Complete List Of Kelis Albums And Discography

Kelis Albums

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This Complete List Of Kelis Albums And Songs presents the full discography of Kelis studio albums. This complete Kelis discography also includes every single live album. All these spectacular Kelis albums have been presented below in chronological order. We have also included all original release dates with each Kelis album as well as all original album covers. Every Kelis album listed below showcases the entire album tracklisting.



Kelis Albums

Released December 7, 1999

CD Track Listings:

  1. Intro
  2. Good Stuff (featuring Terrar)
  3. Caught Out There
  4. Get Along with You
  5. Mafia (featuring Markita)
  6. Game Show
  7. Suspended
  8. Mars
  9. Ghetto Children (featuring Marc Dorsey and N.E.R.D)
  10. I Want Your Love
  11. No Turning Back
  12. Roller Rink
  13. In the Morning
  14. Wouldn’t You Agree (featuring Justin Vince)


Kelis Albums

Released  October 17, 2001

CD Track Listings:

  1. Intro
  2. Young, Fresh n’ New
  3. Flash Back
  4.  Popular Thug
  5. Daddy
  6. Scared Money
  7. Shooting Stars
  8. Digital World
  9. Perfect Day
  10. Easy Come, Easy Go
  11. Junkie
  12. Get Even
  13. Mr. U.F.O. Man
  14. Little Suzie


Kelis Albums

Released  December 5, 2003

CD Track Listings:

1. Intro
2. Trick Me
3. Milkshake
4. Keep It Down
5. In Public
6. Flash Back
7. Protect My Heart
8. Millionaire
9. Glow
10. Sugar Honey Iced Tea
11. Attention
12. Rolling Through the Hood
13. Stick Up
14. Marathon

Kelis Was Here

Kelis Albums

Released August 22, 2006

CD Track Listings:

1. Intro (interlude) 1:27
2. Bossy (feat. Too $hort) 4:34
3. What’s That Right There (feat. Will.I.Am) 4:17
4. Till the Wheels Fall Off 4:13
5. Living Proof 3:41
6. Blindfold Me (feat. Nas) 3:48
7. Goodbyes 4:42
8. Trilogy 3:56
9. Circus 4:40
10. Weekend (feat. Will.I.Am) 4:42
11. Like You 3:00
12. Aww Sh*t! (feat. Smoke of Field Mob) 4:09
13. Lil Star (feat. Cee-Lo) 4:55
14. I Don’t Think So 3:02
15. Handful 2:59
16. Appreciate Me 4:02
17. Have a Nice Day 6:33
18. Fu*k Them Bi**hes 3:49

Flesh Tone

Kelis Albums

Released May 14, 2010

CD Track Listings:

1. Intro
2. 22Nd Century
3. 4Th Of July (Fireworks)
4. Home
5. Acapella
6. Scream
7. Emancipate
8. Brave
9. Song For The Baby


Kelis Albums

Released April 18, 2014

CD Track Listings:

1. Breakfast
2. Jerk Ribs
3. Forever Be
4. Floyd
5. Runnin’
6. Hooch
7. Cobbler
8. Bless the Telephone
9. Friday Fish Fry
10. Change
11. Rumble
12. Biscuits ‘n’ Gravy
13. Dreamer


Live in London

Released November 24, 2014

CD Track Listings:

  1. Feeling Good (Intro)
  2. Breakfast
  3. Millionaire
  4. Rumble
  5. Cobbler
  6. Trick Me
  7. Got Your Money
  8. Friday Fish Fry
  9. Lil Star
  10. Get Along With You / Good Stuff / Glow
  11. Milkshake
  12. Bounce
  13. Forever Be
  14. 4th Of July
  15. Acapella
  16. Felling Good (Outro)

Live from Metropolis Studios

Kelis Albums

Released August 28, 2015

CD Track Listings:

  1. Forever Be
  2. Floyd
  3. Runnin’
  4. Hooch
  5. Cobbler
  6. Bless The Telephone
  7. Friday Fish Fry
  8. Change
  9. Rumble
  10. Biscuits N’ Gravy
  11. Dreamer


The Hits

Released March 1, 2008

CD Track Listings:

1. Caught Out There
2. Milkshake
3. Got Your Money (Feat. Ol’ Dirty Bastard)
4. Trick Me
5. Lil Star (Feat. Cee-Lo)
6. Get Along With You
7. Young, Fresh ‘n’ New
8. Truth Or Dare (Feat. N.E.R.D. & Pusha T)
9. Bossy (Feat. Too Short)
10. In Public (Feat. Nas)
11. Millionaire (Feat. André 3000)
12. Finest Dreams (Feat. Richard X)
13. Suspended
14. Good Stuff (Feat. Terrar)

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