining audiences since 2002. Originally hailing from Denver, Colorado, Rateliff started his musical career in 2002 with the group known as Born in the Flood and released a full album with them before venturing into a solo career that was closer to his preferred style in 2007. Either simply as Nathaniel Rateliff or with the backup band names of The Wheel or The Night Sweats, everywhere this remarkable talent went, success was sure to follow, along with a solid fan base that still continues to grow to this day.

#10 – Hey Mama

If there was a song to play on Mother’s Day, “Hey Mama” from Nathaniel Rateliff and The Night Sweats would be it. From the album, Tearing At the Scenes, this remarkable gem of a song pays tribute to the most important woman in the narrator’s life as he knows without her he wouldn’t be where he is today.

#9 – Be There

What separates superstars from stars in the music industry isn’t always about how many songs have become chart-topping smashes that have sold millions of recordings worldwide. Genuine superstars bring forth quality music that wins a solid place in the hearts of fans who never tire from the songs they listen to. “Be There” is one of those songs, as is the album it belongs to, Tearing At The Scenes. When a song is performed with enough soul to cause listeners to melt into an empathic connection to it, then the musical genius behind it has delivered something epic. Nathaniel Rateliff has come across as one of the most honest performers in the entertainment industry without coming across as a crazed zealot fueled by ideologies that fly with the wind according to whatever happens to be the going trend.

#8 – Survivor

“Survivor” was a song from the 2021 album, The Future, which is yet another musical masterpiece that clearly defined who Nathaniel Rateliff is, as well as The Night Sweats. In life, stuff happens that doesn’t always go in our favor and we have to learn how to cope with that. “Survivor” is a song about overcoming hardship as it clearly points out survival is about patience, endurance, and practicing sound judgment in order to climb out of the pit of adversity and straight back into the fight to live a life that is our God-given right to make the most out of it however we see fit. On the Canadian Rock Songs chart, “Survivor” peaked at number two while on the US Billboard Hot Rock & Alternative Songs chart it was a number forty-six hit.

#7 – Face Down In the Moment

2021’s “Face Down In the Moment” beautifully served as a lyrical reminder to enjoy more and worry less. This fantastic track came from Nathaniel Rateliff’s third album, The Future, and does not disappoint as one of those great songs to listen to as a means to drag oneself out of whatever depressive pit they’re in at the moment and get back on their feet. Much of the songs from Rateliff and The Night Sweats have a gospel-like message in each one, pointing out its not life experiences that affect a person’s psyche but how they react to it.

#6 – Redemption

2021’s “Redemption” was an incredibly soulful ballad performed by this musical genius that saw Rateliff at his vulnerable best as a singer-songwriter. Gospel-like from start to finish, the quest to be redeemed was a performance that can be best described as remarkable. The desire to be set free as Rateliff pleads in his lyrics serves as one of those who close the eyes, raise the arms, and soak up the spiritual impact “Redemption” is all about. On the US Billboard Adult Alternative Airplay chart, it became a number five hit and peaked as high as number twenty-seven on the US Billboard Hot Rock & Alternative Songs chart.

#5 – Wasting Time

Some of the best songs of all time tend to be the ones having enough soul poured into it to cause a listener to look into their own lives and decide what is truly worth their time and energy as opposed to what isn’t. “Wasting Time” serves as that perfect song that also seems to serve as a motivational speech in lyrical form. Nathaniel Rateliff’s appeal as a singer-songwriter not only reflects its beauty in “Wasting Time” but the entire self-titled album it came from.

#4 – I Need Never Get Old (featuring the Night Sweats)

“I Need Never Get Old” came from Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats’ eponymous album after it was released in 2015. The main appeal behind this song, as well as Rateliff and his band, is a certain brand of honesty that is a rare treat in the entertainment industry as a whole. “I Need Never Get Old” feels like a personal testimony of truth without coming across as an offensive piece of material directed at anyone or anything in particular. Plainly stated in beautiful music, one is only as old as they feel, meaning the key to staying forever young is to simply be honest with oneself and maintain a positive attitude, even in a world that tends to promote the opposite.

“I Need Never Get Old” was especially popular in Belgium as it peaked as high as number three on its Ultratop chart and became certified gold. In Canada, it was a number twenty-nine hit and also became certified gold. On the US Billboard Hot Rock & Alternative Songs chart “I Need Never Get Old” peaked at number forty-three and an RIAA-certified gold seller as well.

#3 – You Worry Me (featuring the Night Sweats)

From the album, Tearing at the Seams, “You Worry Me” became a number thirty-eight hit on the US Billboard Hot 100 after it was released as a single in 2018. This bluesy ballad was a beautifully written and performed story about Nathaniel Rateliff’s wife as she’s always worried about him each time he goes on a road tour. On the Canadian Rock Music chart, “You Worry Me” became a number one hit, as well as a certified platinum seller. On the US Billboard Hot Rock & Alternative Songs chart, it was a number eighteen hit, and it also made an impression on Belgium’s Ultratop chart as it peaked as high as number twenty-six there.

#2 – And It’s Still Alright

“And It’s Still Alright” was the first single released from Nathaniel Rateliff’s album, And It’s Still Alright, as yet another amazing example of how talented the artist is as a singer, songwriter, and musician. On the US Billboard Adult Alternative Airplay chart, it was a number one hit. On the US Billboard Mainstream Rock chart, it peaked at number thirty-three. As a ballad, this fantastic reflection of dealing with life issues as they come about and learning to let go of all that’s negative serves as an awesome inspirational piece. Among fans who may experience issues of their own that may seem too tough to handle, “And It’s Still Alright” serves as an excellent pick-me-up.

#1 – S.O.B. (featuring the Night Sweats)

2015’s “S.O.B.” was the song that catapulted Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats into a height of popularity as what will forever remain as their signature hit. Playfully performed as a somewhat drunken yet emotional tale of a heartbroken by betrayal, it became a number one hit on the US Billboard Adult Alternative Songs chart. On the US Billboard Hot Rock & Alternative Rock chart, “S.O.B.” peaked as high as number eight and at number eighteen on the US Billboard Mainstream Rock chart. This also became an international hit among the nations of Belgium, Canada, Ireland, Scotland, Switzerland, and the UK. The RIAA also certified ‘S.O.B.” as a platinum seller while in Canada it became triple platinum. It was also popular enough in Switzerland to become certified gold.

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