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The Pretty Reckless Songs

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Numerous actors who have tried their hand in music often end up with catastrophic results. In August 2010, Pretty Reckless released their impactful debut studio album, Light Me Up. The band, which is fronted by former Gossip Girl star Taylor Momsen, features three other members, namely, Ben Philips, who is the lead guitarist; Mark Damon, and Jamie Perkins, who are on bass and drums, respectively.

Since their first record, the band’s fame has skyrocketed, and Taylor Momsen has become a bonafide rock band frontwoman. In 2014, Pretty Reckless became the first female-fronted band to hit number one with two of its first songs on the rock radio charts with their hit songs, “ Heaven Knows” and “Messed Up World.” In this article, we will rank the top ten The Pretty Reckless Songs. Here are their ten best songs.

10. House On a Hill

The track “House On a Hill” is one of the softer ballads from Pretty Reckless’ 2014 album, Going to Hell. In this track, the band sounds more like Nickelback, and the track would be a perfect soundtrack for a rock music video that is, of course, shot over the hill. The track’s inspiration came after Momsen and Philips listened to a lecture on the Vietnam War. The track features some soft yet haunting vocals from Momsen and meaningful lyrics that are accompanied by an equally heartbreaking music video.

9. Going to Hell

Taylor Momsen wrote this song in 2012 during one of the band’s lowest moments after Hurricane Sandy ravaged their studios, and in the process destroying some of their demos and complete recordings. The band had to rebuild from scratch, and out of that tragedy, an incredible song that summed up the situation was composed. The undeniably rock record was created with stunning imagery and features some impressive guitar riffs and aggressive rhythm that give the song some great vibes.

8. You

Taylor Momsen called this song one of the most intimate songs that he has ever written. “You” is the tenth track in Pretty Reckless’ debut album, Light Me Up. The track is a fantastic gem, and it is incredible to see a hard rock band release such an intimate, beautiful ballad. As in most other tracks in this list, Momsen’s vocal prowess shines through the track.

7. Under the Water

“Under the Water” is the third track from Pretty Reckless 2012 EP, Hit Me Like a Man, which was close in style to their debut album, Light Me Up, although it focussed on the strengths of the whole band rather than those of Taylor Momsen. “Under the Water” is a track full of emotion as Taylor Momsen and the band takes us through their life and her change, which she describes as bitter waves that can make you feel lost. Although many Pretty Reckless fans will probably argue that it should be in the top three, it isn’t quite as popular as our top three picks.

6. Goin’ Down

Our number six-track in the countdown of the top ten Pretty Reckless songs is a song that talks about a girl who killed her ex since he hurt her, although he was the best thing that she ever had. The girl then goes to confess her actions to a priest so as to save her soul in exchange for sex. Even by her standards as an actress for Gossip Girl, the lyrics of this track are straight from a horror movie script.

5. My Medicine

Pretty Reckless’ debut album was really solid for a band doing it for the first time. “My Medicine” is the first track from the album, which is credited as having been the album that skyrocketed their fame among hard rock fans across the world. In this particular track, Pretty Reckless explores the subject of drug and substance abuse which is often associated with people in the music industry.

4. Miss Nothing

The number four song on our list is a song whose chorus makes it all worth it. In addition, the track has a fantastic bass, thumping drums, and a rhythmic guitar that complements the incredible Taylor Momsen vocals. “Miss Nothing” is contained in the band’s debut studio album, Light Me Up. The incredibly catchy lyrics are about a loved one who passes away and, in the process, makes you lose your identity and mind.

3. Just Tonight

“Just Tonight” is a track that talks about the end of a hurtful relationship. The lines, “Here we are, and you’re too drunk to hear a word I say, Start the car and take me home,” are my favorite in this track since they show how the couple is together in a certain situation, but there is a communication breakdown between them. The entire lyrics of the song are pretty brilliant and thought-provoking, making it sound like Evanescence doing a song for an emotional scene of Kyle XY.

2. Heaven Knows

Pretty Reckless comes in strong with this anthemic hard rock track which is the second single from the band’s 2014 album, Going to Hell. In this track, Taylor Momsen and a bunch of children summon a depressing mantra with the words, “We go down below.” The song marked Pretty Reckless’ debut on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Songs Chart, where it peaked at the top position and stayed in that particular chart for three consecutive weeks. The track is featured as a soundtrack in the 2017 movie American Satan and the trailer in season two of the TV series Jessica Jones.

1. Make Me Wanna Die

“Make Me Wanna Die” is the first single that Pretty Reckless released as a full ensemble. The lyrics of the song tell a story about a girl with a supernatural lover who is a vampire and her desire to be a vampire so that they can be in love forever. Apart from the catchy lyrics, “Make Me Wanna Die” has some incredibly catchy beats and impressive vocals from Momsen that give you the feels whenever she is singing. The track is featured as a soundtrack in some popular TV shows such as Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl, and Supernatural.

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