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Our Top 10 She & Him Songs list will look at a musical duo that consists of members actress Zooey Deschanel and singer Matthew Ward. Zooey Deschanel provides the vocals, piano and ukulele. Matthew Ward is the guitarist and producer. She & Him formed in 2006. They are an independent folk act. They met on the set of the movie The Go-Getter. Zooey Deschanel starred in the movie. Matthew Ward did the soundtrack for the movie. They performed a duet on the soundtrack. The song was called “When I Get to the Border.” They reunited in Portland and started working on her original songs. The pair both loved classic pop bands and decided to work together. Zooey Deschanel wanted to keep it quiet that she was working on music.

Some of their singles include “Never Wanted Your Love,” “Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?,” “In the Sun,” “Baby It’s Cold Outside,” “Thieves,” as well as other singles. Zooey Deschanel knew she could sing, but she didn’t think she would be able to get into the music business. She wrote a lot of music but didn’t do anything about it. She didn’t know who she could work with to make her dream come true. She met Matthew Ward and that quickly changed. She sent her demos to him. Matthew Ward loved her demos and wanted to record with her. They released Volume One in March 2008. The album peaked at number eight on the Independent charts and number 71 on Billboard 200. Zooey Deschanel wrote everything that wasn’t a cover song. The album features the singles “Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?,” “You Really Got a Hold on Me,” “I Should Have Known Better” and “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot.” The album sold over 300,000 copies. It was one of the best-selling albums in 2008.

The duo began working on their second album Volume Two. It was released in March 2010. The album peaked at number one on the Independent and rock charts and number six on Billboard 200. The album features the singles “In the Sun,” “Thieves” and “Gonna Get Along Without You Now.” Like most acts, She & Him released a Christmas album. A Very She & Him Christmas was released in October 2011. The album peaked at number one on the Independent charts and number 12 on Billboard 200. The album features the singles “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas,” “I’ll Be Home for Christmas,” “Silver Bells” and “Blue Christmas.” The album sold over 391,000 copies.

Volume 3 was released in May 2013. The album peaked at number two on the Independent charts and number 15 on Billboard 200. The album features the singles “I Could’ve Been Your Girl,” “Never Wanted Your Love,” “Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me” and “Sunday Girl.” Classics was released in December 2014. It peaked at number one on the folk charts and 41 on Billboard 200. The album features the singles “Stay Awhile,” “Time After Time,” “She” and “It’s Always You.”

Christmas Party was released in October 2016. It peaked at number 15 on the Holiday charts and five on the folk charts. The album features the singles “All I Want for Christmas Is You,” “Let It Snow,” “Winter Wonderland” and “Must Be Santa.” Melt Away: A Tribute to Brian Wilson was released in July 2022. The album didn’t peak in the United States, but it peaked at number 33 on the Scottish charts. The album features the singles “Darlin’,” “Good to My Baby,” “This Whole World” and “Kiss Me Baby.”

She & Him may not mainstream success, but they are making their mark in the Independent music world. Zooey Deschanel is proof that actresses can make it as singers. She may not be the first person you think of when you think of singers, but she is a talented singer. She & Him have competed with artists such as Jenny Lewis, Camera Obscura, Ingrid Michaelson, Feist, Regina Spektor as well as others. Our Top 10 She & Him Songs list will feature their best songs. Find out which song made it to number one on our list.

# 10 – Darlin’

The first song on our Top 10 She & Him Songs list is “Darlin’” from the album Melt Away: A Tribute to Brian Wilson. “Darlin’” was released in 2022. “Darlin’” is a love song. This tender song is about a person expressing how they feel about the person they love. The narrators talk about how the people they love bring joy to their lives. They will love the people forever. They think about the people every day. The message in the song is to cherish people in your life. Having someone in your corner makes you feel better. Everyone wants to know what it feels like to have love in their life. We all need someone who will support us through everything.

Zooey Deschanel and Matthew Ward take turns singing lead on this track. They sound playful in this song. They sound as if they are having fun in the song. The song has an old school sound to it. It sounds as if it was recorded back in the day. This is a cover of the Beach Boys’ song. She & Him didn’t stray too far from the original version of the song. The difference between the songs is that She & Him’s version is told from a male and female point of view while the Beach Boys version is told from the male’s point of view. Other than that, the songs are similar. She & Him do an amazing job with this cover. The Beach Boys should be proud of the job they did on this track.

# 9 – He Gives His Love to Me

The next song on our Top 10 She & Him Songs list is “He Gives His Love to Me.” This is a non-album single. The song was released in 2018. This upbeat song is about a loving relationship. The narrator talks about how much she loves and needs the man in her life. She cherishes everything about him. She loves him no matter what has happened between them. She is not worried about the past. She just wants to spend every moment she can with him. She knows that tomorrow isn’t promised, so she wants to enjoy every moment with him while she can. The narrator sings about her man loving her unconditionally.

Love is an important thing to have in life. She wants everyone to value love because it can go away at any time. The song has a country and folk sound. The ukulele dominates the beat. It has an acoustic beat. The music could use more of a drumbeat, but it doesn’t hurt the song. Zooey Deschanel’s vocals are strong in the song. Listening to her sing this song, it’s hard to believe that she doubted her ability to sing. She has excellent control over her voice. She sounds like she has been at it for years. She & Him recorded a separate version of this song. The other version is called “She Gives Her Love to Me.” It is like this one except she says “she” instead of “he.”

# 8 – I Could Have Been Your Girl

The heart wrenching song is from Volume 3. The song was released in 2013. The regretful song is about her feeling helpless about not making things right in her relationship. She regrets that she let love slip through her fingers. The singer wishes she could go back in a time machine and make different decisions when it concerns her relationship. She knows that she can’t change the outcome, but she wishes she could get him back. The unrequited song makes you think about the past and the people you let get away. You can choose to make the relationship work or walk away. If you choose to walk away, you may find yourself regretting your decision.

Zooey Deschanel longs to do things differently. If she chose to make things work, things could have been better with her man. The music is surprisingly upbeat considering it is a song about heartbreak. The music is misleading. If you hear the music without the lyrics, you would think it was about falling in love and not losing love. She & Him had the right idea to go the upbeat route so you won’t be depressed when you think about lost love. The song will bring a smile to your face instead of making you feel sad. Zooey Deschanel sounds like Dido in this track. She sings in time with a catchy beat. This is the perfect song to listen to when you are feeling down about your relationship.

# 7 – God Only Knows

The appreciative song is a non-album single. The song was released in 2014. The gracious song is about being thankful that you have someone in your life. The narrator is grateful for the person she has in her life even when times are bad. She feels like her life would be meaningless without him. She is thankful for him because he brings her love and joy. She wants to be with him through good times and bad times. She believes God is the only one who knows that her life would be empty without him. God blessed her with him. God is the only one who can let her know when the relationship will end.

This song is a dedication to the man that she loves. This is a cover of the Beach Boys’ song. She & Him don’t stray too far from the original song. She & Him uses a slower tempo than The Beach Boys. It also sounds more mellow than the Beach Boys. Other than that, the songs are similar. She & Him manage to make the song their own despite the similarities. Zooey Deschanel sounds passionate while she is singing the song. She makes you believe that she is in love. She has her own style when it comes to singing. She uses a double track which adds something different to the song. She & Him may not make you forget about the original, but they do a great job.

# 6 – I Put a Spell on You

The vindictive song is a non-album single. The song was released in 2010. The dark song is about what a person goes through to keep someone they love. The narrator wants the man she loves to start treating her right. He has been cheating on her as well as lying to her. She wants him to stop playing her for a fool. She doesn’t want to lose him, so she decides to put a spell on him. He is her man so she will do whatever it takes to keep him in her life. She doesn’t care if he doesn’t want her. She lets him know that he is hers. She wants him to stop doing the things he is doing. She wants him to know that she is serious. She doesn’t want him to keep running around. She doesn’t want him to keep insulting her. She puts a spell on him so he can’t be with anyone else.

This is a cover of Screamin’ Jay Hawkins’ song. This song has been covered by several artists throughout the years. She & Him did their own version of the song. This is a chilling song and is against type for Zooey Deschanel. She is perceived as a good girl, so it was different to hear her singing such a dark song. She was able to handle the song. This song showcases how strong Zooey Deschanel’s voice is. She belts throughout the song. She performs runs and holds notes effortlessly. She belts in ways that more legendary singers don’t attempt to try. Her voice can give you chills. This may not be the most famous cover of the song, but it is worth checking out.

# 5 – Thieves

The next song on our Top 10 She & Him Songs list is “Thieves” from Volume Two. The song was released in 2010. The vengeful song is about a relationship that is coming to an end. She didn’t allow him to get to know her the way she knew him. She built a wall up, so he never got to know her. She took the time to get to know him, but he didn’t take the time to get to know her. Their relationship wasn’t a good idea, but she still cries over him. She can’t accept the fact that their relationship is over even though they aren’t happy anymore. She can’t make peace with the fact that he is gone.

The song is relatable to anyone who is dealing with a relationship that is on the verge of ending. You know that the relationship is over, but you can’t stop crying about it. You feel that you will never find love again even if the opportunity presents itself. The music fits the subject of the song. It is soft and somber. It also has an old school sound. This song may make you a fan of folk music. It sounds like it would be perfect for the 50s or 60s. Zooey Deschanel does a great job with the song. She sounds like Dido on this track. Zooey Deschanel and Matthew Ward’s voices blend well in the hook.

# 4 – This Is Not a Test

The anthemic song is from Volume One. The song was released in 2008. The motivational song is about not giving up. People have gone through struggles in their lives. The duo wants to convince people to keep trying. They don’t want you to give up no matter what. They want you to know that you can be successful if you want to if you keep going. Obstacles will be in your way, but you can overcome them. She & Him wants you to realize that life is a marathon and not a race. You don’t have to rush to make your dreams come true. They want you to keep trying and take advantage of opportunities when they are staring you in the face.

The lyrics are inspiring and make you believe that you can achieve your dreams. The lyrics will make you believe you can have everything that you want in life. If you don’t quit, you can have what you want. This is the type of song you listen to when you need a boost of confidence. The music will lift your spirits and have you bopping your head to the beat. You might find yourself pumping your fists in the air because she will make you believe you can succeed. Zooey Deschanel sounds convincing when she lets the listeners know they can do it. If you are feeling depressed about life, you should listen to this song. It will cheer you up.

# 3 – Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?

This adoring-from-afar-song is from Volume One. The song was released in 2008. The sentimental song is about a woman who has feelings for a guy who is keeping her at arm’s length. She doesn’t like how he pushes her aside as if she doesn’t matter. She wishes he would step up and approach her about getting together. She wants him to acknowledge his feelings for her. She believes they would get along very well if they got together. They have things in common. She knows that he has feelings for her, but he won’t admit to them. She wants to be with him all the time.

This song is ideal for people who find themselves loving someone from afar. If you find yourself in a position where you have feelings for someone who doesn’t notice them, then you understand what she is talking about in the song. Zooey Deschanel captures this feeling perfectly. It can be hard to watch someone you love to move on without you. Zoeey Deschanel wrote about something most of us experience all the time. The music is infectious and will have you tapping your toe to the beat. Zooey Deschanel will have you singing along with her. Matthew Ward will make you want to play air guitar with him.

# 2 – In the Sun ft. Tilly and The Wall

The cautionary song is from Volume Two. The song was released in 2010. The thought-provoking song is about life not being perfect. We should take care of ourselves when life gets tough. She feels as if she isn’t getting any attention. She blames herself for that because she wanted to keep quiet about what was going on. She wanted to stay optimistic about it. Sometimes it is better not to be completely honest about everything. You must trust in your heart that things will work out. The song will teach you to appreciate the good times you have in life. The narrator lets the listeners know that everyone experiences bad times, but things will get better.

She wants everyone to stay strong and have faith during hard times. The music will hold your attention. Matthew Ward does a great job on the guitar. Zooey Deschanel does a great job on the piano. The music blends folk and pop perfectly. It is an excellent combination. There is a musical pause which allows the listeners to enjoy the music. Zooey Deschanel sings in time with the music. She sings this song with a lot of soul. The background vocalists do a great job supporting Zooey Deschanel. She doesn’t hold many notes in the song. She keeps her vocals simple and understated. There wasn’t a need for her to shout since the music wasn’t that loud.

# 1 – Never Wanted Your Love

The number one song on our Top 10 She & Him Songs list is “Never Wanted Your Love” from Volume 3. The song was released in 2013. The complicated song is about relationships. She is at a crossroads. She built up a wall around herself, but she doesn’t want to push him away. She doesn’t want to get too emotionally involved with him, but she finds herself needing him to be in her life. The song is complex because she wants love, but she doesn’t want to be hurt. She wants to be by herself, but she doesn’t want him to go away. The narrator never wanted love, but she is falling for someone.

The narrator needs him in her life, but she keeps pushing him away. Zooey Deschanel cleverly explains how it feels to be torn over someone. She was able to convey how it feels to be conflicted when it comes to love. She understands that it is hard to open your heart to someone without getting hurt. She doesn’t want to give up on love, but she’s not sure if it is worth the risk. The bouncy song will get you out of your seat. The music contradicts the subject of the song, but it is very energetic. It is a great combination of country, pop and folk. It also has an old school sound. Zooey Deschanel sounds sweet in this song. You can tell she is smiling while she is singing. She sings this in her upper register which is a pleasant surprise.

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