Best Rock Movies Streaming On Netflix

Best Rock Movies Streaming On Netflix

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For the millions of music fans stuck at home during this Coronavirus outbreak, there are moments when we start losing our minds listening to the constant depressing new coverage airing 24 hours a day. There are so many other viewing options on the tele! However, with the average home having almost unlimited channels between their smart tvs, firesticks cable boxes ect…, it’s amazing that eyes continue to be be glued to those news channels. Change the channel for Pete’s sake. Put something on that will make you feel good and make you forget all this depressing news at least for a couple of hours. This article was written to help you find some great rock and roll movies that will lift your spirits and maybe even break out that old guitar in the closet. Hey maybe one of the good things that will come out of this isolation is people will start playing instruments and writing really good songs again. Who knows?

This article is not defining, or at least picking the best rock movies ever made, it’s an article that focuses on the Best Rock Movies Streaming on Netflix now. We are assuming that most of the people reading this article have Netflix or at least maybe nine out of every ten. Netflix’s subscription numbers are staggering. Furthermore, with the Coronavirus outbreak, people are looking for new films to watch that they have not seen. Most of the films and documentaries we have included in this list have all been released in the past ten years, so there a good chance some of these have not been seen yet, at least some more than others. The list is in random order. We will also keep an eye on these films and update the article as films come and go on Netflix.

# 10 – ReMastered: Devil at the Crossroads

We start out our Best Rock Movies Streaming On Netflix article with a film about where rock and roll all began. As we had dug deep down in our forty thousand word article we published a few months ago entitled The Story of Classic Rock, it all began with the blues. Robert Johnson was the key component in all of this. Netflix’s original documentary is a little over the top, but its still fun. The film’s focus is on the myth of Robert Johnson making a deal with the devil at the crossroads. He sold his soul to become a great guitar player and all that stuff. They have fun with it while offering some great music and visuals. This one is cool and entertaining.

#  9 – SHOT! The Psycho-Spiritual Mantra Of Rock

This is a great documentary focused around the work of legendary rock and roll photographer Mick Rock. The photos, stories and mini film clips of such legends as David Bowie, Iggy Pop, Queen, Lou Reed, Blondie, and Syd Barrett are extraordinarily entertaining, informative and jaw dropping. One of the best films to come out in years. Back when cameras used film and every shot counted. Don’t miss this one.

# 8 – Amy

The British documentary film Amy  was released five years ago in 2015. Nonetheless, its an outstanding film that documents the life and passing of Amy Whinehouse. The film defines how Amy’s sound was retro but unique in many ways. Her talent was off the charts and its a shame that she passed away so young.

# 7 -Keith Richards: Under the Influence

Boy is this the ultimate Keith Richards film. And you don’t have to be a Rolling Stones fan to enjoy this great film. The man is wonderfully charming and funny. This is spectacular look into his life that you will not be able to stop watching. Originally made as a promo for his 2015 Crosseyed Heart, album, Keith had so much to offer, it eventually became a full length documentary. Highly recommended.

# 6 – John & Yoko: Above Us Only Sky Documentary

Every classic rock and roll fan must see this film. In fact every one should see this film. This great documentary on John Lennon’s making of his Imagine album is stunning. The film features so many photographs and film clips never seen before. Watching Lennon sing “Imagine,” on that white piano is priceless. A masterpiece!

# 5  Rolling Stones ¡Olé, Olé, Olé! A Trip Across Latin America

This great Rolling Stones documentary ¡Olé, Olé, Olé! A Trip Across Latin America is exactly that. It’s an enjoyable ride with the Rolling Stones on their Latin America tour. It’s very interesting to hear the stories from the fans in this one describing their love for the Stones and how sometimes it was very difficult to get their music. This is an eye opening film to the poverty across Latin America and the culture surrounding it. The film was released in 2016.

# 4 – Rush Beyond the Lighted Stage

Its hard to believe that this film is actually ten years old. It still feels like it just came out. At the time it was released in 2010, the band Rush had been together for forty years. The film documents their forty year history up to that time. It contains so much great archival footage music and interviews. One of our favorite rock and roll documentaries of all time.

# 3 – 20 Feet From Stardom

This great film entitled 20 Feet From Stardom was released in 2013. The film defines the talents and importance of rock and roll backup singers. The documentary is laced with great interviews of some of rock’s biggest names talking about the importance of the backup singers and their at times “unacknowledged role,” in rock and roll history. This is spectacular.

# 2 – ZZ Top – That Little Ol’ Band From Texas

This recent documentary on the great band ZZ Top presents fans with a story about the band that many people may not be aware off. ZZ Top is one of the longest running bands in rock and roll history. The film was released in 2019.  Like all great rock and roll documentaries, the film contain a large amount of unreleased footage and photos. The interviews are stunning in this one.

# 1 – The Dirt

Okay, our first word of advice on this one, is don’t watch it with the kiddos! There is enough sex drugs and rock and roll in this one to last a lifetime. And while all of that is very entertaining and fun to watch, the brilliance of this film is in the drama between the members of the band from the groups origins throughout the roller coaster of their career. Its not a documentary, its a movie and a brilliant one at that. It’s casting is just about perfect!

Here’s a link to Netflix and all these great films



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