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Our Top 10 Raveonettes Songs list will look at an indie rock duo who got together in 2001. The duo consists of members Sune Rose Wagner (guitar, instruments and vocals) and Sharin Foo (bass, guitar and vocals). The Raveonettes have been inspired by The Everly Brothers. Their music contained hard-edged guitars. Their music is reminiscent of the 50s and 60s rock music. The duo’s genre of music is indie rock, pop, punk as well as others. They like to sing about dark lyrical themes such as drugs, crime, murder, death, love, and betrayal. Their musical content is comparable to The Velvet Underground who were one of The Raveonettes’ musical influences.

Sune Rose Wagner and Sharin Foo began recording their first mini album Whip It On in 2001. They did their own production on the album. They added Manoj Ramdas (guitarist) Jakob Hoyer (drummer) to the band. They performed at the SPOT festival. They were discovered by an editor for Rolling Stone. When he wrote a good review about the band, labels wanted to work with them. Whip It On was won the Best Rock Album at the Danish Music Awards in March 2003. The Raveonettes were picked as one of the best in music.

The Raveonettes released Chain Gang of Love in August 2003. It features the singles “That Great Love Sound,” “Heartbreak Stroll,” “Remember” and “Untamed Girls.” Pretty in Black was released in 2005. It features the singles “Ode to L.A.,” “Love in a Trash Can,” “You Say You Lie” and “Twilight.” The album went gold in Denmark. Lust Lust Lust in November 2007. It features the singles “Dead Sound,” “You Want the Candy,” “Blush” and “Aly, Walk with Me.” In and Out of Control was released in October 2009. It features the singles “Bang!,” “Last Dance,” “Heart of Stone” and “Gone Forever.”

Raven in the Grave was released in April 2011. It features the singles “Recharge and Revolt,” “Apparitions” and “Let Me on Out.” Observator was released in September 2012. It features the singles “Observations,” “She Owns the Streets,” “Young and Cold” and “The Enemy.” Pe’ahi was released in July 2014. The album peaked at number 161 on Billboard 200 and number four on the Danish charts. It features the singles “Endless Sleeper,” “Sisters,” “Killer in the Streets” and “Wake Me Up.” 2016 Atomized was released in February 2017. It features the singles “Scout,” “Won’t You Leave Me Alone,” “This Is Where It Ends” and “Joke on Love.”

The Raveonettes made their mark in the music industry by playing by their own rules. Their songs aren’t like everybody else’s. They cover a lot of topics in their songs. They cover dark topics most artists wouldn’t think about covering. Our Top 10 Raveonettes Songs list will give us a chance to put a spotlight on their music.

# 10 – Blush

The 10th song on our Top 10 The Raveonettes Songs list is “Blush” from the Lust Lust Lust album. “Blush” was released in 2008. This song is about a relationship that has reached its breaking point. The narrator wants their partner to love them and give herself to him. He wants his lover to give herself to him even if it is just for one night. All he wants from her is everything he has ever wanted in life. He is willing to sacrifice anything he has in order to have a connection with her. He feels like she is slipping away from him.

The narrator feels like he will be in pain once she walks away from him. He is having trouble holding on to his lover. He feels like he is his own worst enemy and it will lead to pain. He has made his mistakes, but he still yearns for her affection. The narrator believes he can still make her blush despite everything that has happened between them. He likes to believe he has control over their relationship. The only problem is that his desire for control alienates his lover.

This is a heartbreaking song about a love that is slipping away. He tries to tell himself that he still has control even though he knows it is not true. He tries to save the relationship, but he knows it won’t work. The Raveonettes tell a story that will touch your heart. It is also a story that is relatable to anyone who is trying to hold on to a relationship. You may feel like this is your story once you hear the poignant lyrics.

The music is dramatic and guitar laden. The drums give the song tempo. Sune Rose Wagner’s voice blends in with the music as he is lamenting about a woman that is getting away from him. He sounds melancholic. He sounds husky at points in the song. He commands you to sing along with him as he reaches the chorus. Once you hear the chorus of the song, you should have no problem singing the song with him. There are a couple of musical pauses in the song, but they give you a chance to soak up the music.

# 9 – You Say You Lie

The ninth song on our Top 10 Raveonettes Songs list is “You Say You Lie” from the Pretty in Black album. “You Say You Lie” was released in 2005. This song is about a toxic relationship. The narrator talks about a lying lover. The narrator wants to believe that their lover is telling the truth even though it is obvious the lover is lying. He is going through turmoil because he knows she is lying to him, but he is in denial.

He has heard things about her. He has heard about the lies she tells. He has trouble walking away from her. As the song progresses, he talks about the push-and-pull of their relationship. They have a back and forth of her lying and him forgiving her. It is a cycle that continues which is why they have a toxic relationship. Love can make you do crazy things including staying with someone who isn’t honest with you.

The song tells a story about a lover who is in denial about his relationship. He knows his partner is lying to him, but he tries to believe her. He finds it hard to walk away even though he knows she isn’t being truthful. He is in a bad relationship and he can’t let go of it. This is something a lot of us can understand. We chose to live in denial when it concerns the people in our lives. We tend to turn a blind eye to the things they do. The Raveonettes were reading our minds when they came up with this concept.

They hit the nail on the head with this song. What we like about this song is they get right to the point. They don’t waste time giving the song a buildup. The song is short, so they must get their point across quickly. We also like the two-part harmony they use in the song. Sune Rose Wagner does the top half while Sharin Foo does the bottom. This gives both of them a chance to be in the song.

# 8 – Observations

The eighth song on our Top 10 The Raveonettes Songs list is “Observations” from the Observator album. “Observations” was released in 2012. The song is about a man who never thought he would fall in love. He saw other people falling in love, but he felt like it would never happen to him. Things finally changed for him when the right woman came along. He finally understands what it means to love someone. He can be vulnerable and give his love to her.

Our narrator admits that he needs to stay close to his partner. He needs to be around her all the time. He feels like he is obsessed with the idea of being with her. He thinks about the things they can do together all the time. As the song progresses, we find out that the lover isn’t with our narrator. He thinks about the woman that he wants to be with. It drives him crazy that he can’t have the woman he loves. He doesn’t want to let go of her, but he knows he can’t keep holding on to someone he doesn’t have in his life. He wants to keep looking until he finds a love that is perfect for him.

“Observations” uses allegory to describe a relationship he wants. At the start of the song, he creates the idea that he is with the person he loves, but she appears in his mind. This is where the allegory comes into play. The Raveonettes took a different approach to songwriting with this track. They didn’t go the typical love song route. They decided to create a relationship in someone’s mind. This is a nod to the dark themes the duo likes to write. The music will give you chills.

The melody is haunting. The mysterious lyrics are a perfect match with the music. This song is different for the duo because they are a guitar band. You can still hear the guitar for the second half of the song, but they mostly focus on the keyboard. This gives them a chance to spread their wings and experiment with new music. Sune Rose Wagner’s vocals blend with the music. He does need to project a little more so he can be heard over the loud instrumentation, but he sounds good.

# 7 – Gone Forever

The seventh song on our list is “Gone Forever” from the Out of Control album. “Gone Forever” was released in 2010. The song is about the loss of a relationship that has ended. The song starts with him feeling the need to hold on to the memories of his former lover even though they are not together anymore. He turns to drink to cope with the pain of losing her. He wants to try to forget the memories of their time together even though they continue to haunt him. In the second verse, he thinks about the summer they were together. They were at a concert on the beach. It was a pivotal moment for them because they realized they didn’t fit in among the crowd at the beach. They found solace in each other’s company.

Their relationship wasn’t perfect. She knew their relationship was messy and toxic. Their relationship got worse during the time they were together. It hurts the narrator to think of his relationship ending. He had a feeling it was coming to an end soon. He wanted to be like her at one point, but she had her own problems. As the song moves forward, he has moved to New York City and realized the time he had with her is gone forever.

“Gone Forever” is a reflective song about a past relationship. He mourns the end of their relationship and yearns to keep the memories of it in his head. The song is a brutally descriptive story about the ups and downs of his past relationship. They had good times together, but the bad times overruled them. This song may have you thinking about your own past relationship. If you have trouble getting the memories of your ex out of your head, this song lets you know that you are not alone.

It is natural to think about the one who got away especially if you loved the person. This is another dark take on love. The Raveonettes are right at home with this material. They proved that love stories don’t always have a happy ending. The music contradicts the theme. It sounds upbeat, but the theme is dark. The upbeat sound keeps the song from being depressing. Sune Rose Wagner’s vocals are excellent with this song. The vocal arrangement is great in this song because you can hear him over the music. Sharin Foo appears in the chorus. She does a great job in the song.

# 6 – Heart of Stone

“Heart of Stone” is from the Out of Control album. “Heart of Stone” was released in 2010. This song is about someone struggling to get over the loss of a love. He is trying to distance himself from his emotions so he can avoid missing his partner. He feels his heart has become hardened and he is unable to feel the emotions that come with loving someone. He tries to get over the pain by going away for a while. The plan doesn’t work because he finds himself pining after her. He cries himself to sleep because she got away. He tries to tell himself that he can’t hurt because he has a heart of stone. He tries his best to detach himself from his emotions, but the plan does not work.

This song tells a story about a man in pain over a breakup. He tries his best to put on a brave front, but it doesn’t work. He finds himself missing his lover every day. He convinces himself he has a heart of stone, but he can still feel the pain of her being gone. This is a song that will hit home for listeners who lost the person they love. If you find yourself trying to hide the pain of loss, The Raveonettes are singing your life story.

What we like about The Raveonettes is they don’t write cookie cutter love songs. They write songs that will touch you deep in your heart. They make you feel as if they are writing about you and not their own story. The music has an 80s rock sound. The strumming guitar riffs will grab your attention instantly. Sune Rose Wagner nails the song. He does an excellent job portraying a person who is putting on a front. He stays in character throughout the song.

# 5 – Aly, Walk with Me

The next song on our Top 10 The Raveonettes Songs list is “Aly, Walk with Me” from the Lust Lust Lust album. “Aly, Walk with Me” was released in 2008. This song is about a woman who exists in the narrators’ minds. The narrators are talking about a woman named Aly. They want her to walk with them in the summer. They want to take Aly to different places They want to take her to places that are significant to them. They take her to Portland in the first verse. In the second verse, they take her to New York. New York is just as important as Portland. They repeat the same lines in the first verse. He wants her to step out of the dream and give him a kiss.

This song tells a story about a love that only exists in the narrator’s mind. Sune Rose Wagner wrote this song about someone he used to date. He wrote the song because he used to dream about different places he would take her. The song is done in a two-part harmony which gives both artists a chance to sing the song. The song is from Sune Rose Wagner’s point of view, but Sharin Foo sings lead with him. They harmonize very well together. They invite you into their dark world. We are here for the ride. They sound like one person. The music has an excellent indie rock sound. The guitar riffs are sizzling. The guitars entice you to stick with the song. If you love loud rock music, this song is perfect for you. The guitars will have you wanting to play air guitar with the duo.

# 4 – Love in a Trashcan

“Love in a Trashcan” is from the Pretty in Black album. “Love in a Trashcan” was released in 2005. This song is about love that is not accepted by society. A man is attracted to a girl who people think has been with a lot of men. The people around them question her reputation. The man in the story doesn’t care. He finds her attractive. He thinks she is fascinating and mysterious. She has been looking for love in unlikely places. People think she is worthless, which is where the title comes to play. The man in the story thinks she is the coolest woman he ever met. She fits in with his life. He has spent his life on the road. He feels like he is free when he is with her. He doesn’t care if society rejects her or their relationship. He still wants to be with her.

“Love in a Trashcan” is a story about an unconventional love between two people who society doesn’t believe belong together. He refuses to let society dictate who he loves. He sees beauty where others don’t see. This is a wonderful message for people who are considered different. This song teaches you that people who are considered different deserve to be loved too. This song is for people who have been judged because they are different. The music has classic 50s and 60s sound.

The instrumentation is simple which works for the song. The simplicity of the music keeps the message from getting lost. They picked the right music for this song. It has a great vibe that is easy to chill out too. The Raveonettes’ vocals are stellar in this track. They sing this song together. Their timing is excellent. They are in sync with each other throughout the song. They both have equal time to shine in the song. Sharin Foo sings in a higher octave while Sune Rose Wagner sings in a lower octave. The Raveonettes can mix dark lyrics with pop melodies. There aren’t too many artists that can do that the way they can.

# 3 – You Want the Candy

Coming in at number three on our Top 10 The Raveonettes Songs list is “You Want the Candy” from the Lust Lust Lust album. “You Want the Candy” was released in 2008. This song talks about physical desire. The woman in the story knows that her man wants her. She knows he craves the sweet taste of pleasure. She is willing to try new things with him. She doesn’t care what happens if they try them. They go through their highs and lows when it concerns their relationship, but she can’t wait to taste his lips on hers.

She enjoys the intimacy they have with each other. She is aware that desire can be enjoyable and dangerous at the same time. As the song progresses, she talks about her past experiences with love. She believed that love wasn’t meant to last. She knows the risks, but she is willing to take a chance on love. She longs for intimacy and the connection that comes with being in a romance. She is willing to go through dark days in order to have a connection with the man in her life.

“You Want the Candy” is a complex song about romance and desire. It tells a story about a woman who desires the man in her life. She is willing to indulge in new things if that’s what it takes to please him. She is willing to risk her heart so she can have the man she loves. This song is ideal if you are willing to do anything to please the person in your life. This song explores what happens when someone desires the person in their life. The song is told from a female’s perspective, but men can relate to it too.

The Raveonettes use metaphors to talk about a woman’s desire for her man. They came up with creative ways to talk about desire. We admire them for finding different ways to talk about love and desire. The music is upbeat and guitar driven. They sound as if they are having fun. The song has a classic vibe. The song may remind you of Bow Wow Wow’s “I Want Candy.” It might remind you of Bow Wow Wow’s song, but The Raveonettes put their own spin on it.

# 2 – That Great Love Sound

“That Great Love Sound” is from the album Chain Gang of Love. “That Great Love Sound” was released in 2003. This song is about unrequited love. A man/woman is attracted to someone and is willing to change everything about himself/herself to get noticed. He/She will change the way they walk to get some attention from the man/woman they are interested in. As we move to the chorus, they talk about love being universal and it is all around us. Love is waiting to be discovered. He/She wants to tell the person they love how they feel about them. Our narrator is hoping to change his/her mind. He/She is afraid the person is walking all over them. He/She can’t seem to figure out what they are looking for in life. The narrator isn’t sure how to act to get the person they want to notice them.

This song tells a story about finding love and changing who you are to get it. Love is so powerful that you will do anything you have to just to have it. Love is something we all crave so we understand what they mean. The Raveonettes sing this song together, so it is told from a male and female perspective. The lyrics are universal so anyone can relate to the song. It sounds as if The Raveonettes are paying homage to the 50s and 60s with the music in this song. They are combining old school with today’s rock. The song has a fast-paced rhythm and infectious melodies. The guitar riffs are outstanding. They sell the music in the song. The Raveonettes’ vocals are on point. Their voices blend well with the music. They have electrifying chemistry. Their harmonies are incredible. The vocals are just as good as the instrumentation.

# 1 – Heartbreak Stroll

The number one song on our Top 10 The Raveonettes Songs list is “Heartbreak Stroll” from the Chain Gang of Love album. “Heartbreak Stroll” was released in 2003. This song is about the way a person deals with heartbreak. He/She deals with heartbreak by acting recklessly and impulsively. He/She invites someone to get to know him/her better. He/She wants to go on a heartbreak stroll. The goal is to forget about lost love and engage in self-destructive behavior. He/She will take their mind off heartbreak by any means necessary.

The protagonist seeks comfort in the arms of strangers. He/She feels as if the world will never be the same now that he/she has been heartbroken. The narrator is looking for someone new to get over the one who got away. He/She is still reeling from an old love. The protagonist is trying different ways to get over losing that special someone.

“Heartbreak Stroll” tells a story about a person who tries to find love in self-destructive ways. The protagonist had to find ways to get over the love that was lost. This is a dark song about what can happen if you lose someone who matters to you. The Raveonettes took the dark route and described a character who did self-destructive things to move on with their lives. They don’t just stick to their dark side. They also try to be optimistic. They have hope that things will look up for them. You may not be able to learn from self-destructive behavior, but you can learn to move on with your life.

This is the type of song you will listen to when you are in your feelings. If you have had your heart broken, the lyrics will speak to you. Once again, The Raveonettes pay homage to the bands who came before them. They use a classic rock beat for the music. If you are a fan of loud music, this is your jam. The Raveonettes share lead vocals so this song can be taken from both points of view. Their vocals are strong because they can be heard over the loud music.

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