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Aerosmith Songs

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It’s hard to believe that so many Top 10 Aerosmith Songs lists focus on all the power ballads the band released during the 1990’s and 2000’s. Don’t get us wrong, those are greats songs and we will take Steven Tyler singing a slow rock power ballad over almost anyone. However, we believe that the heart of Aerosmith beat the best during their hard rocking gritty 70’s albums. Those records helped them delvolop their hardcore fans that have remained loyally dedicated to the band since the release of their first single “Dream On,” back in 1972. So this list may be a bit seventies dominated, but that’s the Aerosmith we love.

# 10 – Milk Cow Blues

Starting out the top 10 Aerosmith Songs list is a song that closes out the great Draw the Line album. Aerosmith’s “Milk Cow Blues,” was a classic blues song that was written by Sleepy John Estes in 1930. The song had been recorded by Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters and various other rock and blues artists.  Early in Aerosmith’s career the band had often been compared to the Rolling Stones. It was a fitting comparison because of the blues element that drove the rhythm section of the band. However at times, Aerosmith’s groove tilted more towards the phrasings of Led Zeppelin. Aerosmith’s version of  “Milk Cow Blues,” teeters between those influences while reconfirming the blues inspiration that drove so many rock musicians of the time period.

# 9 – Last Child

The nineteen seventies gave birth to some of the greatest guitar licks in Classic Rock History Aerosmith fully participated in the process by delivering albums full of glorious telecaster riffs that hooked the masses into heavenly rock and roll bliss. On Aerosmith’s  “Last Child,” recording, Steven Tyler and Brad Whitford contributed to the classic rock riff catalog with one of their greatest lines. The song “Last Child,” was released on the Rocks  album in 1976. The song was the first single from the record and made it to No 21. on the Billboard Hot 100 music charts.

# 8 – Sweet Emotion

With the release of the “Sweet Emotion,” single on May 19th 1975, the world was introduced to a group that would become one of the most loved bands in rock and roll history. “Sweet Emotion,” was the lead single from  Aerosmith’s blockbuster Toys in the Attic Lp. The song was written by Steven Tyler and Tom Hamiltion which explains the memorable opening bass line to the song. “Sweet Emotion,” elevated the band on to the world stage and led the way for the eventual release of one of their biggest Aerosmith Songs to date, “Walk This Way.” The success of Sweet Emotion and Toys in the Attic also caused the record company to reissue the song “Dream On,” as a single from their debut album which had been released about two years earlier.

# 7 – Train Kept A Rollin’

Aerosmith’s version of the legendary blues classic Train Kept A Rollin’ was released on their second album Get your Wings in 1974. The band had been performing the song in concert since the beginning and decided to record a studio version for their sophomore effort. At the time, the Yardbirds’ recording has been to many the definite version. However, Aerosmith’s recording became one of legend and has been a tremendous hardcore fan favorite ever since.

# 6 – Crazy

The wonderful rock ballad “Crazy,” is the only Aerosmith song to appear on the Top 10 Aerosmith Songs list that was not released in the 1970’s. Between the recording and the video, it was just too successful of a song to ignore. The song won Grammy Award in 1994 for Best Rock Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocal. Aerosmith’s “Crazy,” was released as the final single from their 1994 album Get a Grip. The song reached the top 20 on the Billboard Hot 100 music charts. When listening to the song one can hear a major difference in the songwriting style when compared to Aerosmith’s music of the 1970’s. Desmond Child who had written so many hit singles for classic rock bands in the 1980’s including Bon Jovi, Alice Cooper and Heart, was chiefly responsible for the stylistic change in the chordal and melodic structure of the song when compared to the structure of the band’s own written songs. However, Steven Tyler’s vocal performance on the song is simply killer as ot stands as one of the best of his career.

# 5 – Back In The Saddle

After the enormous success of the Toys in The Attic Album, Aerosmith were faced with the task of delivering a record that would appease their hardcore fans and yet still maintain their commercial success. With the release of Rocks, it was apparent that Aerosmith was more concerned with their integrity as artists than their position on the music charts. Rocks was a hard rocking down and dirty masterpiece of delicious licks and striated groves worthy of a album called Rocks.  Back in the Saddle stood as as the opening track and quickly annihilated any doubts that Aerosmith would have trouble following up Toys in the Attic.

# 4 – Draw The Line

Aerosmith’s 1977 Draw the Line album should be heralded as their most underrated album to date. Perhaps it was because it stood in the shadows of Rocks and Toys in the Attic. Regardless of the role the album has played in the legacy of Aerosmith, the recording presented fans with some of the foremost tracks of their career. Two songs from the album have made the Top 10 Aerosmith Songs list. After having “Milk Cow Blues,” open up the list, the song “Draw The Line,” which was the lead off track from the record comes in at No. 4. The eminent Tom Hamilton bass line doubled with Brad Whitford and Joe Perry’s  conspicuous guitar work led the way in giving birth to one of Aerosmith’s greatest recordings.

# 3 – Walk This Way

Two out of the top three songs on this top 10 Aerosmith Songs list usually find their way to the top of most writer’s best of Aerosmith lists. “Walk This Way,” is the first of the two. It can be easily argued it was the most important song in the band’s history. It was the recording that capitulated them to super stardom on the level of bands like The Rolling Stones and The Who. For a band that has been known for iconic rock and roll licks, “Walk the Way,” shines as their moist prominent in that category.

The song was released as the second song off the Toys in the Attic Album behind “Sweet Emotion.” The song “Walk This Way,” peaked at No.10 on the Billboard Hit 100 charts in 1975. The song was re-recorded with Run DMC  in 1985 after the rappers decided to cover the song on their Raising Hell LP. The success of the rap rock combination helped revitalize Aerosmith after they had seemed to disappear during the early 1980s.

# 2 – Dream On

It could be easily argued that Aerosmith’s “Dream On,” was really the first hit metal ballad. The song was released on their first album in 1973. However, the song did not become a hit until after it was re-released following the success of the Toys In The Attic album. The song reached the top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 music charts in 1976. The song could possibly be the most loved Aerosmith song in the bands catalog. Tyler’s incomparable vocal that floated above those glorious piano and guitar changes has left fans with one of rock and rolls most celebrated and treasured songs.

# 1 -Nobody’s Fault

If we wanted to choose one song that defined the best qualities and attributes of the band Aerosmith, we would have to choose “Nobody’s Fault.” The popularity of the song does not come close on a commercial level to the multitude of Aerosmith hits. However ask any hardcore Aerosmith fan to name the groups best work, chances are they will point towards “Nobody’s Fault.” The song was released on the Rocks  album in 1976. Its really not necessary to define the reasons why this song stands as the true representation of the essence of Aerosmith. All it takes is one listen, and all will become kick ass clear.

Top 10 Aerosmith Songs

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