Top 10 Songs From The Easybeats

The Easybeats Songs

Our top 10 songs from The Easybeats list looks at the catalog of an Australian band famed for its rock sound. The band was formed in 1964 when the rock scene was burgeoning. While the band was Australian, its founding members had their family roots in Europe. Their families had migrated to Aussie a few years before the band’s inception. The Easybeats started by playing music in local gigs. Inspiration to form the band came from the British Invasion, a cultural phenomenon led by major acts such as The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Who, and The Animals.

Within no time, The Easybeats became a popular band in Sydney. As a result, the band wished to record its own music for commercial release. After signing a recording contract with EMI Records, The Easybeats released their debut single, “For My Woman.” This bluesy song became a minor hit in Australia. However, their next hit, “She’s So Fine,” saw the band rise to newfound fame and commercial success. The song rose to third position on the Australian charts.

The Easybeats became one of the first rock bands to release an album with original songs penned by an Australian ensemble after the release of Easy (1965). Vocalist Stevie Wright and guitarist Young penned the lyrics to all the songs in the band’s debut album. Notably, guitarist George Young is the elder brother to AC/DC’s Malcolm and Angus Young. A year later, the band released its sophomore album, It’s 2 Easy. The album was a success having two of the singles climb to the top 10 in Australian Charts. But, would The Easybeats achieve great feats while still situated and producing in Australia?

The band’s manager Mike Vaughan sought to answer this dilemmatic question by seeking greener pastures for The Easybeats. Mike successfully convinced United Artists Records to sign The Easybeats. This prompted the band to relocate to London, where most of the band’s production work was handled by Shel Talmy. The producer had successfully worked with The Who and The Kinks.

Shel Talmy auditioned several songs that the band had penned. One of the songs that the producer loved was “Friday On My Mind,” a release which led the band to international success. The song topped the charts in Australia while reaching number sixteen on Billboard Hot 100. This was the first rock song from an Australian band to reach such feats. As a result, The Easybeats started touring with major acts, including The Rolling Stones.

However, changes in the band would soon be ushered in, starting with a lineup alteration. Drummer Snowy Fleet left The Easybeats, citing the need to stay closer to his beloved ones. In the same period, the band started played unusual music arrangements with a sophisticated songwriting style. The change was majorly influenced by the psychedelic pop culture that was quite popular in the US and UK. One song that showcases the change in the band’s musical sound is the hit “Heaven and Hell.”

Despite efforts to replicate the success achieved with the hit “Friday On My Mind,” the band failed to rekindle its international success flame. The Easybeats later disbanded in 1969, bringing an end to its fame as one of the best Australian rock bands. Its members pursued solo careers after the band broke up. However, The Easybeats met in the ‘80s for a reunion tour to entertain its fans. The band was inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame for its success and putting Australia on the map as home to impactful rock artists in the ‘60s flourishing rock scene. 

#10 – For My Woman

Coming in at number ten is the hit “For My Woman.” The song was penned by Stevie Wright and George Young, having it released as the debut single for The Easybeats. “For My Woman” is a bluesy song that features some rhythmic tunes and rock elements. The song was later re-issued on the band’s debut album Easy (1965). Thanks to “For My Woman,” the band received quite some following, establishing its name as a reputable Australian rock band.

#9 – Wedding Ring

We all have different intentions as to why we get into a relationship. However, we cannot hide our insecurities as the relationship gets deeper and serious. “Wedding Ring” is a song that spells out the worries of a man who wishes to have true love from a woman who seems to be so much after a ring on her finger. Probably, the woman also feels that a ring on her finger might give her assurance that the man will stick by her. The song was covered by the Australian rock acts The Sports and The Screaming Jets.

#8 – A Very Special Man

Once again, vocalist Stevie Wright and guitarist George Young teamed up in penning the lyrics to the song “A Very Special Man.” The song is featured on The Easybeats’ four-song EP Easyfever (1966). Easyfever (1966) was the band’s fourth EP, whose release coincided with The Easybeats’ departure to London. “A Very Special Man” is quite unique, having it feature guitarist George Young on the lead vocals.

#7 – Women (Make You Feel Alright)

While Billy Withers had “Lean On Me,” The Easybeats had “Women (Make You Feel Alright).” Both songs seem to offer comfort in tough times, only that The Easybeats’ song is more specific to women. Of course, this alludes to some intimate endings, as many presume, especially when the singer claims to be the man for the woman and her solution if she’s dying of a broken heart. The song was The Easybeats’ debut single in the US. It rose to the fourth position on the Kent Music Report.

#6 – Hello, How Are You

Number six on our top 10 songs from The Easybeats is the sensational hit “Hello, How Are You.” The song was penned by Harry Vanda and George Young, with its first version arranged by Bill Shepard, known for his contribution to The Bee Gees. While the song made it to the UK Charts, The Easybeats’ members revealed that it was quite a mistake for the band’s career. This was because the band was a rock and roll act, and not a power-pop band like the song might have suggested.

#5- Come and See Her

“Come and See Her” was the band’s debut single in the United Kingdom. The song was penned by vocalist Stevie Wright and guitarist George Young. George Young features a guitar solo on the song, which helps showcase his magnificent skills on the instrument. The song peaked at number three on the Kent Music Report.

#4- Sorry

Volume 3 (1966) surprised many by becoming the band’s best-selling LP. While the album doesn’t feature most of the best songs from The Easybeats, one song stands out from the rest. “Sorry” is the lead single to the band’s album Volume 3 (1966). The song rose to number one on the Australian Go-Set Chart. “Sorry” spent two weeks as the top song on the chart, having it credited for the huge sales of the album Volume 3 (1966).

#3- She’s So Fine

Coming in at number two is the sophomore release by The Easybeats, “She’s So Fine.” The song is credited as the band’s breakthrough release. Thanks to the song, The Easybeats became popular in Australia. The song finds a balance between power pop and rock sound. “She’s So Fine” rose to the third position on the Australian Go-Set Chart.

#2- Good Times

Also known as “Gonna Have a Good Time,” “Good Times” is a single from the band’s album Vigil (1968). Harry Vanda and George Young penned the lyrics to the song. Its lyrics allude to the band anticipating having a great time with rock and rock vibes and ladies. “Good Times” finds The Easybeats joined by Steve Marriott of the rock band Small Faces. The song has been covered by The Clingers, Shocking Blue, Quartz, and INXS & Jimmy Barnes.

#1- Friday On My Mind

Number one of our top 10 songs from The Easybeats is “Friday On My Mind.” Harry Vanda and George Young penned the lyrics to the song. Harry Vanda described the song to be a reflection of memories the band members have about their stay in hostels back in Sydney, Australia. During this time, they would hang out, sharing great times filled with fun, especially as the week ended. The song peaked at number six on the UK Singles Chart and number sixteen on the Billboard Hot 100.

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