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Our Top 10 Songs By The Game list looks at a brilliant rapper, songwriter and producer. The Game was discovered by rapper and producer Dr. Dre. The Game was a member of the group G-Unit until he got into it with rapper 50 Cent. He rose to fame with his debut album The Documentary. He was one of the artists responsible for bringing back West Coast hip-hip into the mainstream. He was a major competitor with the East Coast hip-hop artists. He has at least seven number one albums on the Billboard charts. Some of his hit singles include “How We Do,” “Hate It or Love It,” “Westside Story,” “Dreams,” “Put You on the Game,” “Let’s Ride,” “Wouldn’t Get Far,” “as well as others.

Jayceon Terrell Taylor was born November 29, 1979. Before he became a rapper, he studied different rap albums so he could develop a strategy to turn into a rapper. He got his stage name from his grandmother who was a fan of the movie The Game. He released a mixtape with his brother called You Know What It Is Vol. 1 in 2002. He signed a record deal at the independent label Get Low Recordz. P. Diddy received his mixtape and was ready to sign him. Five months later, Dr. Dre discovered him and signed him to his label Aftermath Entertainment in 2003. In 2003, Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre wanted The Game to work with 50 Cent and G-Unit to help push him as an artist. He went on to appear in different videos with 50 Cent, Llyod Banks, Young Buck and Fabolous.

The Game released The Documentary in January 2005. It peaked at number one on numerous charts. It features the singles “West Side Story,” “How We Do,” “Hate It or Love It,” “Higher,” “Dreams” and “Put You on the Game.” The album sold over two million copies. Doctor’s Advocate came out in November 2006. It was number one on several charts. It features the songs “It’s Okay (One Blood),” “Let’s Ride” and “Wouldn’t Get Far.” The album went gold. LAX was released in August 2008 and peaked at number two on the Billboard 200 charts and number one on the other charts. It features the singles “Game’s Pain,” “My Life” and “Camera Phone.” The album went gold.

The R.E.D. Album was released in August 2011. It debuted at number one on several charts. It features the singles “Red Nation” and “Pot of Gold.” Jesus Piece dropped in December 2012. It peaked at number six on the Billboard 200 charts and number one on the R&B/Hip-Hop charts. It features the singles “Celebrations” and “All That (Lady).” The Documentary 2 was released in October 2015. It peaked at number two on the Billboard 200 charts and number one on the other charts. It features the single “100.” The Documentary 2.5 was released in October 2015. The album peaked at number six on the Billboard 200 charts and number two on the R&B/Hip-Hop charts. It features the single “El Chapo.” The Game released other albums and mixtapes.

The Game is a talented rapper who had a rough beginning when he was a hustler. He turned his life around and made a name for himself in music. His music is real and reaches out to his fans. He helped shape West Coast hip-hop music. Our Top 10 Songs By The Game list shines a spotlight on the talented rapper.

# 10 – Ryda ft. Dej Loaf

The 10th song on our Top 10 Songs By The Game list is “Ryda.” The non-album single was released in April 2015. The song is about a couple who are loyal to each other. He wants to give her everything she desires. He wants to take care of her. The Game wants to give her the keys to his car and his house. They see each other as a modern-day Bonnie and Clyde. In verse two, Dej Loaf talks about being his ride-or-die. She will be there for him when things are rough. She will have his back. She loved him when he was nothing and will continue to love him. She will always give her all to him. As the song continues, they reassure each other that they will be there for each other.

“Ryda” is a tribute to a couple who are willing to be there for each other. They will have each other’s backs no matter what happens. “Ryda” teaches you about loyalty and devotion to the person you love. We all want someone who will stick by us through thick and thin. We want to be loved by someone unconditionally. When the world is against you it’s nice to have someone who will have your back.

The music is cool and energetic. It makes you want to get on the dance floor with the person you love. The Game’s rhymes are on fire. He doesn’t hold back when he expresses his love for the woman in his life. Dej Loaf was able to keep up with The Game. Her rhymes are fire too. She’s a brilliant rapper and singer. She needs to get more attention because she is fierce. The Game picked an excellent person to record this song with because they worked well together.

# 9 – Celebration ft. Chris Brown, Tyga, Wiz Khalifa and Lil Wayne

The ninth song on our Top 10 Songs By The Game list is “Celebration” from the Jesus Piece album. It came out in September 2012. It’s about partying and having a good time. Life is too short so everyone should live in the moment and enjoy life to its fullest. The Game talks about his success. He has everything he needs in life. He leads a lavish lifestyle with his friends. He talks about the things he can buy. He talks about being able to party with different women.

“Celebration” is a song about embracing life. The Game and company want the listeners to have fun and enjoy themselves. This song is about escapism because life is too short to stress out over things. This song is appropriate because of the things that are going on in the world today. We all need to escape what’s stressing us out in our daily lives. The song is easy to dance to because of the beat and the rhythm.

The song features a sample of Kool & the Gang’s “Celebration.” It’s not an obvious sample so you might not notice it. All the artists on this track did their thing for this song. It could have suffered from overcrowding because there are five people in it, but the artists are evenly spaced out throughout the song. Everyone gets a chance to shine on this track. The Game allowed the other artists equal mic time and we respect that.

# 8 – 100 ft. Drake

The eighth song on our Top 10 Songs By The Game list is “100” and appears on The Documentary 2 album. It came out in June 2015. The song touches on loyalty and betrayal in the rap industry as well as personal relationships. The song opens with The Game talking about the issues he faces as a successful rapper. He believes people may try to set him up or hurt him because they are jealous of him.

He talks about the rivalries between different rappers and what they went through when they became famous. He intimates that you must take risks when you’re famous and successful. He protects himself as well as his crew. The Game and Drake stress the importance of being real in their relationships. They want people to be real with them when times are good and bad. They want people to keep it “100” with them.

“100” is an introspective song about people being real and loyal. There are so many people who are willing to betray you when you are on top. The song has a deeper meaning than just boasting about being successful rappers. They give you an inside look on how and why people aren’t loyal to you. The Game and Drake want to put a spotlight on fake people. The song is a reminder to be careful who you trust when you’re on top because everyone isn’t your friend.

People will try to hurt you to keep you from succeeding. Everyone won’t be able to relate to being in the rap industry, but we can understand their dilemma when it concerns loyalty. They want people to be “100” with them the same way we do. The Game’s rhymes are fantastic. He keeps you engaged as he tells the story. Drake’s vibe is laidback and is the perfect contrast to The Game’s fast paced rhyming.

# 7 – Pot of Gold ft. Chris Brown

The seventh song on our list is “Pot of Gold” from The R.E.D. Album. It was released in June 2011. The song is about searching for something valuable in your life. The song opens with The Game talking about the bad things that happened in his life. He reflects on losing his friends and his struggle to find inner peace. He talks about fame and success being a cold and unforgiving world. He struggles with doing the right thing and trying to stay true to himself. Haters and critics make it hard to do this. Throughout the song the message is about longing for simplicity and peace in your life.

“Pot of Gold” is a reflective song about the priorities in your life. This song gives The Game gets a chance to open up about the personal struggles he faced throughout his life. The Game wants his listeners to know that you can triumph over tragedy. The lyrics are heartfelt and will connect with listeners. The lyrics will have you feel emotional and reflect on your own personal struggles and how you overcame them. We applaud The Game for allowing listeners to know about his struggles.

He didn’t make the song melancholy. He gives you hope that you will overcome your obstacles. It has a powerful message about resiliency. The rapper keeps the music soft and simple which coincides with the theme. The song has great crossover appeal because it’s radio friendly. The song will have you sympathizing with The Game’s story. Chris Brown is along for the ride and sings the breezy and infectious chorus. He will have you singing along with the chorus.

# 6 – My Life ft. Lil Wayne

“My Life” appears on the LAX album. The song was released in July 2008. The song is about the hardships of growing up in an urban area. The song starts with The Game talking about his anger towards people who try to tear him down. He uses Tupac and Biggie as examples to support his story. He goes into detail about what happened to them and how their lives were cut short. He talks about wanting to be taken away from the hood by any means necessary.

The Game discusses the violence that goes on in his neighborhood. He feels as if he’s in a world where he doesn’t belong. The rapper doesn’t believe in Jessie Jackson’s civil rights’ message because his problems are beyond race. He talks about his life and being raised by a single mother. His sons are the reason why he keeps going. The song concludes with The Game talking about losing his friends and loved ones. Despite his losses, he pushes himself to keep his head up.

“My Life” is a personal reflection on the challenges of growing up in the inner city. The song goes into detail about the hardships that people face in the inner city. The song isn’t just about struggling and loss. It has a message of hope that you can keep your head up during hard times. It’s important to persevere to overcome your struggles. This song is for anyone who feels lost while living in the inner city. You didn’t have to grow up in an urban area to empathize with The Game and Lil Wayne.

We enjoy the fact that The Game gives listeners an inside look of what he has gone through in the past. He doesn’t try to sugarcoat what happened in his life. He’s not afraid to tell his story. He could have easily stuck with the struggles and hardships he faced, instead he chose to put a positive spin on a negative situation. It makes his music authentic. The song will make you feel emotional. This is a song that will never get old.

# 5 – Dreams

The next song on our Top 10 Songs By The Game list is “Dreams” from The Documentary album. The song was released in June 2005. The Game reflects on his life and the journey he went through to be where he is today. He thinks about his childhood. He talks about the fantasies he used to dream about when he was a kid. He always wanted to be a successful hip-hop artist.

The Game talks about how he was a good student despite the things he was going through in his life. He endured a lot of setbacks and disappointments in the music industry. He goes into detail about the rejection he faced when he tried to become a rapper. Even though he faced rejection, he kept chasing his dream until he got a record deal.

“Dreams” is an inspirational song about triumph despite the struggles you face. The Game used real life stories to emphasize the struggle he faced growing up. We admire The Game for being able to persevere despite his struggles. He gave us an invitation into his life. His story is an inspiration to anyone growing up in a similar lifestyle to him. It’s a reminder that no matter what you’ve gone through you can still succeed.

You shouldn’t let your struggles keep you from achieving your goals. Everyone can achieve their goals if they stay committed to it. The Game wants listeners to know that you shouldn’t stray away from the hard work that comes with achieving success. We love his message of perseverance. He makes it possible to believe that your “dreams” can come true. The somber music sets the tone for the timeless track.

#4 – Game’s Pain ft. Keyshia Cole

“Game’s Pain” is from the LAX album. The single was released in April 2008. The Game is paying tribute to hip-hop music and how it influenced his career. He talks about paying his dues and wants everyone to know that he appreciates the rap pioneers who paved the way for him to become successful. The Game talks about the hard work it took to create hip-hop music.

Hip-Hop music influenced The Game’s life when he was a kid. He loved West Coast rap. He talks about different rappers throughout the song. In verse two, he celebrates gangsta rap’s impact on culture. He emphasizes how it became a way of life for many people. In the third verse, The Game talks about his success and how he achieved his goals through hard work and dedication.

“Game’s Pain” is a celebratory song about the people who paved the way for his career. He wants to pay tribute to the rappers by acknowledging their hard work and determination. It’s a good idea for The Game to acknowledge the people who came before him. It lets listeners know that he appreciates other artists. There are other artists who like to talk about being the best on the mic so it’s refreshing to hear someone praise other rappers.

Some new artists don’t pay respect to the people who came before them. He didn’t go the route of boasting about his lifestyle and that was an excellent decision on his part. Keyshia Cole provides the chorus to the song. She pays homage to the artists who came before her as well. She pours her heart out when she sings about the people who made it possible for her to be a singer. The Game and Keyshia Cole are magical together. His flow is easy to follow. He slows down his rhyming so you can understand everything he says. Keyshia Cole sounds soulful on the song.

# 3 – Wouldn’t Get Far ft. Kanye West

Coming in at number three on our list is “Wouldn’t Get Far” and it appears on the Devil’s Advocate album. The single was released in January 2007. This is a diss track to video vixens and actresses who use unethical ways to get into the industry. The Game goes off on women who have used their bodies to become famous. He doesn’t think these women would be successful on their own. They have to rely on their bodies to become famous. He called out different people who were rumored to be intimate with each other. He believes it helped them elevate their careers.

The Game feels like the women wouldn’t have gotten far if they were intimate with rap stars. He wants women to use their own merit in order to be successful. Kanye West talks about the women he’s been intimate with in the past. He questions whether the women would be rappers if they weren’t famous. He takes jabs at women who only want to be with successful men.

“Wouldn’t Get Far” is a dramatic song about women who don’t use their skills to get ahead. The Game and Kanye West don’t hold back on how they feel about this subject. They don’t have respect for women who use their bodies to become famous. They also don’t respect women who only date successful men. The message they are trying to convey is that these women wouldn’t be famous if it weren’t for them being intimate with rappers.

We are here for them naming names about the women they are referring to in the song. They could have taken the easy way out and not mention names. They chose to be bold and single people out. We are here for the drama. It might be a shock to hear the names they use for the song. It may seem like The Game and Kanye West are bashing women, but they want them to use their minds to get ahead instead of their bodies. The song isn’t just a diss track. It will make you think about what women will do to make it in the music business. They may have you looking at the women they singled out differently.

# 2 – How We Do ft. 50 Cent

“How We Do” appears on The Documentary album. The single was released in November 2004. The song is about living a lavish lifestyle and having a good time. The song opens with The Game talking about his past and how he overcame obstacles to become famous. He talks about his love for lavish things. The rapper wasn’t proud of the things he did in the past, but now he’s living his best life.

In the second verse, 50 Cent talks about his lavish lifestyle. He discusses being proud of his past and how he became successful despite his past. He doesn’t care about how people feel about him as long as he’s rich and successful. In the third verse, The Game and 50 Cent celebrate their success as well as getting the women they want.

“How We Do” is a party anthem that celebrates The Game and 50 Cent’s success and lifestyles. They want people to live their best lives. The rappers weren’t concerned with writing a meaningful song. Their focus was to convey the message of living your best life. They want fans to enjoy themselves while dancing to the song.

The upbeat song will get the party started. The beat is irresistible, and you will find yourself moving to it. The music is just as good as the lyrics. Once the beat drops you will be hooked to it. They rapped in time with the beat and that made their verses stand out. Their rhymes are fire. Their chemistry is off the charts. The Game and 50 Cent combine to make a sensational song. It may remind you of something 50 Cent or G-Unit would have recorded.

# 1 – Hate It or Love It – ft. 50 Cent

The number one song on our Top 10 Songs By The Game list is “Hate It or Love It” from The Documentary album. The hit single was released in January 2005. The song is about rising to the top despite other people trying to tear you down. In the first verse, 50 Cent talks about the way he was brought up. He talks about the drama he went through with his parents. He was confused by his mother’s choice in partners. His father wasn’t in his life growing up. 50 Cent was taught not to like people who snitch. In verse two, The Game boasts about his ability as a rapper. He also talks about his grandmother passing away and how he had to make it on his own. He didn’t have 50 Cent with him. The Game shouts out Dr. Dre and how he helped him.

“Hate It or Love It” depicts the life The Game and 50 Cent faced while growing up. The song delves into their past struggles. They shed light on what it was like for the artists to grow up while struggling. This is another song where you may not be able to relate to, but you can empathize with the story. You don’t have to be in the music industry to understand the struggles they dealt with in the past. What we love about The Game’s songs is that he mixes positivity with negativity. The Game and 50 Cent talk about their struggles growing up, but they were able to overcome them.

They were determined to make it. Listeners can be inspired by this song if they are dealing with haters or struggling to make it. The music is captivating. It will have you out of your seat and on the dance floor. The hook is hypnotic and will stay in your head. The Game and 50 Centcommand you to sing along with them. The rappers’ flows are unstoppable. Their verses are incredible. They tell a story and entertain you. They work well together and make magic happen. They should do more songs together.

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