Complete List Of Rory Gallagher Albums And Discography

Rory Gallagher Albums And Discography

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This Complete List Of Rory Gallagher Albums And Songs presents the entire major label discography of Rory Gallagher studio albums with his live albums also included. All these brilliant Rory Gallagher albums have been presented below in pure chronological order to make it an easy and enjoyable read for those looking to flip through the entire Rory Gallagher major label discography. We have also included all original release dates with each Rory Gallagher album. This list starts with Rory Gallagher’s first solo album and does not include his work with the band Taste. We have only included the studio and live albums. We have not included the compilations since most of the songs on the compilations were all released on the studio and live recordings.

Rory Gallagher

Released May 23, 1971

Side One:

“Just the Smile”
“I Fall Apart”
“Wave Myself Goodbye”
“Hands Up”

Side Two

“Sinner Boy”
“For the Last Time”
“It’s You”
“I’m Not Surprised”
“Can’t Believe It’s True”


Released November 28 1971

Side One:

“Used to Be”
“I’m Not Awake Yet”
“Don’t Know Where I’m Going”
“Maybe I Will”
“Whole Lot of People”

Side Two:

“In Your Town”
“Should’ve Learnt My Lesson”
“There’s a Light”
“Out of My Mind”
“Crest of a Wave”

Live in Europe

Released May 14, 1972

Side One:

“Messin’ with the Kid”
“I Could’ve Had Religion”
“Pistol Slapper Blues”

Side Two:

“Going to My Hometown”
“In Your Town”
“Bullfrog Blues”


Released February 18, 1973

Side one

“Walk on Hot Coals”
“Daughter of the Everglades”
“Banker’s Blues”
“Hands Off”

Side two

“Race the Breeze”
“Seventh Son of the Seventh Son”
“Unmilitary Two-Step”
“If I Had a Reason”


Released November 11, 1973

Side One:

“Tattoo’d Lady”
“Cradle Rock”
“20:20 Vision”
“They Don’t Make Them Like You Anymore”
“Livin’ Like a Trucker”

Side Two:

“Sleep on a Clothes Line”
“Who’s That Coming”
“A Million Miles Away”
“Admit It”

Irish Tour ’74

Released July 21, 1974

Side One:

“Cradle Rock”
“I Wonder Who”
“Tattoo’d Lady”

Side Two:

“Too Much Alcohol”
“As the Crow Flies”
“A Million Miles Away”

Side Three:

“Walk on Hot Coals”
“Who’s That Coming?”

Side Four:

“Back on My Stompin’ Ground (After Hours)”
“Just a Little Bit”

Against the Grain

Released October 1, 1975

Side One:

“Let Me In”
“Cross Me Off Your List”
“Ain’t Too Good”
“Souped-Up Ford”
“Bought and Sold”

Side Two:

“I Take What I Want”
“Lost at Sea”
“All Around Man”
“Out on the Western Plain”
“At the Bottom”

Calling Card

Released October 24, 1976

Side One:

“Do You Read Me”
“Country Mile”
“Calling Card”
“I’ll Admit You’re Gone”

Side Two:

“Secret Agent”
“Jack-Knife Beat”
“Edged in Blue”
“Barley and Grape Rag”


Released October 1, 1978

Side One:

“Shin Kicker”
“Brute Force & Ignorance”
“Cruise On Out”
“Cloak & Dagger”
“Overnight Bag”

Side two

“Shadow Play”
“The Mississippi Sheiks”
“The Last of the Independents”
“Fuel to the Fire” 

Top Priority

Released September 16, 1979

Side One:

“Follow Me”
“Wayward Child” 
“Key Chain”
“At the Depot”

Side Two:

“Bad Penny”
“Just Hit Town”
“Off the Handle”
“Public Enemy No. 1”

Stage Struck

Released November 2, 1980

Side One:

“Shin Kicker” 
“Wayward Child”
“Brute Force and Ignorance”

Side Two:

“Follow Me”
“Bought and Sold”
“The Last of the Independents” 
“Shadow Play”


Released May 2, 1982

Side One:

“The Devil Made Me Do It”
“Double Vision”
“Easy Come, Easy Go”
“Big Guns”

Side Two:

“Ride On Red, Ride On”
“Loose Talk”


Released July 1, 1987

Side One:

“The Devil Made Me Do It”
“Double Vision”
“Easy Come, Easy Go”
“Big Guns”

Side Two:

“Ride On Red, Ride On”
“Loose Talk”

Fresh Evidence

Released  May 1, 1990

Side One:

“Kid Gloves”
“The King of Zydeco
“Middle Name”
“Alexis” – instrumental
“Empire State Express”

Side Two:

“Ghost Blues”
“Heaven’s Gate”
“The Loop” – instrumental
“Walkin’ Wounded”
“Slumming Angel”

Rory Gallagher Posthumous Live Albums

Meeting with the G-Man

Released November 22, 2003

CD Track Listings:

  1. “Continental Op”
  2. “Moonchild”
  3. “Mean Disposition”
  4. “The Loop”
  5. “Don’t Start Me Talkin'”
  6. “She Moved Thro’ The Fair”
  7. “Out On The Western Plain”
  8. “William of Green”
  9. “Mercy River/Amazing Grace”
  10. “Walkin’ Blues”
  11. “Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright” – Bob Dylan Cover
  12. “Ghost Blues”
  13. “Messin’ with the Kid”
  14. “La Bamba”

Live at Montreux

Released July 31, 2006

CD Track Listings:

  1. “Laundromat”
  2. “Toredown”
  3. “I Take What I Want”
  4. “Bought and Sold”
  5. “Do You Read Me”
  6. “The Last of the Independents”
  7. “Off The Handle”
  8. “The Mississippi Sheiks”
  9. “Out On The Western Plain”
  10. “Too Much Alcohol”
  11. “Shin Kicker”
  12. “Philby”

Notes from San Francisco

CD Track Listings:

CD Disc one

  1. “Rue the Day”
  2. “Persuasion”
  3. “B Girl”
  4. “Mississippi Sheiks”
  5. “Wheels within Wheels”
  6. “Overnight Bag”
  7. “Cruise On Out”
  8. “Brute Force & Ignorance”
  9. “Fuel to the Fire”
  10. “Wheels within Wheels Alt. Version”
  11. “Cut a Dash”
  12. “Out on the Tiles”

Disc two

  1. “Follow Me”
  2. “Shinkicker”
  3. “Off the Handle”
  4. “Bought and Sold”
  5. “I’m Leavin'”
  6. “Tattoo’d Lady”
  7. “Do You Read Me”
  8. “Country Mile”
  9. “Calling Card”
  10. “Shadow Play”
  11. “Bullfrog Blues”
  12. “Sea Cruise” –

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