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Songs of the Zombies

Our Top 10 Songs of The Zombies list takes a look at a band from the 1960s that were part of the legendary rock and roll British Invasion of rock bands that traveled from England to the United States during the decade of the 1960s.  Along with The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and so many other bands the Zombies electrified American audiences with a sound that was completely different from the decade of music that the 1950s had spawned. The legend of the Zombies has been defined by a very small catalog of albums that had a very large impact. Songs like “Time of the Season,” “She’s Not There,” and “Tell Her No,” inspired countless bands for years. That’s the reason they are in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

The Zombies consisted of Colin Blunstone, Rod Argent, Paul Atkinson, Chris White, and Hugh Grundy. The band’s early success was based on the release of their debut single “She’s Not There,” in 1964. The song hit number 2 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100. The song would later be included on their U.S. debut album The Zombies in 1965.  Their debut album in both the UK and the U.S also featured their huge hit Tell Her No.

Three years after the release of their debut album, The Zombies would return with their masterpiece Odessey and Oracle. The album featured their classic track “Time of the Season.” Odessey and Oracle would become one of the most famous rock albums of the 1960s sealing The Zombies’ fate in classic rock history.

Many rock fans probably do not realize that The Zombies returned to the studio many years later and released New World in 1991. However, Rod Argent played a very small role on the record. Thirteen years after the release of New World came the album As Far As I Can See…… The album featured original Zombies members Colin Blunstone, Chris White and Rod Argent. The album was released in 2004.

Blunstone and Argent reunited again as The Zombies in 2011 with the release of the album Breathe Out, Breathe In. The album included remakes of some old Zombies songs. It also included remakes of songs Rod Agent had released in his 70s band Argent.

The final Zombies album to be released as of this writing was issued in 2015 entitled Still Got That Hunger.

Our Top 10 Songs from The Zombies article focuses mostly on their 1960s material. If you are not familiar with the band, we hope this article turns you onto one of classic rocks’ most important groups.

# 10 – Just Out Of Reach

The track “Just Out Of Reach,” was released as a single in 1965. The Zombies only released two studio albums in the 1960s, yet there are at least 20 compilation albums that were released that combined album cuts, non-album singles, and b sides onto various releases.

# 9 – Any Other Way

The Zombies’ song “Any Other Way,” is the only 21st-century Zombies song to be included on this list. It’s a great track released on their 2011 album entitled Breathe Out, Breathe In. This one has such a cool groove in a very sort of modern film-noir sounding track. We love this one.

# 8 – Kind Of Girl

“Kind Of Girl,” was released on the Zombies EP in 1964. The EP contained only four racks including a remake of Gershwin’s “Summertime.” The song featured Colin Blunstone on lead vocals, Rod Argent on organ, Paul Atkinson on guitars, Chris White on bass, and Hugh Grundy on drums.

# 7 – Care Of Cell 44

The Zombies’ song “Care of Cell 44,” was the opening track to the band’s second album Odessey and Oracle. The album was released in April of 1968. The song was composed by Rod Argent. This is easily one of the band’s most underrated songs. The group had never understood why the song wasn’t a bigger hit.

# 6 – I Want You Back Again

“I Want You Back Again,” was a stand-alone single release in 1965. It was later included on the compilation album Early Days. The song broke the Billboard Hot 100 but stalled at number 95.

# 5 – Leave Me Be

“Leave Me Be,” was the follow-up single to the band’s debut “She’s Not There.” The song was a single-only release in 1964. Those opening guitar chords go right through me every time I hear this great song. This one is so haunting. That melody never fades from memory.

# 4 – She’s Coming Home

She’s Coming Home was released as a single in 1965. The song was also included in the popular compilation album Time Of The Zombies. It was a two-record set that combined non-album tracks, unreleased songs, and some of their big hits.

# 3 – Tell Her No

The final three songs on our top 10 songs from The Zombies list were tough to choose in order. These three songs defined the sound of the 1960s in so many ways.  “Tell Her No,” was released in December of 1964. It reached the number sis+ position on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 in 1964.

# 2 – She’s Not There

The song that started it all for the band. “She’s Not There,” was released as a single in 1964. It reached the number 2 position on the Billboard Hot 100. It hit number one on the Cashbox charts in the U.S. The song “She’s Not There.” was written by Rod Argent. In interviews, Rod Argent was quoted as saying that it was a John Lee Hooker song that inspired the lyrics to “She’s Not There.” Thirteen years later after the song was released in 1964, the band Santana had a top twenty hit with it in 1977.

# 1 – Time Of The Season

The classic Zombies’ song “Time of the Season,” was released on the Odessey and Oracle album.  Just like “She’s Not There,” “Time of the Season,” reached the number two position on the Billboard Hot 100. and then hit number one on the Cashbox charts. The song presents listeners with one of the best musical introductions in classic rock history.

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