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Air Supply Albums

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This Complete List Of Air Supply Albums And Songs presents the full discography of Air Supply studio albums. The band Air Supply was first formed in  The group Air Supply hails from the area of  This complete Air Supply discography also includes every single Air Supply live album. All these successful Air Supply albums have been presented below in chronological order. We have also included all original release dates with each Air Supply album as well as all original album covers. Every Air Supply album listed below showcases the entire album tracklisting.


Air Supply

Released 1976

This self-titled debut album for Air Supply showed the group’s soft rock style that would become their signature. The album’s sound was a mixture of soft rock ballads and pop, with Graham Russell’s songwriting skills complemented by Russell Hitchcock’s distinctive vocals. This first venture set the tone for their future work.

The musicians on this album included Russell Hitchcock on lead vocals, Graham Russell on vocals and guitar, and various session musicians. The album was produced by Peter Dawkins with engineering by John French, Graham Owens, and Jim Russell. The record was released on the CBS label in Australia. It was recorded at various studios in Sydney, Australia throughout 1975.

CD Track Listings:

  1. “Feel the Breeze” – 3:54
  2. “I Don’t Believe You” – 4:12
  3. “Empty Pages” – 4:20
  4. “What a Life” – 4:53
  5. “Secret Agent” – 4:14
  6. “The Weight Is My Soul” – 3:26
  7. “Love and Other Bruises” – 3:43
  8. “It’s Not Easy” – 3:53
  9. “We Are All Alone” – 3:57
  10. “Strangers in Love” – 3:46
  11. “Ain’t It a Shame” – 3:25

The Whole Thing’s Started

Released 1977

The follow-up to their debut, “The Whole Thing’s Started,” offered more lush ballads and harmonies, a sound that Air Supply would be known for throughout their career. The album continued to showcase Graham Russell’s songwriting prowess and the band’s ability to create romantic melodies that resonated with their audience.

The line-up on this album remained largely the same, with the addition of various musicians to fill in the instrumental work. The album was produced by Peter Dawkins, with studio work handled by the same team as their first album. This album was also released on the CBS label and recorded in Sydney, Australia.

CD Track Listings:

  1. “Teach Me to Run” – 4:02
  2. “Do It Again” – 3:51
  3. “Do What You Do” – 4:11
  4. “There’s Nothing I Can Do” – 4:08
  5. “Ready for You” – 3:54
  6. “That’s How the Whole Thing Started” – 5:19
  7. “Love Comes to Me” – 4:28
  8. “The Answer Lies” – 3:59
  9. “It’s Automatic” – 4:11
  10. “The End of the Line” – 4:34

Love & Other Bruises

Released 1977

“Love & Other Bruises” included the title track hit single and was Air Supply’s third studio album, an assembly of their previous hits and some new tracks. The band’s soft rock sound, heavy with ballads that highlighted Russell Hitchcock’s soaring tenor voice and Graham Russell’s harmonies and guitar, was becoming more refined and recognized.

Once again, the production was overseen by Peter Dawkins with the band continuing to record on the CBS label in Sydney, Australia. The album served to consolidate their popularity in Australia and set the stage for their international breakthrough.

CD Track Listings:

  1. “Love and Other Bruises” – 3:44
  2. “What a Life” – 4:51
  3. “Feel the Breeze” – 4:22
  4. “Who Will Love Me Now” – 4:27
  5. “Do It Again” – 3:35
  6. “End of the Line” – 4:25
  7. “Ready for You” – 4:56
  8. “Empty Pages” – 4:18
  9. “Does It Matter” – 4:41
  10. “That’s How the Whole Thing Started” – 4:03

Life Support

Released 1979

By the time “Life Support” was released, Air Supply had begun to establish a dedicated fan base in Australia, with this album laying much of the groundwork for their later international success. The sound was a continuation of their soft rock formula, and it included “Lost in Love,” a song that would later become one of their biggest hits.

The album’s production was handled by Charles Fisher, and the recording was done in Sydney, Australia. The contributions of various session musicians rounded out the sound that was becoming synonymous with Air Supply’s romantic ballads.

CD Track Listings:

  1. “Give Me Love” – 4:21
  2. “Looking Out for Something Outside” – 4:09
  3. “Lost in Love” – 3:52
  4. “I Just Like the Feeling” – 3:43
  5. “More Than Natural” – 4:57
  6. “Just Another Woman” – 3:51
  7. “Bring Out the Magic” – 4:01
  8. “I Don’t Want to Lose You” – 4:01
  9. “Believe in the Supernatural” – 4:34

Lost in Love

Released 1980

“Lost in Love” marked a significant turning point for Air Supply, achieving massive success internationally. The title track, “Lost in Love,” became a fast hit, and the album featured a polished, radio-friendly sound that captured the hearts of listeners. The success of this album propelled them to fame in the United States and around the world.

The group consisted of Russell Hitchcock on lead vocals and Graham Russell on guitar and vocals, with additional musicians brought in to complete the album’s sound. The album was produced by Robie Porter and recorded at various studios, primarily in Los Angeles, California.

CD Track Listings:

  1. “Lost in Love” – 3:51
  2. “All Out of Love” – 4:01
  3. “Every Woman in the World” – 3:29
  4. “Just Another Woman” – 3:51
  5. “Having You Near Me” – 4:04
  6. “American Hearts” – 3:13
  7. “Chances” – 3:31
  8. “Old Habits Die Hard” – 3:03
  9. “I Can’t Get Excited” – 5:01
  10. “My Best Friend” – 2:35

The One That You Love

Released 1981

Following the success of “Lost in Love,” Air Supply returned with “The One That You Love,” which further cemented their status as soft rock giants. The album’s title track reached the number one spot on the American charts, and the album itself was a hit, filled with the romantic ballads that had become the band’s signature.

The musicians on this album were similar to the previous album, with Hitchcock and Russell at the core. Harry Maslin produced this album. It was primarily recorded in Los Angeles, California.

CD Track Listings:

  1. “Don’t Turn Me Away” – 3:39
  2. “Here I Am (Just When I Thought I Was Over You)” – 3:46
  3. “Keeping the Love Alive” – 3:32
  4. “The One That You Love” – 4:17
  5. “This Heart Belongs to Me” – 4:11
  6. “Sweet Dreams” – 5:19
  7. “I Want to Give It All” – 3:37
  8. “I’ll Never Get Enough of You” – 3:42
  9. “Tonight” – 3:44
  10. “I’ve Got Your Love” – 3:39

Now and Forever

Released 1982

With “Now and Forever,” Air Supply continued to deliver their well-loved soft rock ballads. The album didn’t reach the heights of their previous two releases but included tracks that were popular among fans and continued to showcase the duo’s ability to craft emotive music.

The album featured the regular line-up of Hitchcock and Russell, with additional studio musicians and was produced by Harry Maslin. Recording sessions took place predominantly in Los Angeles, California.

CD Track Listings:

  1. “Now and Forever” – 3:50
  2. “Even the Nights Are Better” – 3:57
  3. “Young Love” – 3:52
  4. “Two Less Lonely People in the World” – 4:01
  5. “Taking the Chance” – 4:12
  6. “Come What May” – 3:56
  7. “One Step Closer” – 3:49
  8. “Don’t Be Afraid” – 3:20
  9. “She Never Heard Me Call” – 3:25
  10. “What Kind of Girl” – 3:50

Air Supply

Released 1985

This self-titled album, often referred to as “The Christmas Album,” showcased a continuation of the band’s success throughout the 1980s. The album features a collection of holiday-themed songs and was timed for release during the holiday season, adding a festive chapter to their discography.

The album was again led by the duo of Hitchcock and Russell, with the support of studio musicians. Production was handled by Peter Collins and the album was recorded in various locations, including Los Angeles, California.

CD Track Listings:

  1. “Just as I Am” – 4:43
  2. “The Power of Love” – 5:26
  3. “I Can’t Let Go” – 4:16
  4. “After All” – 3:39
  5. “I Wanna Hold You Tonight” – 3:39
  6. “Make It Right” – 3:48
  7. “When the Time Is Right” – 4:58
  8. “Sandy” – 4:16
  9. “Great Pioneer”

Hearts in Motion

Released 1986

“Hearts in Motion” continued Air Supply’s trend of delivering heartfelt ballads and pop rock tunes. The album featured the single “Lonely Is the Night,” which was a moderate hit, and the music continued to showcase the duo’s knack for crafting melodic, romantic songs that appealed to their loyal fan base.

The album featured the primary duo of Russell Hitchcock and Graham Russell, supported by various session musicians. It was produced by a number of producers including Bernard Edwards, and recorded at different studios around the world.

CD Track Listings:

  1. “It’s Not Too Late” – 3:48
  2. “Lonely Is the Night” – 4:12
  3. “Put Love in Your Life” – 4:24
  4. “One More Chance” – 3:55
  5. “Stars in Your Eyes” – 3:48
  6. “My Heart’s with You” – 4:34
  7. “I’d Die for You” – 4:33
  8. “You’re Only in Love” – 4:14
  9. “Time for Love” – 2:44
  10. “Heart and Soul” – 3:59
  11. “Hope Springs Eternal” – 4:10

The Christmas Album

Released 1987

“The Christmas Album” by Air Supply was a venture into the seasonal music scene, featuring a mix of traditional Christmas carols and holiday-themed original songs. The album allowed fans to enjoy the festive season with the familiar voices of the duo.

Russell Hitchcock and Graham Russell were once again at the forefront, delivering their distinct harmonies. The album’s production was undertaken by various producers and was recorded in several studios.

CD Track Listings:

  1. “White Christmas” – 3:25
  2. “The First Noel” – 3:23
  3. “The Little Drummer Boy” – 3:07
  4. “The Eyes of a Child” – 4:33
  5. “Silent Night” – 3:08
  6. “The Christmas Song” – 3:01
  7. “Sleigh Ride” – 2:23
  8. “Love Is All” – 4:28
  9. “Winter Wonderland” – 2:30
  10. “O Come All Ye Faithful” – 3:18

The Earth Is …

Released 1991

“The Earth Is …” was a return to the classic Air Supply sound after some experimental diversions, featuring romantic ballads and soft rock staples. The album included the song “Without You,” continuing their tradition of poignant love songs.

The lineup for this album remained centered on Hitchcock and Russell, with the production helmed by a team that included Harry Maslin. Recording took place in various international locations, signifying their global appeal.

CD Track Listings:

  1. “Stronger Than the Night” – 4:17
  2. “Without You” – 5:04
  3. “The Earth Is…” – 5:39
  4. “Speaking of Love” – 4:22
  5. “She’s Got the Answer” – 5:06
  6. “Stop the Tears” – 4:21
  7. “Dame Amor” – 3:38
  8. “Dancing with the Mountain” – 3:54
  9. “Love Conquers Time” – 4:38
  10. “Bread and Blood” – 4:14

The Vanishing Race

Released 1993

“The Vanishing Race” album by Air Supply offered more of their trademark ballads, including the single “Goodbye,” which became a hit in several countries. The album’s themes revolved around love, loss, and reflection.

The duo, supported by studio musicians, continued to work with their long-time collaborator Harry Maslin for production. The recording was done in various studios, maintaining their international recording approach.

CD Track Listings:

  1. “It’s Never Too Late” – 6:00
  2. “Faith” – 4:52
  3. “Kiss Me Like You Mean It” – 4:24
  4. “Evidence of Love” – 4:40
  5. “Goodbye” – 4:04
  6. “The Vanishing Race” – 5:40
  7. “Don’t Tell Me” – 4:52
  8. “Too Sentimental” – 3:54
  9. “I Remember Love” – 4:27
  10. “I’ll Be Thinking of You” – 4:23

News from Nowhere

Released 1995

“News from Nowhere” marked Air Supply’s continued presence in the adult contemporary music scene during the mid-90s. The album blended their signature balladry with some uptempo numbers, aiming to stay relevant in a changing musical landscape. The track “Someone” managed to resonate with their audience, keeping the Air Supply legacy alive.

Russell Hitchcock and Graham Russell led the efforts, accompanied by session musicians. Production varied across tracks with multiple producers on board. Recording locations varied to accommodate their touring schedule.

CD Track Listings:

  1. “Someone” – 5:10
  2. “Just Between the Lines” – 4:55
  3. “Heart of the Rose” – 5:37
  4. “Unchained Melody” – 3:43
  5. “Feel for Your Love” – 5:21
  6. “News from Nowhere” – 6:01
  7. “Always” – 4:16
  8. “Can’t Stop the Rain” – 4:27
  9. “Primitive Man” – 5:04
  10. “Spirit of Love” – 4:30
  11. “I Know You Better Than You Think” – 4:03

The Book of Love

Released 1997

“The Book of Love” saw Air Supply exploring contemporary pop while maintaining the emotive ballad style that they had become known for. The album did not make a significant impact on the charts but continued to cater to the group’s core fan base with tracks like “Strong Strong Wind”.

The album saw the duo of Hitchcock and Russell at the helm, with production handled by a team including themselves. Recording sessions were held at various studios, as had become customary for the band.

CD Track Listings:

  1. “The Book of Love” – 4:50
  2. “So Much Love” – 4:13
  3. “When I Say” – 5:33
  4. “We the People” – 4:39
  5. “Once” – 5:37
  6. “Let’s Stay Together Tonight” – 5:05
  7. “Daybreak” – 4:27
  8. “Mother Said” – 2:57
  9. “Would You Ever Walk Away” – 3:59
  10. “All That You Want” – 3:59

Yours Truly

Released 2001

“Yours Truly” found Air Supply delivering a collection that echoed their past successes while incorporating modern production. The duo remained consistent with their themes of love and romance, creating an album that pleased loyal followers.

As usual, Russell Hitchcock and Graham Russell were the core of the recording, with a support cast of musicians. Production was handled by a team, including the members themselves. The recording was done in multiple locations.

CD Track Listings:

  1. “Who Am I” – 3:55
  2. “Body Glove” – 4:32
  3. “Don’t Throw Our Love Away” – 4:02
  4. “Why Don’t You Come Over” – 3:14
  5. “Tell Me of Spring” – 3:41
  6. “Yours Truly” – 4:35
  7. “You Are the Reason” – 4:24
  8. “Only One Forever” – 3:37
  9. “If You Love Me” – 4:03
  10. “The Scene” – 4:36
  11. “Learning to Make Love to You” – 4:11
  12. “Peaches and Cream” – 3:16
  13. “Hard to Forget Her” – 3:51

Across the Concrete Sky

Released 2003

“Across the Concrete Sky” took Air Supply into the new millennium, offering new material to an audience that had grown up with their hits. The album mixed classic Air Supply sounds with new-age production elements, aiming to bridge their past with the contemporary music scene.

The recording featured Russell Hitchcock and Graham Russell, with production that included contributions from the duo.

CD Track Listings:

  1. “Shadow of the Sun” – 5:19
  2. “Big Cat” – 4:42
  3. “Love Is the Arrow” – 3:49
  4. “We Are All Children” – 4:45
  5. “A Place Where We Belong” – 4:20
  6. “Feel Like Screaming” – 4:12
  7. “I’ll Find You” – 4:39
  8. “Come to Me” – 4:34
  9. “I Want You” – 4:05
  10. “You Belong to Me” – 4


Greatest Hits Live … Now and Forever

Released 1995

“Greatest Hits Live … Now and Forever” captures the essence of Air Supply’s stage performances, featuring live renditions of their biggest hits. It showcases the enduring appeal of their music, bringing a fresh perspective to their well-loved classics.

Russell Hitchcock and Graham Russell are at the forefront, delivering their hits with the support of their touring band. The album was recorded live, capturing the atmosphere of their concerts.

CD Track Listings:

  1. “Making Love Out of Nothing at All” – 5:43
  2. “Chances” – 3:35
  3. “Lost in Love” – 4:11
  4. “Sweet Dreams” – 5:19
  5. “Someone” – 4:10
  6. “Always” – 4:38
  7. “Unchained Melody” – 3:43
  8. “The One That You Love” – 4:15
  9. “Goodbye” – 4:04
  10. “All Out of Love” – 4:54

All Out of Love Live

Released 2003

“All Out of Love Live” is a collection that brought Air Supply’s hits to life in a live performance setting. The album is filled with the energy of their concerts, emphasizing the duo’s vocal harmonies and their connection with the audience.

Performed by Russell Hitchcock and Graham Russell along with their touring musicians, the album captures the essence of their live sound. It was recorded during their tour dates at various locations.

CD Track Listings:

  1. “Lost in Love” – 4:15
  2. “All Out of Love” – 4:01
  3. “Chances” – 3:33
  4. “Every Woman in the World” – 3:39
  5. “Making Love Out of Nothing at All” – 5:45
  6. “The One That You Love” – 4:17
  7. “Sweet Dreams” – 5:20
  8. “Here I Am” – 3:48
  9. “Even the Nights Are Better” – 3:58
  10. “Two Less Lonely People in the World” – 4:00

Air Supply – Live in Hong Kong

Released 2013

“Air Supply – Live in Hong Kong” presents the band performing in one of Asia’s iconic cities. The album features a comprehensive setlist that spans their entire career, highlighting why Air Supply became a global phenomenon.

Russell Hitchcock and Graham Russell are complemented by their live band. The performance was recorded live in Hong Kong, with the duo showcasing their greatest hits.

CD Track Listings:

  1. “Even the Nights Are Better” – 3:57
  2. “Just as I Am” – 4:43
  3. “Every Woman in the World” – 3:44
  4. “Here I Am” – 3:51
  5. “Chances” – 3:31
  6. “Dance with Me” – 5:35
  7. “Desert Sea Sky” – 4:04
  8. “Power of Love” – 5:42
  9. “Making Love Out of Nothing at All” – 6:22
  10. “Goodbye” – 4:05
  11. “All Out of Love” – 6:07

The Lost in Love Experience

Released 2020

“The Lost in Love Experience” features Air Supply revisiting their roots, presenting their classic songs with a contemporary touch.

CD Track Listings:

  1. “Lost in Love” – 3:54
  2. “All Out of Love” – 4:02
  3. “Chances” – 3:35
  4. “Every Woman in the World” – 3:40
  5. “Here I Am” – 3:46
  6. “Sweet Dreams” – 5:20
  7. “Even the Nights Are Better” – 3:57
  8. “Two Less Lonely People in the World” – 4:01
  9. “The One That You Love” – 4:17
  10. “Making Love Out of Nothing at All” – 5:41
  11. “Goodbye” – 4:04
  12. “I Adore You” – 4:00

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