Bonnie Bramlett’s 1978 Version of Can’t Find My Way Home

Bonnie Bramlett

Photo: By Takahiro Kyono from Tokyo, Japan (Bonnie Bramlett) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

If you’re in your 60’s or even mid to late 50’s, there is a good chance you heard of Delaney & Bonnie. If not, you might have heard Bonnie Bramlett singing with The Allman Brothers Band, Stephen Stills, Little Feat, or Eric Clapton. During her years spent as part of the Delaney & Bonnie duo, the pair released eight albums from 1969 to 1972. Imagine that, eight albums over a three-year period. As a solo artist Bonnie Bramlett released her first album in 1973 entitled Sweet Bonnie Bramlett. The album was released on Columbia Records and remains her only Columbia Records release.

In 1975, Bonnie Bramlett signed with Capricorn Records and released the album It’s Time. Bonnie Bramlett recorded two more albums for the label releasing Lady’s Choice in 1976 and Memories in 1978. After a three-year hiatus, in which she kept incredibly busy working with other artists, Bonnie Bramlett returned to releasing records with her 1981 album Step by Step. It would be almost another twenty years before she released her next record in 2002. A few years later in 2006 Bonnie Bramlett released Roots, Blues & Jazz and then her last album Beautiful in 2008. 

Throughout her career Bonnie Bramlett appeared in a few films and television series. Her notable roles were in the 1991 film The Doors which was directed by Olive Stone. In that film, the role of Jim Morrison was played by Val Kilmer. Boonie Bramlett also appeared in the Kevin Costner film The Guardian in 2006.

When the band Blind Faith toured in 1969, Delaney & Bonnie were one of the groups that were featured on the bill along with the early Paul Rogers and Mick Ralph vehicle Free. The band’s 1969 album Blind Faith is regarded as one of the most iconic classic rock and roll records of all time. One of the most loved tracks on the album was the Steve Winwwod penned track “Can’t Find My Way Back Home.” The song featured Steve Winwood on vocals and keys, Eric Clapton on guitar, Ginger Baker on drums and Ric Grech on bass. Not too shabby of a lineup.

In 1978, Bonnie Bramlett released the album Memories. The closing track of the record was an incredible cover of the Steve Winwood song “Can’t Find My Way Back Home.”  Bonnie Bramlett’s version of the Steve Winwood classic is a soulful remake that is wrapped in a southern rock style that was very prominent in the mid to let 1970;s, It was a time when bands like Lynyrd Skynyrd, Charlie Daniels Band, The Outlaws and The Marshall Tucker Band were enjoying huge success. It’s tough to remake such a classic Blind Faith tunes, but Bonnie Bramlett’s soulful voice and persona captured the essence of Winwood’s lyric and melody and made it her own. It’s easy to see from just listening to this one track why so many rock and roll legends wanted t work with Bonnie Bramlett during their heyday. Don’t miss this one!




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