Top 10 Pendragon Songs

Pendragon Songs

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The band Pendragon was formed in England in the late 1970’s. The band was formed by Nick Barrett who had originally named the band Zeus Pendragon. The band Pendragon did not release their first album until 1985 entitled The Jewel. Three years went by before the release of their sophomore album entitled Kowtow. From that point on, the band continued to release albums every couple of years. From 1985 to 2017, the band Pendragon has released eleven albums. Their last release as of this writing was 2017’s live album Masquerade 20.

The band’s founder and guitarist Nick Barrett and bass player Peter Gee have been with the band since 1978. Like all rock bands that formed during the 1970’s or 1980’s there have been personal changes. The band’s current lineup in 2017 includes Clive Nolan on keyboards and Jan-Vincent Velazco on drums. The band Pendragon have gone through seven drummers throughout the years. Reminds me of a movie I once saw.

Our Top 10 Top 10 Pendragon Songs list takes a look at various points in the bands long career.

# 10 – This Green and Pleasant Land

We open our Top 10 Pendragon songs list with the track “This Green and Pleasant Land.” The song was released on the album Passion. It was the band’s ninth studio album. Passion was released in 2011.

# 9 – If i Were the Wind (and you were the rain)

The beautiful song “If I Were The Wind (and you were the rain),” was released on the Not Of This World album in 2001. 

# 8 – Wishing Well

The great Pendragon song “Wishing Well,” comes in at number eight on our Top 10 Pendragon songs list.

# 7 – The Last Man on Earth

One of our favorite Pendragon albums was released in 1993. The wonderful song “The Last Man On Earth,” was issued on The Window of Life album. The beautiful synth opening is simply mesmerizing. One of the coolest harmonica solos we have ever heard occurs around the ten minute mark.

# 6 – As Good As Gold

For many fans, Pendragon’s The Masquerade Overture was the ultimate testament to the band’s dedication to the art of Progressive Rock. It was for many, their shining moment. The The Masquerade Overture was released in 1996.

# 5 – Queen Of Hearts

“Queen of Hearts,” was released on the 1991 album, The World.

# 4 – Masters of Illusion

“Masters of Illusion,” was released on the great album, The Masquerade Overture.

# 3 – Dark Summer’s Day

The Pendragon song “Dark Summer’s Day,” was issued on Fly High Fall Far.

# 2 – A Man of Nomadic Traits

There were so many great tracks on the album Not Of This World, it was hard to choose which ones we wanted to list on this Top 10 Pendragon songs list. The track “A Man of Nomadic Traits,” was one of the best.

# 1 – Indigo

The song “Indigo,” has been listed by so many Pendragon fans as their favorite Pendragon song. Just take one listen and you will understand why. The song was released on the Pure album. The CD was released in 2008.

Updated Nov 7 2020

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