Complete List Of Uncle Tupelo Albums And Discography

Uncle Tupelo Albums

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This Complete List Of Uncle Tupelo Albums And Songs presents the full discography of  Uncle Tupelo studio albums. This complete Uncle Tupelo discography also includes every single Uncle Tupelo live album. All these spectacular albums have been presented below in chronological order. We have also included all original release dates with each Uncle Tupelo album as well as all original album covers. Every Uncle Tupelo album listed below showcases the entire album tracklisting.


No Depression

Released June 21, 1990

CD Track Listings:

Disc 1:
1. Graveyard Shift
2. That Year
3. Before I Break
4. No Depression
5. Factory Belt
6. Whiskey Bottle
7. Outdone
8. Train
9. Life Worth Livin’
10. Flatness
11. So Called Friend
12. Screen Door
13. John Hardy
14. Left in the Dark
15. Won’t Forget
16. I Got Drunk
17. Sin City
18. Whiskey Bottle (live acoustic version)Disc 2:
1. Outdone (1989 demo)
2. That Year (1989 demo)
3. Whiskey Bottle (1989 demo)
4. Flatness (1989 demo)
5. I Got Drunk (1989 demo)
6. Before I Break (1989 demo)
7. Life Worth Living (1989 demo)
8. Train (1989 demo)
9. Graveyard Shift (1989 demo)
10. Screen Door (1989 demo)
11. No Depression (1988 demo)
12. Blues Die Hard (1988 demo)
13. Before I Break (1987 demo)
14. I Got Drunk (1987 demo)
15. Screen Door (1987 demo)
16. Blues Die Hard (1987 demo)
17. Pickle River (1987 demo)

Still Feel Gone

Released September 17, 1991

CD Track Listings:

1. Gun
2. Looking For A Way Out
3. Fall Down Easy
4. Nothing
5. Still Be Around
6. Watch Me Fall
7. Punch Drunk
8. Postcard
9. D. Boon
10. True To Life
11. Cold Shoulder
12. Discarded
13. If That’s Alright

March 16–20, 1992

Released August 3, 1992

CD Track Listings:

1. Grindstone
2. Coalminers
3. Wait Up
4. Criminals
5. Shaky Ground
6. Satan, Your Kingdom Must Come Down
7. Black Eye
8. Moonshiner
9. I Wish My Baby Was Born
10. Atomic Power
11. Lilli Schull
12. Warfare
13. Fatal Wound
14. Sandusky
15. Wipe the Clock
16. Take My Word
17. Grindstone (1991 Longview Farm Acoustic Demo)
18. Atomic Power (1991 Longview Farm Acoustic Demo)
19. I Wanna Be Your Dog (1991 Longview Farm Acoustic Demo)
20. Moonshiner (live 1/24/93)


Released October 5, 1993

CD Track Listings:

1. Slate
2. Acuff-Rose
3. The Long Cut
4. Give Back the Key to My Heart
5. Chickamauga
6. New Madrid
7. Anodyne
8. We’ve Been Had
9. Fifteen Keys
10. High Water
11. No Sense in Lovin’
12. Steal the Crumbs
13. Stay True
14. Wherever
15. Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way
16. Truck Drivin’ Man (live)
17. Suzy Q (live)


89/93: An Anthology

Released March 19, 2002

CD Track Listings:

1. No Depression
2. Screen Door
3. Graveyard Shift
4. Whiskey Bottle
5. Outdone (1989 demo)
6. I Got Drunk
7. I Wanna Be Your Dog
8. Gun
9. Still Be Around
10. Looking for a Way Out (acoustic version)
11. Watch Me Fall
12. Sauget Wind
13. Black Eye
14. Moonshiner
15. Fatal Wound
16. Grindstone
17. Effigy
18. The Long Cut
19. Chickamauga
20. New Madrid
21. We’ve Been Had (live)


The Long Cut + Five Live

Released 1995

CD Track Listings:

1. The Long Cut (Album Version)
2. We’ve Been Had (Live)
3. Anodyne (Live)
4. Truck Drivin’ Man (Live)
5. Suzy Q (Live)
6. Fifteen Keys (Live)

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