Top 10 Amanda Marshall Songs

Amanda Marshall Songs

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Our Top 10 Amanda Marshall songs list presents the best Amanda Marshall songs like “Let it Rain,” “Birmingham” “Believe in You” and more. Even if we don’t count those well-known hits, there are plenty of musical offerings from this talented Canadian singer. She was born in Toronto on August 29, 1972 as an only-child of a Canadian father and a Trinidad-born mother. Marshall has long described herself as being “the product of an interracial marriage” and has even reflected on this in some of her songs, such as “Shades of Grey.” No, that song doesn’t make our top ten list, but it still is an illustration of how Marshall puts her soul and personal experience into her music. Either way, her experience has led to a rich tapestry of music that we all can enjoy.

Even during her childhood, Marshall had long been interested in becoming a musical performer. She studied it extensively, even becoming a student at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto. She would eventually become a regular performer at the Queen Street West bar, and that is where she met guitarist Jeff Healey, who had ten Canadian chart-topping singles and one top-five single in the United States. He was so impressed with her musical abilities that he would invite her to go on tour with him for a long period of time.

As early as 1991, Marshall had signed a contract with Metalblade Records, but it wasn’t long before both parties realized this wasn’t a good fit and they parted. No matter, because Amanda did not let this roadblock get in her way. She signed a contract with Epic Records in 1994 and quickly became a contributor to Neil Young’s album Borrowed Tunes: A Tribute to Neil Young. This led to her debut album, the self-titled Amanda Marshall being released in 1995, leading us to this special top-ten list.

#10 – This Could Take All Night

This song was one of the notable examples on Amanda Marshall’s self-titled debut, and it is most well-known for appearing in the 1996 film Tin Cup, about a golf prodigy who owns a driving range, falls in love, and comes in second as an underdog at the U.S. Open. “This Could Take All Night” had a popular music video that was interspersed between scenes where Kevin Costner and Rene Russo were interacting in the movie. Interestingly enough, this piece was written by Steve Dorff and Linda Thompson.

Dorff is actually most notable for his work in country music, crafting hits for artists such as Anne Murray, Lee Greenwood, Kenny Rogers, and Eddie Rabbit. He also crafted some of the original musical score for the TV show Growing Pains. Linda Thompson has also written songs for the Backstreet Boys, Air Supply, Barbara Streisand, and even Elvis.

#9 – Sitting On Top Of The World

“Sitting On Top Of The World,” was a song where Amanda collaborated with David Tyson to have it written. This was one of the first of many collaborations she would have with producer David Tyson, who is usually credited with helping to write Marshall’s song “Dark Horse.” “Sitting On Top Of The World,” is normally played at 115 beats per minute, similar in tempo to well-known pop tunes such as Europe’s “The Final Countdown,” Sister Sledge’s “We Are Family,” and Rick Astley’s “Together Forever.”

#8 – Sunday Morning After

“Sunday Morning After,” was written by Marvin O. Leonard Jr., Willaim Hort Mann, Peter Asher, and Amanda Marshall. It was first showcased on her third album, “Everybody’s Got a Story” in 2001. The song also made an appearance on 2003’s “Platinum Hits.” The song’s music video was nominated for IHeartRadio’s Much Music Video Award. It was definitely one of those prototypical hangover songs where the protagonist partied a bit harder than she should have, but Marshall made it all her own and put her own flair on it.

#7 – Love Lift Me

“Love Lift Me,” was an effort that was released on her second album, Tuesday’s Child, and as the title would indicate, it does have a bit of a spiritual bent to it. It was recorded for Sony Music and Epic Records and it has a very interesting music video associated with it. The scene opens with Marshall performing as a boxer and being given smelling salts while she lays in the ring. Amanda collaborated with songwriters John Bettis, Randy Craig Cantor, and Eric M. Bazilian to produce this single, and it was the beginning of a long partnership between her and Bazilian. Does that name sound familiar? It should, because Eric Bazilian is not just a songwriter but a musical artist in his own right. He is a founding member of the 80’s pop band The Hooters.

#6 – Fall From Grace

Written by Marc Jordan and Kim Bullard, Fall From Grace details a love where someone is hoping for more but time just keeps passing by. It was introduced on Marshall’s debut album, and it charted at a top five designation in Canada along with her other songs “Sitting On Top of the World,” and “Dark Horse.” As an American-born singer and songwriter, Marc Jordan has won several Juno Awards for his productions and has several of his own Canadian hit songs, including “Marina del Rey” and “Survival.” When Kim Bullard is not writing songs, he is playing keyboards for acts such as Elton John and Crosby, Stills, and Nash.

#5 – Beautiful Goodbye

This song was written by David Tyson and Christoper Ward, who collaborated with Marshall on several other songs on her debut album. According to the lyrics, the song tells the story of an individual who is reminiscing on the time they had together and wondering if that person that she still sees from time to time feels the same way about that parting. This song is a sad song, as indicated by its slower tempo of 99 BPM. “Beautiful Goodbye,” is normally played with a G key in a minor mode. Regardless of the low energy of the song, there is a somewhat noticeable beat that makes it a song that can still be danced to. That is because there is a time signature of three beats per bar.

#4 – Dark Horse

“Dark Horse” is absolutely one of Amanda’s better songs, because it peaked on the Pop Singles chart at number five in Canada. The song details a romantic encounter between the protagonist and her boyfriend and discusses how everyone was making fun of them, believing that the relationship would never last. However, Marshall sings that she is betting on “this Dark Horse”, using that as a metaphor for a love that she believes will survive against all odds. The song was also covered by country music singer Mila Manson in 1997 in her debut album That’s Enough of That.

#3 – Believe in You

“Believe in You” was another offering that Amanda collaborated with Eric M. Bazilian to write, and it paints a picture of setting goals. The narrator of the song says that she believes in the person she is speaking to, just like a river that is searching for the ocean or an individual reaching for a ring. It was on the album Touched By An Angel: The Album.

#2 – Birmingham

As we close in on the top spot on our Amanda Marshall songs list we turn to one of her most loved songs entitled “Birmingham.” This sensational song was released on her debut album called Amanda Marshall. The album was released in 1995. The song was composed by Dean McTaggart,  David Tyson, and Gerald O’Brien. “Birmingham,” was Amanda’s only single release to break onto the US Billboard music charts. Nonetheless in her native home of Canada, the song won the Juno Award for Single of the Year.

#1 – Let it Rain

“Let it Rain” is by far the most well-known and popular single by Amanda Marshall. It was released on her debut album, and it was originally recorded by singer-songwriter Kristen Hall for her album Be Careful What You Wish. For in 1994. However, Marshall’s is every bit as popular (if not more so) than Hall’s. Marshall’s version remains the biggest hit she has ever had outside of Canada, reaching number three in Norway!

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