10 Classic Rock Songs To Wake You Up

10 Classic Rock Songs To Wake You Up

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Mornings can be rough because everyone is not a morning person. Sometimes you need something to pick you up in the mornings. There’s nothing like great music to help you get your day started. Music can be the perfect remedy to get your day going. The right song can give you the energy you need to start your day. Rock music may work better than coffee to wake you up. Listening to good rock music can make you pumped up and ready to go. There are plenty of songs to choose from, but we narrowed it down to 10 classic rock songs. We have compiled a list of 10 classic rock songs to wake you up so you can get your day started. We hope these songs will help you start your day off right.

# 10 – Heroes by David Bowie

The 10th song on our 10 Classic Rock Songs To Wake Up To list is “Heroes” from David Bowie’s album Heroes. The single was released in September 1977. It’s about a couple who want to be together, but obstacles keep them apart. They are determined to be together despite the odds against them. They don’t want anything to stand in their way of being together. The couple believe their love is worth fighting for. The couple believe they can be “heroes” for a day.

“Heroes” is a song about inspiration and hope. The song encourages listeners not to give up hope. If you are determined to achieve something, you will achieve it. David Bowie recorded a song that will inspire you not to give up on something. This is a great song to wake up to because it will give you the inspiration you need to get your day started. Getting up early can be a chore if you’re not an early riser so this song may give you the motivation to get up and accomplish your goals. This song is a celebration of resilience so it may be the motivator you need to accomplish your goals for the day. “Heroes” has an epic climax that will help you get started with your day.

# 9 – Another One Bites the Dust by Queen

The ninth song on our 10 Classic Rock Songs To Wake Up To is “Another One Bites the Dust” from Queen’s The Game album. The track was released in 1980. The song is about a person surviving difficult times. Queen talks about a man struggling through difficult times. The man deals with tough experiences to survive in life. He won’t let adversity hold him down. He wants to fight back against his struggles. Life is like a rollercoaster so people need to be able to handle what’s coming their way.

“Another One Bites the Dust” is a motivational song about getting up and trying again. Queen doesn’t want people to stay down. They want people to realize there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. This song is a reminder that we all have strength inside of ourselves that will help us survive. The song is energetic and just what you need to wake you up in the morning. It will get you out of your bed and may have you dancing. The drumbeat is catchy enough to wake you up. If the music doesn’t grab your attention, Freddie Mercury’s powerful vocals will wake you up. It might work better than a cup of coffee. The lyrics will pump you up to help you face another day.

# 8 – Start Me Up by The Rolling Stones

Our eighth pick is “Start Me Up.” It appears on the Rolling Stones’ Tattoo You album. The song came out in August 1981. The song is about being in love. He’s in love with a woman and wants to be with her. He’s willing to do anything to be with her. He wants to make the relationship last. She has the power to make a grown man cry. They need each other to grow. He is ready to explore the world with her. He wants her to initiate their intimate moments together. The man compares himself to a machine that needs to be started up and she’s the one that can do it. As soon as she gets him going, he won’t be able to stop.

“Start Me Up” is a passionate song about a man who wants his woman to take charge in their relationship. He wants her to get their party started and he will keep it going. The lyrics will speak to you if you are in a passionate relationship. If you’re not in a passionate relationship, it will make you want to be in one. The music is booming and exactly what you need to wake up. It will get you out of your sleep if you are a deep sleeper. The pounding rhythm of the guitars will wake you up if you’re not ready to wake up. Mick Jagger’s energy is infectious. It will have you out the door. If you are dragging your feet, this song will wake you up. They wrote a memorable chorus that you will be singing while you’re on the go. You won’t be able to resist smiling while you’re listening to the song. You might find yourself dancing along and that will get you up.

# 7 – Time by Pink Floyd

Coming in seventh place is “Time” from Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon album. The single was released in February 1974. “Time” is self-explanatory. The band focuses on the importance of making the most of the “time” you have to do what you want. “Time” slips away so it’s important to make the most of it. You should do the things that you want to do before it’s too late to do them. Pink Floyd talks about the opportunities that are missed because of the “time” that is wasted. “Time” is precious and it’s important to utilize it before it’s gone.

“Time” is an alluring song about “time” being precious and how it’s important not to waste it. Pink Floyd teaches you that you will regret it if you don’t use your “time” wisely. This is a song that has a message that’s just as important today as it was in the 70s. This song can be used as your alarm to remind you to get up so you won’t waste your day. Pink Floyd knew what they were doing when they recorded this song. They start the song with clocks going off which may help you wake up in the morning. The clocks are very loud so you can’t help noticing the way it starts. This track should encourage you to want to get up to start your day. This is a rock song that you won’t want to sleep through because of the message as well as the song itself.

# 6 – Rock and Roll All Nite by Kiss

“Rock and Roll All Nite” appears on their Dressed to Kill and Alive! Albums. The song came out in April 1975. This is another self-explanatory song. It’s about celebrating life and embracing the rock and roll lifestyle. Kiss wants everyone to put their problems to the side and party. They want you to let go of your inhibitions and have fun. Freedom is common in rock and roll music. They want people to live life to the fullest. People should live life on their own terms. They don’t want people to conform to what society considers normal. You should do what you want to do.

“Rock and Roll All Night” is a straightforward song about living life to the fullest. Kiss wants listeners to live their lives by their own rules. They want people to live like rock stars. The song teaches listeners to embrace freedom and enjoy life. They want people to know that rock and roll connects people. Rock and roll music can bridge the gap and bring people together from across the world. Kiss talks about partying all night, but this is a good song to wake up to because it makes you want to dance and shout. It will make you want to party in the morning. If you are in a partying mood, it may set the tone for the rest of the day. The song may help you forget about your troubles and focus on the day ahead.

# 5 – Whole Lotta Love by Led Zeppelin

The next song on our 10 Classic Rock Songs To Wake Up To list is “Whole Lotta Love” from Led Zeppelin’s Led Zeppelin II album. The song is about a man who wants to be in a relationship. He wants to make a passionate connection with someone. He is willing to do anything to express his love. He wants to receive the same type of love. As the song progresses, the band talks about the physical side of love. The physical side of love can be powerful. She turns him on, and he wants to be with her. He promises to please the woman he loves.

“Whole Lotta Love” is a sensual song about a man who wants to make a physical connection to someone. It depicts the message that love is worth fighting for when you really want it. Led Zeppelin lets you know that love is powerful and worth having in your life. This is the type of track that you would want to wake up to with your lover beside you. It may inspire you to give in to your passion. The song features arguably one of the best guitar riffs in rock history and you will want to wake up to hear it. The song has a feel-good vibe that will put you in a good mood for the day.

# 4 – Walking on Sunshine by Katrina and the Waves

“Walking on Sunshine” is on Katrina and the Waves album of the same name. The song came out in April 1985. “Walking on Sunshine” is about a woman who is in love. She is happy in her relationship. She gets excited when she thinks about him. The sun is shining brighter because she’s in love and happy. Life is good for her. Love is worth waiting for. She wants to let the world know that she is happy.

“Walking on Sunshine” is a celebratory song about love and happiness. It conveys the excitement of being in a loving relationship. We are all happy when we’re in a loving relationship. Everything feels right with the world when we’re happy and in love. It’s a feel-good anthem about being happy about life. The lyrics are universal because they could pertain to loving life. As long as something gives you a reason to smile, this song will resonate with you. The music is upbeat and energetic.

It’s impossible to resist this when you hear the music. It will automatically make you happy. This is a great song to wake up to because it will help put a smile on your face. It may help jumpstart your day and put you in a good mood. You may feel like you’re “walking on sunshine.” If you like dancing in the morning, the song will get you out of bed. It’s hard to be in a bad mood when you are listening to a song like this one.

# 3 – Here Comes the Sun by the Beatles

Coming in at number three is “Here Comes the Sun” from the Beatles Abbey Road album. The song was released in September 1969. The song is about a person who finds hope after a difficult period in life. He felt darkness and despair. He had an epiphany that a new day was coming. His winter has been long and lonely but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. A smile is starting to return to his face and the ice is slowly melting. Things get better with each passing day. He believes everything will turn out right in the end.

“Here Comes the Sun” is an optimistic song about things getting better in life. Things look better when the sun comes up. The song is a reminder that life is precious even during dark times. If you are going through tough times, this song is a pick-me-up to help you feel better. The song was recorded in the 60s, but the message is still relevant today. This song is perfect to wake up to even if you are in a bad mood. If you want to wake up in a happy mood, this song is just what you need to make you happy. Even if you are not looking forward to the next day, this song will put you in an optimistic mood. George Harrison’s soothing vocals will make you smile. Listening to this song is an excellent way to wake up and start your day.

# 2 – Mr. Blue Sky by ELO

In second place on our list is “Mr. Blue Sky” and appears on ELO’s Out of the Blue albums. The song came out in 1978. The song is about finding joy during tough times. ELO talks about a man who is hopeful that the day will be better. He looks to the sky for a sign of hope and optimism. He wonders why he was going through tough times for so long. He questions what he did wrong. He is hopeful that the sky will give him the good day he is hopeful for.

“Mr. Blue Sky” is an optimistic song about finding hope through tough times. The song is a reminder that no matter what you’re going through in life the blue sky is always there. The song may renew your faith that better days are coming. When we are facing tough times we need a song that will restore our faith that life will get better. “Mr. Blue Sky” is a song that does just that. The cheerful lyrics will convince you that better days are coming. This is a great song to wake up to when you are going through obstacles. It will remind you that a new day is coming. When you look up at the sky you know that life has a chance to get better for you. The blue sky is a sign that things will be okay. You can wake up to ELO’s magical song to get your day off to a good start.

# 1 – Back in Black by AC/DC

The number one song on our 10 Classic Rock Songs To Wake Up To list is “Back in Black” and appears on AC/DC’s album of the same name. The song was released in 1980. The song is about a man rebounding from a difficult period. He may be going through tough times, but he will get through them. He will come back stronger than ever. He refuses to let anyone or anything beat him. He is ready to start anew. No matter how bad things look he is determined to make a comeback.

“Back in Black” is a timeless song with a deep message. It’s a message not to let tough times bring you down. When times are tough things will get better. You can come back stronger than ever. This is a comeback song if you have been knocked down by life. AC/DC recorded a powerful song that lets listeners know that tough times don’t last long. There’s always hope that things will get better. No matter how low you feel you can make a comeback. This is a fantastic song to wake up when you are feeling pumped about your day. When you hear it you will be ready to tackle anything. The song will make you feel energetic and optimistic. The more you hear the song the more you will convince yourself that better days are coming. As soon as you hear the opening guitar riffs, you will be ready to get up and enjoy your day. If the music doesn’t wake you up, Brian Johnson’s strong vocals will get you out of bed.

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