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Chrisette Michele Songs

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Chrisette Michele is a powerhouse when it comes to R&B music. Her music inspires fans. The R&B songstress’ songs touch your heart and soul. Her songs cover the topics of love, pain, and joy in a way that resonates with fans. Chrisette Michele is best known for her soulful and powerful voice. She has an old soul reminiscent of Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald. The richness in her voice sparkles in all her songs. Every song you listen to is a treat. Her hits include “If I Had My Way,” “Epiphany,” “Be OK,” “Blame It on Me,” “All I Ever Think About,” “I’m a Star,” “A Couple of Forevers,” and “Unbreakable.”

Chrisette Michele Payne was born on December 8, 1982. Music runs in her family. Her first cousin is soul singer Raheem DeVaughn. The multi-talented artist lent her vocals on several hip-hop albums. She collaborated with The Game, Jay-Z, Nas, Ghostface Killah, and The Roots. She dazzled fans when she released her album I Am in June 2007. The album spawned the singles “If I Had My Way,” “Best of Me,” “Be OK,” and “Love Is You.” The singles appeared on various Billboard charts. Her hits didn’t stop there. Chrisette Michele’s second album Epiphany was a groundbreaking success that propelled her to new heights, earning her critical acclaim and a loyal fanbase. Epiphany made its debut in May 2009. It includes the singles “Blame It on Me,” “Epiphany (I’m Leaving),” “What You Do,” and “Fragile.”

She demonstrated her staying power by releasing her third album, Let It Reign, in November 2010. This project includes the songs “I’m a Star,” “Goodbye Game,” “I Don’t Know Why, But I Do,” and “So Cool.” In January 2013, she released her fourth album, Better. “Charades” and “A Couple of Forevers” appear on the album. Chrisette Michele continued releasing albums. June 2016 marked the premiere of Milestone, her fifth album. “Steady,” “Unbreakable,” and “Equal” supported the album. The artist’s last album, Out of Control, came out in 2018. The album’s lead single is “Wait.”

Chrisette Michele is an accomplished singer who released several critically acclaimed albums and won multiple awards, yet she remains underappreciated in the music industry. The singer’s talent proves she earns her place in music. Chrisette Michele doesn’t have mainstream success, but her vocals are a hit with fans. Talent like hers comes along once in a lifetime. Our Top 10 Chrisette Michele Songs list focuses on her incredible music.

# 10 – Unbreakable

We start our Top 10 Chrisette Michele Songs list with the powerful single “Unbreakable.” “Unbreakable” appears on her album Milestone. “Unbreakable” premiered in 2016. The emotional track explores resilience and the ability to overcome obstacles. In the first verse, Chrisette Michele chose to love her partner unconditionally. She wants to stay by his side despite the odds against them. People criticize their relationship, but she doesn’t let it bring her down. The couple has an intense and unbreakable bond that transcends the test of time.

The lyrics convey an unlimited commitment to love. Chrisette Michele’s love for her partner knows no limits. “Unbreakable” speaks to the importance of staying honest with your partner despite negativity from others. Negativity often ruins relationships if you let it. The song teaches listeners to hold on to their relationships instead of listening to others. It has become an anthem for anyone who faces negativity in their relationships. Chrisette Michele’s soul-stirring voice captures the essence of strength and resilience. Her song convinces you to fight for your love. She stepped out of her comfort zone with this track. The sound is fresh and youthful. It features an R&B and pop sound that makes perfect dance music. Chrisette Michele usually records songs with an older sound. “Unbreakable” allows her to embrace her youthful side and have fun.

# 9 – All I Ever Think About

“All I Ever Think About” appears at number nine on our Top 10 Chrisette Michele’s Songs list. It’s part of the Epiphany album. A compelling song was released in 2010, leaving a lasting impression on listeners. The emotionally driven song tells a story about a complicated relationship. He consumes her thoughts day and night. They constantly argue but always fix it. Even though they fight, they don’t want to call it quits. The fear of losing him terrifies her. She has never loved anyone the way she loves him. They want to do whatever it takes to make their relationship last forever.

It delves into an overwhelming feeling of love. The lyrics explore a deep longing for her man even though they faced obstacles in their relationship. Their tumultuous relationship has seen better days, but their determination inspires them to make it work. Fans resonate with this song because they’ve gone through the same thing with their relationships. The heartfelt lyrics delve into the love and pain involved in a fiery relationship. With her soulful vocals, Chrisette Michele convinces listeners that she loves her man no matter what they go through. This song is perfect to listen to with the love of your life. This track is ideal for those whose relationships are full of twists and turns. Her vocals sparkle like diamonds throughout the song. We like how she takes her time telling this story. She channels Billie Holiday with her jazzy vocals. Stacking her vocals adds to the enjoyment of the song.

# 8 – I’m a Star

“I’m a Star” slides in at number eight on our list. “I’m a Star” is the lead single from the album Let Freedom Reign. Fans got a chance to enjoy this track when it premiered in 2010. This inspirational song describes Chrisette Michele’s journey of empowerment. She experienced various obstacles throughout her life. These obstacles turned her into the strong woman we see today. Her determination to stay true to herself is admirable. Our songbird chooses to rise above negativity instead of succumbing to it. Determination and resiliency guided her to push forward.

The powerful song speaks about self-affirmation and resiliency. Everyone has a right to shine and achieve their goals. “I’m a Star” brings out the star in all of us. This motivational tune inspires listeners to uplift themselves when times are tough. Chrisette Michele encourages fans to pursue their passions without fear. She wants fans to take charge of their lives and make their dreams come true. This celebratory song resonates with people who need a boost of confidence. Fans enjoy songs with messages of hope. Did Christette Michele own a crystal ball when she recorded this track? The timeless lyrics work today as they did in 2010. Chrisette Michele’s vocals prove that she’s a star. The title is an accurate description of the singer. Her confidence shines through her vocals. She doesn’t lack confidence in this energetic banger. The combination of her old-school soul and new-school sound is what the doctor ordered.

# 7 – Blame It on Me

You can’t blame us for our seventh pick. “Blame It on Me” is the second track on the Epiphany album. The song amazed fans in May 2009. This track depicts a relationship that no longer works. “Blame It on Me” tackles heartbreak and accountability. Relationships don’t always work the way we want them to. Love is not always enough to prevent a breakup. Saying goodbye to someone you love is never easy, but sometimes it’s the only option. It breaks her heart knowing the love they once shared deteriorated. The singer accepts blame for her role in the breakup. She doesn’t care what he says about her as long as he says goodbye.

The reflective song emphasizes taking accountability for your actions. Chrisette Michele encourages listeners to know when to let go of someone. Happiness outweighs misery. Relationships are pointless when you are not happy. This song illustrates the strength of accepting blame for one’s actions. The lyrics make you think about your breaking point. When is it time to throw in the towel? How long do you stay before you walk away? Chrisette Michele answers these questions. “Blame It on Me” is arguably her most poignant song. She expresses vulnerability and self-empowerment. It takes strength to walk away from a relationship when love is involved. We love Chrisette Michele’s silky vocals in this song. She bares her soul as she expresses her desire to end the relationship. Her vocals shimmer against the rhythmic music. The slinky music is soft and melodic. It’s superb for relaxing after a stressful day. If you’re looking for a song that helps you cope with a breakup, this song is for you.

# 6 – Best of Me

Our sixth place pick is “Best of Me.” It appears on the album I Am. The showstopper made its debut in 2007. The dramatic song depicts a woman confronting her ex when she sees him with another woman. Although he still has feelings for her, he has moved on to a committed relationship. She gets the shock of her life when she notices the ring on the other woman’s finger. Her feelings for him disappeared when she realized he moved on with someone else. She is determined to move on with her life. Her breakup was a catalyst for her to discover her true self.

“Best of Me” describes coming to terms with the end of a relationship. Seeing your ex with their next motivates people to change. This opportunity will help you grow as a person. “Best of Me” enables you to discover your self-worth. Self-worth and self-love are essential when you want to grow as a person. The sentimental lyrics exert confidence in yourself. You embrace these when your ex breaks your heart by moving on with someone new. Chrisette Michele and Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds created a masterpiece when they wrote this song. They made a great team. The music’s crisp vibe gives the song a breezy sound. It features a hint of Babyface’s musical style. When the finger snaps start, you know it’s a Babyface jam. Her breathtaking vocals defy her age. If you close your eyes, it sounds like an older woman is singing.

# 5 – A Couple of Forevers

Her single “A Couple of Forevers” from the album Better takes the fifth spoton our Top 10 Chrisette Michele Songs list. The song was released in June 2013 and is the album’s second single. This heartwarming ballad delves into a deep and meaningful relationship. It explores the idea of an everlasting love that has withstood the test of time. She loves her man and wants to be with him forever. The couple faced difficult times, but nothing could stop them from being together. Their love got tested, but determination kept them from breaking up. They are a match made in heaven. Nothing can tear them apart.

This enchanting tune portrays a love that survived through difficult times. Their unwavering love for each other helped them overcome any hardships they faced. Together, they make their relationship work. This togetherness reinforces the notion that love withstands the test of time. It’s for anyone in a relationship who wants to celebrate their unbreakable bond. The lyrics highlight the willingness to overcome anything that comes your way. Chrisette Michele wrote an enchanting song that could melt the hearts of R&B lovers. This song convinces listeners that true love exists. Speaking of love, we love Chrisette Michele’s outstanding vocal interpretation of this song. Her tender vocals are sweet and pure. You can’t help smiling while listening to her. She sounds like she’s in love, and we’re happy for her. Fans can use this song as an inspiration to make their relationship last forever. This romantic anthem works as a wedding song.

# 4 – Be OK – ft. will.i.am

“Be OK” is featured on the debut album I Am. We were introduced to the artist when this third song debuted in December 2007. The sentimental song is about moving on from a breakup. She is determined to move on with her life. It’s a struggle for her to convince herself that she doesn’t care about her boyfriend moving on with his life. She musters the strength to wish nothing but the best for him. Her heart can’t take the pain anymore, so she decides to move on with her life. The singer’s mantra to move on gets her through her dark days. Even though she is going through tough times, she keeps her head up.

“Be OK” is an exquisite song about perseverance. Moving on from heartbreak is difficult. She addresses it throughout the song. It’s natural to feel heartbroken about the breakup. Most people cry when their relationships end. Chrisette Michele reminds listeners that life moves on and you will be fine. We love the message behind the song. It expresses love and positivity. The song is a mantra to remind yourself that everything will be good. We must take care of ourselves to ensure that we will make it. The inspirational lyrics touched the hearts of fans. If you feel down, her positivity brings you up. The engaging music invites fans to the dance floor. The horn section and drums sizzle like flames shooting in the sky. “Be OK” samples Bob Marley and the Wailers’ track “Could You Be Loved.” The sample deserves the assist for making the beat sound catchy. Her inviting vocals are an integral part of this song. We can’t finish it without mentioning them. She makes you want to sing along with her.

# 3 – What You Do – ft. Ne-Yo

Coming in at number three on our list is “What You Do.” It’s the third single on the Epiphany album. The well-received song came out in 2009. This song emphasizes that actions speak louder than words in relationships. Her man disappointed her numerous times with his empty promises and declarations of love. His words speak louder than his actions. She wants him to show his love for her with tangible actions instead of meaningless words. His empty apologies are useless and ineffective. She no longer accepts his pattern of messing up and apologizing. It’s time for him to demonstrate his love for her.

The bitter anthem conveys the message of a frustrated woman. She won’t deal with his contradictory words anymore. The singer demands that he prove his love for her. Fake apologies and declarations of love are no longer accepted. This anthem illustrates how frustrating it is to deal with a person who won’t change. These anthems are familiar territory with Chrisette Michele. She knows the right words to describe a toxic relationship. This fan favorite resonates with anyone dealing with relationship issues. It’s tiresome to go through the same pattern every day.

Chrisette Michele encourages listeners to stand up for themselves and take control of what they want. The universal lyrics appeal to female and male fans. Playing this song may give you the strength to stand up to a disrespectful partner. Chrisette Michele’s sassy and fierce vocals blow your mind. You may find yourself nodding in agreement with everything she says. The spectacular music is infectious and impossible to hear without bopping your head. You must check your pulse if you refuse to clap along with the beat. Chrisette Michele and Ne-Yo work well together. Their voices blend fantastically throughout the song.

# 2 – Epiphany (I’m Leaving)

“Epiphany (I’m Leaving)” reached number two on our list. It is the lead single from the album of the same name. The hit song made its debut in January 2009. This profound song explores personal growth and self-discovery. Chrisette Michele’s music takes listeners on an emotional roller coaster as she guides them through the tumultuous journey of a person who has finally had enough in her relationship. She has concluded that it’s time for a change. Toxicity in a relationship is emotionally draining. She is tired of being taken for granted and disrespected. If her man doesn’t do the right thing, she’s leaving him.

The single is a wake-up call to get your act together. Everyone has a breaking point. “Epiphany (I’m Leaving)” inspires listeners to acknowledge their self-worth. She wants fans to take a stand against disrespect. She wants listeners to recognize their self-worth and understand when to move on from a relationship. We applaud Chrisette Michele for sharing this message with us. It’s hard for some people to know when to move on in a relationship. This song is the pep talk you need to move forward with your life. Chrisette Michele writes anthems that appeal to fans because the stories are realistic. Her anthems are therapeutic for people in similar situations. The singer’s magnificent vocals make singing look effortless. Her vocal ability knows no boundaries. The singer’s vocals take you on a rollercoaster ride. Her outstanding vocals are versatile because she sings in numerous pitches. Every pitch is pleasant on the ears. The song makes a lasting impression because it’s unforgettable.

# 1 – If I Had My Way

The number one song on our Top 10 Chrisette Michele Songs list is “If I Had My Way.” The single appears on her debut album, I Am. Her first single came out in May 2007. This vulnerable ballad tells a story about a woman who wants a physical relationship with her boyfriend. The attraction she feels for him is overwhelming. He ignites sparks in her that no one else has done before. His kisses take her to heights unknown. They promised to wait until the right time to be intimate, but temptation took over. She loves him and wants to be with him forever.

“If I Had My Way” is a sensual ballad that shows off her sexy side. It portrays a woman who longs to be intimate with her boyfriend. The passionate song explores how hard it is to resist being intimate with someone you’re attracted to. Chrisette Michele delivers with this electrifying song. She creates a vivid picture of temptation. This song speaks to anyone who wants a physical relationship with their partner. She pours her heart and soul into the lyrics. Her vocals sparkle throughout the track. Her smooth vocal delivery fits effortlessly with the vibe of the song. The artist sings the track as if it wasn’t her debut single. She hits all the right notes in the song. “If I Had My Way” features bedroom music that sets the mood for lovemaking. Fans of R&B music won’t be disappointed with this song. If you aren’t a fan of Chrisette Michele, you need to check this song out. Your opinion will change once you.

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