Top 10 Rick Derringer Songs

Rick Derringer Songs

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Our Top 10 Rick Derringer Songs breaks one of our own rules here at when it comes to composing top 10 songs lists. Usually we only choose songs released on an artist’s studio albums. Music from a band’s live albums are never included on these lists to help pair down our selections which is already difficult to do. However, in 1977 Rick Derringer released a live album entitled Derringer Live. The album quickly became the quintessential Rick Derringer album. In classic rock history, Rick Derringer is known for his guitar playing and nowhere else did his playing shine as brightly as it did on the 1977 Derringer Live album. So there was no way we could ignore that record when putting together a list of the best Rick Derringer material.

Our Top 10 Rick Derringer songs list covers Derringer’s entire career starting with his first album entitled All-American Boy in 1973 up until his total blues infused albums later on in his career. Aside from his solo material, Rick Derringer is also known for being a member of Edgar Winter’s various bands. Derringer also recorded with Edgar Winter’s legendary brother Johnny Winter as well as some studio work with Steely Dan. 

# 10 – Teenage Love Affair

We open our Top 10 Rick Derringer songs list with a track from his debut album entitled All American Boy. The song “Teenage Love Affair,” showcased the great rock and roll pop side of Derringer. On the track Rick Derringer played guitar and bass while Bobby Caldwell played drums.

# 9 – I Play Guitar

This rocking Rick Derringer song entitled “I Play Guitar,” was originally released on the album Good Dirty Fun. The record was released in 1983. The video below is a live version of the song.

# 8 – One Eyed Jack

The Sweet Evil album has always been our favorite Rick Derringer album. The record had so many amazing smoking tracks on it. It clearly is that forgotten gem that is due to be reissued one of these days if only people would start buying cds again. “One Eyed Jack’s,” groove just has to be heard.

# 7 -Uncomplicated

The Rick Derringer song “Uncomplicated,” was originally released on his debut album All American Boy in 1973. However, the live version of the track on Derringer Live is not to be missed.

# 6 – Somebody Loan Me A Dime

Rick Derringer’s album Jackhammer Blues is a total showcase of just how brilliant a guitar player Rick Derringer is. Over time, Derringer focused more on the blues aspects of his playing. The track “Somebody Loan Me A Dime,” is the ultimate cut from the album.

# 5 – Sweet Evil

The title cut from the great Sweet Evil album. The album was originally released in 1977. The album is not considered a solo album but rather a band album under the name Derringer. The band consisted of Rick Derringer on guitar and vocals, Danny Johnson on guitar and vocals, Kenny Aaronson on bass and background vocals and Vinny Appice on drums.

# 4 – Rock

From the album Spring Fever this song featured the legendary Chick Correa on synth. One of those rare gems that has long been forgotten by too many people. We also really liked the album cover

# 3 – Let Me In

If you don’t have the Derringer Live album in your collection stop everything you’re doing right now and head over to your local record store(yeah right) or Amazon and pick this cd up immediately. You will not be disappointed.

# 2 – Still Alive and Well

“Still Alive and Well,” was and still is our favorite track from the Derringer Live album. This my friends is the sound of Classic Rock.

# 1 – Rock and Roll, Hoochie Koo

Well as we come to a close on our top 10 Rick Derringer songs list, we faced the honest truth. That truth is the fact that there was no way that we could not list the song “Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo,” as the number one song on our top 10 Rick Derringer songs list.

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