Why the Ramones appearance on Regis and Kathy Lee Made Sense

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Some may feel its hard to believe that the Ramones appeared on the Regis Phibin and Kathy Lee show back in 1988. Taking into account the drastic differences between the fans of the Ramones and the audience of Regis Phibin and Kathy Lee really would lead one to wonder how in the world did either camp agree to the Ramones appearing on the show. However, it happened and it actually was quite entertaining television.

Just the visual presentation of the Ramones walking onto that stage and sitting next to Regis and Kathy Lee can be at first look, quite odd. The Ramones were dressed, well like the Ramones. Regis and Kathy Lee were dressed like, well Regis and Kathy Lee. And right there from the start is why it worked. Because both camps were being who they were without pretension. It was simply an honest interview that at times was funny and extremely entertaining.

During the interview, Kathy Lee seemed most interested in the wives of the Ramones, specifically Dee Dee. The Ramone seated farthest from Kathy Lee and Regis Philbin who at first seemed completely unsettled eventually came across as the most interesting based on Kathy Lee’s inquiries. Joey Ramone who had been asked to recite the lyrics to “Teenage Lobotomy,” seemed almost to struggle remembering the lyrics. Its one things to sing those words on a nightly basis one hundred miles an hour, but having to wax poetically left Joey almost seemingly making fun of himself.

Some will argue that the appearance was odd and made no sense. However, the whole aspect of who the Ramones were and the rebellious nature of the punk rock movement is why the appearance made complete sense. They were the Ramones, and their music and attitude was all about defying convention. The Ramones were from New York City. If there is one city in the world that depicts the melting part of culture, its New York City. Regis Phibin was born in the Bronx. Regis is as New York as The Ramones. In the end it all made perfect sense. Just a couple of New Yorkers hanging out, sharing some stories, and then going their own way. You either get it, or you don’t.


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