10 Best Classic Rock First Dance Songs

Classic Rock First Dance Somgs

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How many times have you been to a wedding and felt sick after hearing the couples horrible first dance selection. Your standing in that circle around the soon to be doomed couple (sorry) and all you can think about is that first course that about to be served. Yes, for the most part, couples choose the most horrible first dance songs. How many times have you heard “Unchained Melody,” by the Righteous Brothers, John Legend’s “All of Me,” or ironically Etta James “At Last?” When it comes to first dance songs, couples show the most horrible lack of creativity. Sometimes it’s for fear of what the parents will say, sometimes the groom has no say at all and yes of course sometimes the brides does not want to offend any one.

Playing it safe on the first dance is possibly just a sign of a marriage headed for the boredom mountains. If you’re not going to shake it up for your first dance, what happens five years later. Your wedding is your time to rock out. The first dance sets the stage for all of it. You need to choose wisely and bring an air of creativity to the setting. I have done hundreds of weddings as a musician and I have seen it all. Very few couples choose classic rock songs as their first wedding dance, but those that do, carry a spark that keeps it alive for years. Weddings that I have played that rocked out on the first dance, were some of the most crazy, insane, good time weddings I have ever been a part off. So take our advice and choose a hard rocking song for your first dance. Save the slow numbers for the parent dances. Bands open concerts with some of their best material, you need to do the same. If you can’t think of any classic rock first dance songs, we are here to help. Let us know how it worked out

# 10 –  I Wanna Be Your Dog

Come on, you have to have a sense of humor.


# 9 –  You Really Got Me

This great Van Halen song will get everyone rocking out.

# 8 – Crazy On You

A great Classic Rock First Dance song from the legendary Wilson sisters of Heart.

# 7 – Pour Some Sugar On Me

I have seen this one a few times and it gets everyone crazy. Def Leppard’s “Pour Some Sugar on Me,” is one of the best choices.

# 6 – Sweet Child of Mine

The sound of that opening guitar line from Guns N’ Roses will light up your party instantly.

# 5 –  I Just Want To Make Love To You

As we get closer to our number one spot on our top 10 Classic Rock First Dance Songs list, the songs get just downright heavier. A perfect song from Foghat.

# 4 –  Sunshine of Your Love

The oldest song on our list still does the job. A classic from Cream.

# 3 –  Touch Me

The sound of Jim Morrison’s voice of The Doors will grant you a life full of happiness, mystery and a fun Moonlight Ride.

# 2 –  Whole Lotta Love

It was almost a tie between the top 2 songs on our Classic Rock First Dance Songs list, but ties are boring. Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love,” is a can’t miss.

# 1 –  Feel Like Making Love

I remember playing this song at a Wedding and the Bride and Groom really put on a show for the guest. This one is as rock and roll as it gets. Bad Company’s classic “Feel Like Making Love,” is our choice as the number one Classic Rock First Dance song.


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