Top 10 Spinners Songs

Spinners Songs

Photo: Motown, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons presents the Top 10 Songs From The Spinners. Continuing with our look back at Motown Records and the various groups that recorded for the label, we present The Spinners who recorded two albums and a series of singles for the label. However, it was their signing with Atlantic Records and their work with Thom Bell that helped cement their status as musical legends. Thom Bell played an important role in developing the Spinners sound after they left Motown Records. Along with his work with the The Delfonics and The The Stylistics, Thom Bell molded the sound of The Spinners into what became known as the Philadelphia sound.

# 10 – One Of A Kind (Love Affair)

We open up our top 10 Spinners songs list with truly a great one. In fact, every single one of these Spinners songs are truly great. This was a fun one to put together. The Spinners “One Of  A Kind (Love Affair),” was released in 1973. It was released on the Spinners first Atlantic Records album entitled Spinners. The great track “One Of  A Kind (Love Affair),”was the fourth single released from the album. The song was written by Joseph B. Jefferson. The song just missed breaking the Billboard Hot  100 top 10 peaking at number eleven. However, it did shoot all the way up to number one on the Billboard R&B Charts.

# 9 – Mighty Love

Continuing with our Spinners Songs list we turn to the fantastic track “Mighty Love.” The song was released in late 1973 as a single and also appeared as the title track on the 1974 Spinners album Mighty Love. The group had a top 20 hit with the song as it peaked at number 20 on the Billboard Hit 100. The song was much more appreciated on the Billboard R&B Charts where it went straight to number one!

# 8 – I’ll Always Love You

The Spinners released two albums on the Motown Label and an assortment of singles. The Spinners song “I’ll Always Love You,” was released as a single on Motown Records in 1965. The song would be included on the Spinners first full length LP Record for Motown entitled The Original Spinners. The song featured Bobby Smith on the lead vocals with his fellow Spinners Chico Edwards, Pervis Jackson, Henry Fambrough and Billy Henderson singing harmony. The song was written by William “Mickey” Stevenson and Ivy Jo Hunter.

“I ‘ll Always Love You,” would serve as the first top 40 single The Spinners would have on Motown Records. The song peaked at number thirty five on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1965. The singing group was backed up by the famous Motown musicians group called The Funk Brothers that played on most Motown Records by The Temptations, The Four Tops, and  just about every other Motown act.

# 7 – Games People Play

In 1975, The Spinners released their million selling hit single “Games People Play.” The song was both a commercial and financial success for the band. The song broke the Billboard Top 100’s Top 10 peaking at number five. The song also hit number one on the Billboard U.S. Hot Soul Singles charts.  Once again, Bobby Smith sang lead vocals on the song. The great harmonies were provided by Philippé Wynne, Pervis Jackson, Henry Fambrough and Billy Henderson. The female harmonies were sung by Barbara Ingram, Carla Benson and Evette Benton who called themselves the Sigma Sweethearts.

The musicians on the record were made up of a great group of studio musicians who went under the name MFSB, The group was made up of about thirty great musicians who backed up all the artists who recorded at Thom Bell’s Philadelphia’s Sigma Sound Studios.

# 6 – Then Came You

The song “Them Came You,” was a great recording that presented an all-star duet between The Spinners and  Dionne Warwick. The song went all the way to number one of the Billboard Hot 100 in 1974. Most interestingly, “Then Came You,” would become The Spinners first and only number one hit of their career. They had plenty of number ones on the Billboard R&B Charts but only scored one number one hit on the Billboard Hot 100 which is pretty much the gold standard in the United States for all musical acts as far as chart success goes. Even more fascinating is that it was Dionne Warwick’s first number one single, a fact that seems odd because of all the great hits she had singing Burt Bacharach songs in the 1960s.

# 5 – Working My Way Back To You

Smack in the middle of this top 10 Spinners Songs list is the great song “Working My Way Back To You.” Most of us became familiar with the song the first time we heard it from the great top 10 Four Seasons version released in 1966. The Spinners put their own touch of Philly Soul on their version and were also rewarded with a top 10 hit. The Spinners version went all the way to number two on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1979. They were blocked from the number one spot by Pink Floyd’s “Another Brick In The Wall.” Now that’s an interesting top 2 songs list in 1979

# 4 – It’s A Shame

The Spinners great sophomore album for Motown records delivered one of their funkiest hits of their career. The classic song “It’s A Shame,” was released on the album 2nd Time Around. The LP was released in 1970.“It’s A Shame,” was the album’s opening track. It was also released as a single in which it broke the Billboard Top 20 peaking at number fourteen. The song was written by Stevie Wonder, Lee Garrett and Syreeta Wright. Stevie Wonder also played drums on the track.

# 3 – Could It Be I’m Falling in Love

Continuing with this great Spinners songs list we present the classic Spinners song “Could It Be I’m Falling In Love.” This was a bug one, as well as the nest three on this list. An come to think of it, as well as the previous seven. The Spinners were such an awesome band that just made you feel good when you listened to their music. Take a listen once again, and you will hear it, you will feel it, you will love it. “Could It Be I’m Falling In Love.”  was released in 1972. The song went all the way to number four on the Billboard Hot 100.

# 2 – The Rubberband Man

“The Rubberband Man,” is easily the favorite of many Spinners fans. This great song was a huge hit for The Spinners in 1976. The song went all the way to the number two spot on the Billboard Hot 100. Lead vocals on this one were performed by Philippé Wynne. Bobby Smith, Pervis Jackson, Henry Fambrough, Billy Henderson, Barbara Ingram, Carla Benson and Yvette Benton all sang backup harmonies.

# 1 – I’ll Be Around

We close out our top 10 Spinners songs with the sensational Spinners recording “I’ll Be Around.” The song was originally released as the B-Side to the single “How Could I Let You Get Away.” However, fans soon discovered how great the B-Side was and a buzz caught fire quickly among radio professionals who helped propel the song all the way to number two on the Billboard Hot 100 and number one on the Billboard R&B Charts.

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