Top 10 String Cheese Incident Songs

The String Cheese Incident Songs

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Our Top 10 The String Cheese Incident Songs introduce us to a band whose music is a blend of progressive bluegrass sounds, psychedelia, country, and progressive rock. The band has been active since 1993, and after some years of playing their music at private functions and ski resorts, its founding members formed an independent record label under the name SCI Fidelity. They would now release their long-awaited debut album Born on the Wrong Planet under SCI Fidelity. Notably, their debut album featured their compositions and covers, all of which were released in a melody-driven style. A second eponymous album would follow shortly, having it performed and recorded live from Fox Theatre, Colorado.

At the time, the band thought about releasing their third album, Round the Wheel, they had already grown musically, achieving lyrical maturity. Their growth would be marked by rising popularity, but most especially their stage shows as well display elements in their live performances thanks to a partnership with Peak Experience Productions. With ten studio albums and three live series on their name, The String Cheese Incident has established itself as a reputable bluegrass sound master. Currently, the band is composed of Michael Kang, the mandolin and violin player, drummer Michael Travis, bassist Keith Moseley, pianist Kyle Hollingsworth, guitarist Bill Nershi and auxiliary percussionist Jason Hann. Here we present our Top 10 String Cheese Incident Songs from their ten studio albums and live series.

#10 – Can’t Wait Another Day

Ushering us to the top 10 The String Cheese Incident songs is the ballad “Can’t Wait Another Day” from the band’s 2014 album A Song in My Head. While the band members had their stakes in the composition of this song, it was originally written by keyboardist Kyle Hollingsworth. “Can’t Wait Another Day” is about Kyle’s intense excitement when his daughter Isabel was born. The song starts with a powerful bass line from Kyle Hollingsworth, which he brought to his fellow band members to work out the song together. “Can’t Wait Another Day” brought back the band’s shine in what might felt like they were slowly fading and forgotten.

#9 – 45th of November

Did they just bring on a date out of the blues? Such questions might linger in your mind until you listen to this awe-inspiring song from The String Cheese Incident. “45th of November” is a surreal look at the significance of life, asking listeners to awaken the imaginative part of their brain and think of a date and time that exists not. Probably, this is a great way to come to the reality that tomorrow is unknown to us. Anything can happen! Thanks to Kyle Hollingsworth for penning these lyrics for The String Cheese Incident with nothing changed by the other band members.

#8 – Johnny Cash

Featured on their 1997 album Born on the Wrong Planet, “Johnny Cash” is one of the band’s sublime compositions worth mentioning on the Top 10 The String Cheese Incident Songs. “Johnny Cash” is a peculiar take on Johnny Cash clichés, complete with references to trains and his song “Ring of Fire.” You ought to love what The String Cheese Incident did with the song’s rhythm to bring out their skills on the various instruments the band members can play.

#7 – Restless Wind

“Restless Wind” introduces us to a taste of Bill Nershi’s songwriting skills. Featured on the band’s 1998 album ‘Round the Wheel, “Restless Wind” brings the best of the band’s skills in playing their instruments. Thanks to the sounds of tenor saxophone and soprano by Paul McCandless and banjo by Tony Furtado, who were invited as guest artists. The song has been one of the band’s favorite, especially on live performances.

#6 – Sirens

“Sirens” not only added glamour to The String Cheese Incident’s 2003 album Untying the Not but became one of their most reputable songs. One question here- how satisfied are you with the life that you are living, and would you be happy with it if you got to pass? “Sirens” reminds us that we could be on our way out of the world; hence we shouldn’t take anything for granted. Tell those you love how you feel about them and, most especially, leave nothing undone!

#5 – Black and White

Featured on the band’s 2001 album, Outside Inside is the ballad “Black and White,” which serves as a perfect call for awareness. While much has been told to us, there lies so much that we don’t know. The String Cheese Incident tells us that it is high time that people rely on each other’s strength and might to see beyond what we see and go beyond where the limits have been put. After all, it is not all about black and white; there are more colors!

#4 – Jellyfish

Despite being the last recorded song on the band’s album Born on the Wrong Planet, “Jellyfish” has proved to be one of the most reputable songs by The String Cheese Incident. The song’s instrumentals pump up the adrenaline in you thanks to some magnificent blending of the various instruments played. “Jellyfish” is a perfect song to jam with when you are drunk, knowing that your job awaits the next day. This way, the song makes complete sense! 

#3 – Sometimes a River

Number 3 in our top 10 The String Cheese Incident songs list is “Sometimes a River,” from the band album One Step Closer. “Sometimes a River” is about a man who flashbacks about some lady he used to be in love with. With involuntary thoughts at times, the guy misses her sometimes. Thinking of trying to reach out to her isn’t possible since she lives so far away. And now all that is left are memories which will only torment the man as days goes by.

#2 – Lost

Featured on the band’s 2001 album, Outside Inside, “Lost” is a song written by the band’s keyboardist Kyle Hollingsworth. The song features a New Orleans funk feel with its groove inspired by “Skin It Back” by Little Feat. “Lost” describes people who toil to attain their goals but find themselves unfulfilled. Some workaholics might find this song quite relatable!

#1 – Texas

“Texas” not only crowns the album Born on the Wrong Planet as the best album by The String Cheese Incident but also emerges to be their best song. The song is about how The String Cheese Incident members traveled through Texas in an RV with mushrooms in the cabinet. Unfortunately, they crashed into a liquor store in their travel, and when the cops arrived, they searched the RV only to find mushrooms. After not knowing what these were, the band got a small ticket and were later on their way.

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