Top 10 Thrice Songs

Thrice Songs

Our top 10 Thrice songs presents an American rock and roll band that should be way. more popular than they currently are in the rock and roll world. The band was formed in 1998 by former schoolmates Teppei Teranishi and Dustin Kensrue, who both played in Chapter 11. Teppei and Dustin tagged along with bassist Eddie Breckenridge, Teppei’s skate part buddy, who brought with him his brother Riley to play on the drums. The four continued practicing without a name, only to find one before their first show. Desperation had them settle for the moniker Thrice, a name they have carried on for the band’s entire career despite the initial thought of using it for their debut live performance. The following year, the band delivered to the world First Impressions, a self-released EP. Surprisingly, the band sold out a thousand copies of the EP out of their cars.

Thrice released Identity Crisis, a twelve-track album with the help of Paul Miner of Death by Stereo. Generosity is deep-rooted in the band’s culture, with a portion of the album’s revenue donated to a local charity. Signing Sub City Records had Louis Posen reissue the band’s debut album sending the band on tour with reputable acts such as Midtown, Samiam, and Hot Red Circuit. More tours would follow after the band released its album, The Illusion of Safety, having Thrice open for Face to Face and Further Seems Forever.

Thrice still donated a portion of this album’s proceedings to a non-profit youth shelter. However, Thrice would go on hiatus in 2012, citing the members’ need to take a break from being a full-time band. At this time, Dustin Kensrue revived his solo career while Teppei Teranishi got into a side project with Chris Jones. Dustin and Teppei went on to support The Out Circuit in the release of Pierce The Empire With a Sound. The band continued its purpose releasing reputable post-hardcore ballads. Here are the top 10 Thrice songs from the band’s eleven studio albums.

#10 – Only Us

Ushering us to the top 10 Thrice songs is the ballad “Only Us,” featured in the band’s album Palms (2018). The song is a heartfelt cry and realization that we are all connected and in a big way similar. However, the song cites how we continue to fight and separate each other through walls and violence. Frontman Dustin described the song’s lyrics as an idea of viewing the whole world as your tribe. “Only Us” features a unique digital atmosphere similar to the 1980′ sci-fi films. The song rides on a pulsating Moog synth only to have an over-driven bassline lead the song.

#9 – All That’s Left

“All That’s Left” is one of the most recognizable hits from Thrice’s 2003 album The Artist in the Ambulance. The song prominently features tons of Christian perspectives, which are borrowed from Dustin Kensrue’s faith. Some of the lines in the song allude to how people lose faith in God since when they called on Him for answers, they got no direct response. Following this, some try to fix their issues only to make their situation even worse. The song peaked at number twenty-four on the US Alternative Airplay chart.

#8 – The Dark

Palms (2018) featured quite a number of Thrice’s best songs, including “The Dark.” The song’s lyrics are a call for human beings to proactively face and overcome their challenges. You can’t help but love the slow strumming and heavy drums in the song, which helps build suspense, followed by spirited vocals by Dan Kensrue.

#7 – Deadbolt

When counting captivating songs from Thrice, you can hardly leave out “Deadbolt” from the band’s sophomore album, The Illusion of Safety. Like most releases in the album, “Deadbolt” features some buzz-saw guitar riffs delivered in a melodic hardcore style. The song showcases yet again the band is dependent on Dustin’s incongruous lyrical content having him write the lyrics to this ballad.

#6 – In Exile

Number six on our top 10 Thrice songs in the hit “In Exile,” featured on the band’s album Beggars (2009). Like most of Thrice’s songs, the lyrics to “In Exile” work on several levels. On a universal stage, the song’s lyrics validate the need for human beings to search for peace and belonging. However, on the Christian level, Dustin views Heaven as the ultimate fulfillment of this longing. The song’s lyrical content is inspired heavily by the Christian Scriptures that Earth is not our home, and Heaven is the home we all need to crave.

#5 – Beyond the Pines

“Beyond the Pines” is yet another reputable release from the band’s album, Pines (2018). The song is featured as the last track having its lyrics seem to draw quite some inspiration from Rumi’s poem “A Great Wagon.” Thrice’s restraint in this release compliments the intricate guitar work and vocal prowess of the band’s vocalist Dustin. Notably, Dustin’s vocals rise to an emotive crescendo, followed by rippling out to an eerie silence.

#4 – Image of The Invisible

Our number four song on the top 10 Thrice songs list takes us back to the fourth studio album by the band, Vheissu (2005). We all can barely forget the song “Image of The Invisible,” which peaked at number twenty-four on the Billboard Mainstream Rock chart. The song’s lyrics conclude the album’s major theme, affirming that we are beings of unconditional worth regardless of what others perceive about us. “Image of The Invisible” has established itself as an epic testimony to the achievement of the human spirit. The song is famed for its awe-inspiring call-and-response verses complemented by anthemic choruses.

#3 – Stare at the Sun

Let’s take a short trip to the band’s album The Artist in the Ambulance, where we meet the song “Stare at the Sun.” Written by Thrice’s vocalist Dustin Kensrue, the song establishes itself as an angst-ridden reflection of the self on the uncertainty that crops from trying to find your path in life. The song had its bassline initially penned in a more chaotic metal style but later was spun to allow Kensrue to sing over.

#2 – Hurricane

“Hurricane” is one of the best songs off Thrice’s studio album, To Be Everywhere Is to Be Nowhere. The song is famed for its massive and dynamic nature, thanks to its heavy rhythm, breathtaking melodies, and rasping guitars that help evoke the hurricane’s power. When it comes to the lyrics, Thrice’s primary songwriter Dustin Kensrue chose words that complement the song’s sound by painting a picture of a carefree life blindsided with suffering. He would later reveal that the song is about the moments in life where everything seems to cool only to ram into tough times sooner after. Band of Heathens released a song with a similar title in 2011.

#1 – Black Honey

Number one of our top 10 Thrice songs is the anthemic tune “Black Honey.” The song was written by Dustin Kensrue for the band’s album, To Be Everywhere Is to Be Nowhere. “Black Honey” has its lyrics written with the United States’ narcissistic approach to foreign policy. However, he added that the song’s lyrics could be viewed as applying to situations where we act narcissistically. The song feels more like a tour to some philosophical self, with the album title itself being a quote from the Roman Philosopher Seneca’s Letter From a Stoic.

Feature Photo: Brian Boulos from NYC, CC BY 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons


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