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Staind Songs

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Our Top 10 Stained Songs list looks at a great American modern rock band formed in 1995 out of  Springfield, Mass. They are a popular American band consisting of; Aaron Lewis on lead vocals, Mike Mushok on lead guitar, bassist Johnny April, and Jon Wysocki on the drums. In 2011 Jon left the group and Sal Giarcarelli stepped in as the drummer. After they recorded their seventh studio album Staind, the guys went and worked on solo projects. They reunited in 2019 to perform multiple live shows through 2020. Before they self-released their debut album Tormented, Staind was doing cover songs from many popular metal bands; Tool, Alice in Chains, Rage Against the Machine, Korn, Pearl Jam, and others.

Stainds’ second studio album, Dysfunction, was released in 1999. Break the Cycle was their third studio album, released in 2001. This is still the most successful album that Staind has recorded and released. It was in the number one spot on the U.S.. Charts for three weeks. Their fourth studio album, 14 Shades of Grey was released in 2003. In 2005 Staind released their fifth album, Chapter V and in 2008 they released their sixth album, The Illusion of Progress. Their seventh album, Staind, was released in 2011 and produced “the Bottom,” which is on the Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon Soundtrack. Other singles from their Staind album include; “Paper Wings,” “Eyes Wide Open,” and “Not Again.”

Staind have thirty-three live performances scheduled through 2021. So, let’s take a look at the Top 10 Staind Songs that you will most likely hear at their concerts.

# 10 – Believe

We are starting off our Top 10 Staind Songs with “Believe,” off of their album The Illusions of Progress. The album was released in August 2008, and recorded in Aaron Lewis’s home studio. “Believe” only made it to the number eighty-three spot on the Billboard 100 but peaked at the number four slot on Mainstream Rock Tracks. The song spent approximately three weeks in the number one spot on Modern Rock Tracks. “Believe” was used in 2008 for the WWE Tribute to the Troops celebration special and in the 2008 highlights for College Football Season on ESPN.

# 9 – Price to Play

From their fourth studio album, 14 Shades of Grey, released in May 2003. A lot of the songs on this album are centered around the emotions of the lead singer, Aaron Lewis. 14 Shades of Grey debuted in the number one on the Billboard 200. In July 2003 the album was certified gold. “Price to Pay” landed in the number six spot on the Modern Rock Tracks and number two on the Mainstream Rock Tracks. This particular song was WWE’s theme song to Vengeance 2003. This album took a little bit “lighter” direction and Aaron Lewis credits that to the band getting older, getting married, and having children.

# 8 – For You

Peaking at number sixty-three on the Billboard 100, is our eighth song on the Top 10 Staind Songs list. “For You” is on Stainds’ third album Break the Cycle. The album was released in May 2001 and is their most successful album to date. This is the album that launched Staind into the mainstream. “For You” was the fourth single released from the Break the Cycle album. A lot of the fans feel that “For You” is clearly about verbal abuse and child neglect. The kids parents don’t listen or understand. Aaron did a superb job on the vocals and bringing out the intense emotions.

# 7 – Fade

From their third album, Break the Cycle, “Fade” spent twenty-six weeks on the Billboard charts. It peaked at number four in November 2001. This is another spectacular ballad by Staind. “Fade” is also another song that deals with disagreements dislike, and neglect of children and their feelings towards their parents. It was also on the Billboard Mainstream Rock and Modern Rock Charts at numbers three and four. “Fade” was initially going to be put on the Dysfunction album. Staind decided to wait and they worked on the song for another three to four years. When they decided to put it on the Break the Cycle album, “Fade” had been completely rewrote and rearranged.

# 6 – Right Here

This was the first single to come off of their fifth studio album, Chapter V, which was released in August 2005. Chapter V debuted in the top spot on the Billboard 200. “Right Here” was another song that was used by the WWE. “Right Here” also hit the number one spot on the Mainstream Rock Tracks. The song centers around loving someone no matter how crappy they treat you. Aaron Lewis does an amazing job with the vocals. You can feel the dedication and passion in his voice.

# 5 – So Far Away

Half-way through our Top 10 Staind Songs, comes the second single from their fourth studio album 14 Shades of Grey. “So Far Away” reached number one on both the Modern Rock Tracks and Mainstream Rock Tracks. There are a lot of lessons in this song that everyone can relate to; struggles, depression, regrets, and hardships. Eventually we all grow up, find our purpose, and learn from our mistakes. 14 Shades of Grey was released in May 2003. A lot of the songs on the album, as stated earlier, revolve around Aaron Lewis, his personal situations, and his emotions.

# 4 – Outside

This song was released in May 2001 and is the second single from their Break the Cycle album. Staind also has a live acoustic version of “Outside” that is on their album The Family Values Tour 1999. It was also number one on the Mainstream Rock Tracks and it hit number two on the Modern Rock Tracks. The studio version of the song, “Outside,” hit number fifty-six on the Billboard charts. Aaron Lewis wrote the song and used to perform it solo, to earn extra money to live on.

# 3 – Something to Remind You

From their seventh album, Staind, comes a song that Aaron Lewis dedicated to Chester Bennington (lead singer of Linkin Park). There were a few bands that played songs in memory of Chester after they found out about his passing. The album, Staind, was released in 2011. “Something to Remind You” was released in October 2012 as the fourth single from the self title album. The album was released as a standard CD, deluxe digipak, and a download. The digipak also contains a DVD documentary of the recording process and two live bonus tracks. “Something to Remind You” is a very intense song about the loss of someone special or the loss of yourself; due to depression, addictions, and bad mistakes. It also has a specific message of having to live with the choices that we make in our lives.

# 2 – Everything Changes

This song is from the album, Chapter V. “Everything Changes” was released in March 2006 and was the third single from the Chapter V album. Mike Mushok says that the song is about finishing high school and all of the changes that come after graduation. The video didn’t get much airplay on MTV and this caused the band to feel as though no one cared about Staind, or their music, anymore. A lot of critics compared “Everything Changes” to the song style of Creed. Some even criticized the song and the band for not being as fierce or as emotionally ballad like, that the band was known for.

# 1 – It’s Been Awhile

In April 2001 this song peaked on the Billboard charts in the top spot and spend twenty-nine weeks on the charts. “It’s Been Awhile” is on the 2001 album, Break the Cycle, and was the lead single. This is Stainds’ best-known song and their most successful. “It’s Been Awhile” spent twenty weeks on the Mainstream Rock Tracks chart in the number one spot and sixteen weeks at the number one spot on the Hot Modern Rock Tracks chart. Aaron Lewis wrote the song back in 1996, but they kept is back until 2000. “It’s Been Awhile” was well received by the critics and the fans. The song is centered around someone looking back on their life of failed relationships and addiction.

As you can see, Staind, has some amazing songs from each album that they have released. The Modern Rock Tracks and Mainstream Rock Tracks were big for the band, as far as where they landed on the charts. The Billboard charts were not as kind to the guys. Staind has a very distinct sound, that I do not feel resembles Creed or any other band. Aaron Lewis is an outstanding vocalist who brings his own style and sound to the songs that they have released.




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