Detroit Road Trip Guide for Music Fans

Detroit Road Trip Guide For Music Fans

An ideal road trip guide for music fans to Detroit, Michigan should include knowing where to go and where to stay when it comes to maximizing your experience as a visitor. The best road trips are usually those that have been planned as far in advance as possible, especially when it comes to booking hotel rooms and possibly scoring concert tickets to see your favorite musician at a live performance. As a city, Detroit is one of the most culturally and musically influential cities in the United States. Its rich pop culture history dates as far back as 1918 and its globally famous Detroit Symphony Orchestra. With every type of popular genre, Detroit has done more than just tap into it. This city has produced a flurry of world-class recording artists that include the legendary Della Reese, George Benson, and Madonna, as well as a long list of superstars from its iconic Motown Records such as Marvin Gaye, Smokey Robinson, and Stevie Wonder.

Driving to Detroit

The City of Detroit sits on the northern bank of the Detroit River just north of the Canadian border and the City of Windsor, Ontario. Motorists traveling this route usually take Highway 3 and its Ambassador Bridge, as it directly connects the two nations and its two cities together. This highway leads to the Interstate 75 and Interstate 96. This is also your best route to reach the city’s downtown core and the cultural vibrance it sends day and night. Another popular route, especially if you’re coming straight from Windsor, Ontario is the Detroit Windsor Tunnel. For American and Canadian citizens who make the commute between the two cities, the tunnel in Windsor begins just off Wyandotte Street East. This will lead drivers to Detroit’s Jefferson Avenue, also known as Interstate 375. This is also one of the most accessible access routes heading straight to downtown Detroit.

When approaching the Motor City from the west, Interstate 94 and Interstate 96 are the most common routes. These busy highways cross over each other just west of Detroit, and they meet with Interstate 75 a bit further to the east. From the southwest to the northwest, Interstate 75 passes through the city and runs along W Fisher Service Drive as soon as it reaches Detroit’s downtown core. As for driving to Detroit from the east, Interstate 94 is the way to do it. However, this isn’t a route taken often because of Detroit’s positioning in Michigan. However, it is incredibly scenic as it will take you to the bordering communities of Michigan’s Port Huron and Ontario’s Point Edward. Under ideal highway conditions, driving along Interstate 94 between Detroit and Port Huron takes slightly over an hour, as it provides a wonderful view of the Detroit River, Lake St. Clair, and Anchor Bay.

For music fans behind the wheel driving to and around Detroit, one of the best opportunities to soak up its musical culture is to listen to one of the city’s radio stations. If you’re into the latest hit music, Channel 95.5 would be the station for you. For R&B fans who are also into a bit of retro, turn the dial to Mix 92.3. As for classic rock fans, the ideal radio station for you would be 106.7 WLLZ, otherwise known as Detroit’s Wheels. Speaking as a road trip enthusiast, I find there are tremendous advantages to listening to a city’s top radio station that includes more than just playing great music. The best stations will keep motorists tuned in on what they need to know in order to ensure their driving experience is met with as little frustration as possible.

Road Trip Recommendations

Before embarking on a road trip to a busy city like Detroit, planning as far ahead as possible would be in your best interest. This is one of America’s most popular cities for tourists and one of the nation’s leaders in business trade and industrialism. Aside from having a handy GPS system with you, it would also be in your best interest to have a printed roadmap with you. Also, keep that radio on as this is your best source of information to have an understanding of what’s going on. Should there be accidents or certain road conditions that may cause your road trip to take a detour, it’ll be helpful to learn this in advance.

For Canadians heading to Detroit for the first time by car, visiting the US Customs and Border Protection website before you go would be wise. Furthermore, American currency typically has a higher dollar value than Canada’s. These rates adjust often as they respond to whatever trends are affecting the stock market exchange. On average, items that cost a dollar in the United States will cost at least twenty percent more for Canadian citizens. When deciding to go on a road trip that sends drivers across the border to cities like Detroit, look into some of the destination points you’ve taken an interest in to find out how much they will cost you. This will help determine how much you are able to afford before you go. The last thing you want is to run into a financial situation that ruins your road trip experience.

Detroit Accommodations

Should your road trip to Detroit include staying at least a night or two in the city, the sooner you book accommodations to stay there the better. This is a trendy city with so much going on that you need to reserve a decent hotel room as far in advance as possible. This will help you avoid disappointment and potential disaster once you reach the city from whatever highway you choose. For visitors wanting to stay as close to Detroit’s downtown core as possible, The Siren Hotel may prove to be a great option if you don’t mind spending at least $200 USD per night.

The Siren Hotel

Set in the iconic Wurlitzer Building at 1509 Broadway Street, this 1926-era hotel is loaded with history and character. It also sits across the street from the Detroit Opera House and is a short walk away from Comerica Park and the baseball stadium that hosts the home games of the Detroit Tigers. What you’ll find with the Siren Hotel is a taste of yesteryear with its mix of chic and vintage decor that has also kept up with the times with all of today’s modern technology.

Hollywood Casino-Hotel

If the Siren isn’t the vibe you’re striving for when staying at a hotel in Detroit, the popular Hollywood Casino-Hotel at Greektown on 1211 Chrysler Drive offers hotel accommodations sitting at the $200 USD per night mark. This sits right next to the Greektown People Mover Station in the downtown area. It’s also a quick walk from it to the Detroit Opera House and Comerica Park. Even if gambling to your heart’s content isn’t in the cards for you, this hotel serves as a great home base for drivers wanting to cruise the streets of Detroit. From here, it’s easy enough to reach a number of great venues that specialize as hotspots for awesome music.

Don’t confuse the Hollywood Casino-Hotel at Greektown with Greektown Hotel as these are two different properties altogether. However, the Greektown Hotel is another great choice if you choose a decently priced destination to rest your weary head. For about $150 USD a night, this hotel sits at 1200 St. Antoine, making it easy for visitors to enjoy the music scene by car or on foot.

Detroit’s Musical Legacy

Songs About Detroit

Several songs written about Detroit come from a long list of recording artists from virtually every genre of music. Depending on what kind of music style you prefer, you can easily put together a tracklist and save it on a flash drive as you embark on a road trip en route to Detroit. “Detroit City (I Wanna Go Home)” was a popular country classic that won Bobby Bare a Grammy Award for Best Country & Western Performance in 1963. If you want to listen to other versions of this song, try the covers performed by legends such as Billy Grammer, Jan & Dean, Tom Jones, and Billy Martin.

If you want a great classic rock song about Detroit as your road trip takes you closer to the city, then you need to listen to “Detroit Rock City” by KISS. The face-painted legends recorded and released this in 1976, and has since become a staple favorite among hard rock fans. As for fans into rap music, there’s also “Detroit vs. Everybody,” a popular fan favorite recorded and released in 2014 by a team of Motor City’s biggest rapping stars, Danny Brown, Eminem, Dej Loaf, Royce da 5’9″, Big Sean, and Trick Trick.

Among fans who favor pop music, Rod Stewart‘s 1991 hit, “Motown Music,” may do the trick, mainly if your road trip includes paying a visit to the Motown Mansion, Motown Museum, and other popular hangouts that continue to carry Motown’s legacy forward. Should your road trip en route to Detroit be a lengthy one and you choose to listen to a track of downloaded songs along the way, the variety between different genres and musical styles is one great way to get into a “Detroit frame of mind,” so to speak.

Hitsville U.S.A. & Motown Museum

Detroit’s musical legacy includes over twenty musicians who have been inducted into the Rock & Roll of Fame. Some of these legends include Anita Baker, Alice Cooper, Aretha Franklin, Bill Haley, Glenn Frey, and Bob Seger, to name a few. There is also Motown. This Detroit-based record label was founded in 1959 by Berry Gordy Jr. as Tamala Records before it became Motown Record Corporation in 1960. The label got its name by merging its Motor City nickname with “town” to form an entity that would become one of the biggest influencers of the music industry the world has ever known. Although Motown’s corporate headquarters is now in Los Angeles, California, the Motown Museum is located at 2648 W Grand Boulevard.

No road trip to Detroit for music fans would be complete without visiting the Motown Museum and its collection of art and memorabilia. From Wednesday to Sunday, visitors can check out the infamous Studio A and the costumes The Supremes used to wear while recording one hit song after another for the label during their heyday. It will be here you will learn more about Hitsville, U.S.A. and the roster of stars who rose to fame after working with Berry Gordy and his production team. The museum has also been known to hold live musical performances as Motown is still alive as a venue with programs in place for upcoming stars to follow in the footsteps of some of Motown’s greatest icons.

Motown Mansion

Fans of Motown, as well as Berry Gordy, may be interested in taking a drive to the Boston-Edison Historic District’s 918 West Boston Boulevard. This is where the infamous Motown Mansion sits, a home the founder of Motown Records purchased in 1967. Located just five minutes from Motown Museum, this was Berry Gordy’s home, which became famous for welcoming some of the music industry’s biggest stars as his guests. Now, in the hands of a new owner, the residents may not accept you at their door, but this doesn’t mean you can’t drive by and see where icons such as Michael Jackson once upon a time visited.

Peoples Records

Relishing in Detroit’s musical legacy should include Peoples Records as part of your road trip’s itinerary list. This is where collectors go to jump into the Motown experience and perhaps bring something home as a souvenir. Peoples Records is located at 1464 Gratiot Avenue, as is the Michigan Audio Heritage Society Museum. Visiting these places together is bound to capture the hearts of music fans when taking an opportunity to soak up what made the Detroit music scene so legendary. Aside from old vinyl and other collectibles, shoppers have an opportunity to grab the latest releases by some of the hottest recording artists in the music industry.

Third Man Records

Third Man Records was founded in 2001 by The White Stripes frontman Jack White. The first of his physical stores opened in Nashville, Tennessee, in 2009. In 2015, he opened shop in Detroit at 441 West Canfield Street, in the Cass Corridor, near Wayne State University. If you’re looking for that one-stop shop as a vinyl collector, Third Man Records would be it. It also operates as a recording label and a live music venue. This record store also sells all kinds of items that music fans are sure to love. Perhaps you’ll find something you can play in the car as you cruise the streets of Detroit.

Detroit’s Live Music Scene

Downtown Detroit features an impressive collection of music venues that draw in locals and visitors year after year to take part in its music scene. Travelers enjoying their road trip into the city should have no trouble finding great hangouts and hotspots to either dance the night away or take a seat and listen. As popular as the city’s downtown core is for its musical history and nightlife, Motor City also has a collection of great live music venues that may encourage you to take a little drive to check them out. One of the most popular suburbs calling Detroit home known for its music scene is Pontiac.

EI Club

EI Club’s street address is 4114 W Vernor Highway, which sits inside what was known as Mexicantown Fiesta Center. This popular venue has earned several awards over the years as one of Detroit’s best rock clubs and concert venues. Some of the biggest names in the music industry have performed here. Located southwest of Motor City’s downtown core, it takes about ten minutes to drive there from the Greektown hotels. EI Club is Mexicantown’s primary go-to source for nightlife entertainment as a live venue that covers almost every genre of music the industry offers.

Little Caesar’s Arena

Owned by the same people who own Detroit’s legendary landmark, Fox Theatre, Little Caesar’s Arena has been a popular venue known for hosting a variety of events, including live concerts. The arena serves as the home for the Detroit Pistons and the Detroit Red Wings. This is also where music fans go to watch musical icons such as Doja Cat, Al Green, Enrique Iglesias, Ricky Martin, Stevie Nicks, and Pitbull. Located at 2645 Woodward Avenue, Little Caesars sits next to the Fox Theatre. Several parking lots surrounding the venue are within walking distance should you be fortunate enough to score some tickets to watch one of your favorites perform before a live audience.

Music Hall Center for the Performing Arts & Aretha’s Jazz Cafe

Located in the heart of Detroit’s Theatre District at 350 Madison Avenue, the Music Hall Center for the Performing Arts was originally built in 1928 as the Wilson Theatre. This is one of the many historical landmarks belonging to downtown Detroit that has been recognized as a landmark by the National Register of Historic Places. Today, music fans can enjoy a taste of the past, along with today’s finest, by visiting its legendary music hall. Should you time your road trip near the end of August, you may luck out and take part in the hall’s annual Detroit Musical Weekend.

However, you don’t need a festival as an excuse to enjoy some great music at the Music Hall Center. If you’re into jazz, Aretha’s Jazz Cafe would be for you. This is where you sit back, relax, and enjoy great food, drinks, and music. The Aretha Jazz Cafe was named after Aretha Franklin, the Queen of Soul herself. This club is great for bringing in new talent as they perform blues, jazz, rock, and soul to entertain the audience. Aretha’s would be an ideal choice for the best dinner and a show experience for a music fan.

There’s also 3Fifty Terrace, a fabulous nightclub for music fans preferring to rock things up from the rooftop. Whichever musical flavor you choose to take part in between these two hotspots, it would be wise to book a reservation ahead of time in order to avoid disappointment. It’s not unusual for couples to enjoy a jazzy dinner date before heading to the rooftop to burn off some of those calories they just consumed.

Philip A. Hart Plaza

The city’s most popular musical events are the Detroit Jazz Festival, the Detroit International Jazz Festival, and the Detroit Electronic Music Festival. This is held at the infamous Philip A. Hart Plaza, a downtown venue along the Detroit River and accessible from Jefferson Avenue between Griswald Street and Randolph Street. The venue was named after the former U.S. Senator who served his country from Michigan from 1959 until the day of his death in 1976. Even without these musical festivals livening up this massive fourteen-acre plaza, this site is constantly buzzing with activity, especially between May and September.

Also serving as a port to welcome cruise ships, Hart Plaza is the pride and joy of Detroit and perhaps the entire state of Michigan. For road trip fans coming in from Canada, you can see across the Detroit River and the view of Windsor, Ontario’s riverfront, and its Belle Isle State Park. As for taking in the music festivals in Detroit, the Electronic Music Festival takes place during Memorial Day weekend, while the two jazz festivals run through Labor Day weekend.

Pine Knob Music Theatre

The Pine Knob Music Theatre is an outdoor amphitheater that sits about forty miles northwest of Detroit. However, what’s the point of having a road trip to the Motor City without checking out one of the nation’s most popular venues? In less than an hour, drivers have the opportunity to find out for themselves what makes Pine Knob so popular. This is one of the top-selling outdoor concert venues in the world and has won a series of awards as one of the “it” venues for music fans, regardless of whatever genre they’re into.

Since 1972, the theater featured icons such as David Cassidy, Bob Dylan, Eddie Money, Linda Ronstadt, and Andy Williams. Hometown musical heroes such as Bob Seger have also performed here. The list of world-class performers such as Chicago and Kid Rock have rocked before a live audience on more than one occasion as they took advantage of the great outdoors and the acoustics this phenomenal venue provides. This is also a great venue for outdoor musical festivals during the summer season. As of 2019, the official address of Pine Knob Music Theatre was changed from 7774 Sashabaw Road to 33 Bob Seger Drive. This was to honor the state’s musical icon after he performed thirty-three shows at this world-famous venue.

Previously known as DTE Energy Music Theatre, Pine Know Music Theatre also has a large indoor lounge area for music fans wishing to take advantage of its Tree House Lounge. It’s hard to miss the theater as it’s located at the Pine Knob Ski Resort. This wonderfully scenic drive is worth your time if you don’t mind traveling northbound on Interstate Highway 75 to check the place out. Should you have tickets to see a show there, hit the road early to avoid traffic congestion coming out of Detroit by fellow concertgoers.

The Fillmore & The Fox

Year after year, The Fillmore Detroit has hosted the Detroit Music Awards as the city recognizes the best of its homegrown talent. Recipients of these awards included George Clinton, Iggy Pop, The Four Tops, The Temptations, Was (Not Was), and CeCe Winans, just to name a few. Once upon a time, the venue was called State Theatre before adopting the new name in 2007. Since 1925, the legacy of what is now recognized as a historical landmark continues to shine as one of Detroit’s best musical venues to date. It was here the 2015 semi-finals of American Idol were hosted, and it is here some of the city’s best concert venues continue to entertain before a live audience. Suppose you’re looking to score concert tickets as part of your road trip experience. In that case, Fillmore Detroit maintains a busy event schedule featuring some of the biggest stars from a variety of genres. Such names include Aqua, Geddy Lee, Dylan Scott, and Teddy Swims.

The Fillmore Detroit’s street address is 2115 Woodward Avenue, and is the closest neighbor to another legendary landmark, Fox Theatre. The Fox sits at 2211 Woodward Avenue. Like its neighbor, this venue has also been listed as a landmark by the National Register of Historic Places. Both of these venues sit in the heart of what’s been fondly nicknamed Foxtown as the city’s way of paying homage to a theater that has contributed so much. To this day, Fox remains one of the city’s major performance centers. With a seating capacity that can accommodate over five thousand people, the Fox remains the most significant original Fox Theatre since it was built in 1928.

Fox Theatre belongs to Olympia Entertainment, and it continues to serve as a fantastic venue known for hosting musical events. In addition to its legacy as a theater presenting live performances by icons such as Aretha Franklin, Diana Ross, and Stevie Wonder, it has also been a modern-day favorite, hosting new legends in the making, such as Greta Van Fleet.

The Old Miami

Situated in the Cass Corridor district at 3930 Cass Avenue, The Old Miami has been a popular hangout since opening its doors in 1975. When visiting this iconic venue known for excellent live music, be sure to check out the Vietnam-era memorabilia that proudly illustrates what used to be a hotspot for veterans. A few still hang around this popular venue that once featured some of Motown’s finest, such as Patti Smith and The White Stripes. The Old Miami is just north of downtown Detroit and is right across the street from the incredibly awesome Burger Truck Detroit.

Detroit’s Club Music Scene

A road trip to Detroit wouldn’t seem right for music fans without checking out the city’s collection of bars, clubs, and other great venues who know at least a thing or two about keeping their guests entertained. Whether you’re looking to party at a nightclub or opt for an evening of easy-listening classics, Detroit has it. When it comes to rockin’ the night away, Motor City knows how to rev things up to make your experience as a visiting music fan memorable.

3Fifty Terrace

We already mentioned 3Fifty Terrace when talking about the Music Hall Center for the Performing Arts. This popular nightclub sits on the rooftop of the historic venue and is one of Detroit’s most popular venues, especially during the summer months. The dress code here is casual, unlike its upper-scale sister club, The Annex. You’ll find a large dance floor, an impressive granite bar, and spectacular views of Detroit as you soak up the city’s nightlife experience. Before going, be sure to call ahead to make sure you’re able to go, especially if you want the VIP treatment. Usually, the rooftop is open for business from Thursday to Saturday at 10 PM and at 5 PM on Sundays.


One of downtown Detroit’s nightclub gems is Bleu. This large, upper-scale venue is known for its dance, electronic, and hip-hop music mix. If you’re in the mood to groove to whatever local and international DJs are playing, this would be the place for you. Bleu is where you go when you want a Vegas-style nightclub. However, it is recommended you dress up for the occasion as this is a trendy hangout with a lavish VIP area. If you want the VIP treatment, it is highly recommended to book ahead of time. This place has also been known to host live musicians and is notorious for themed events such as ladies’ nights and launch parties. Bleu is located on 1540 Woodward Avenue and is part of Detroit’s beautiful and historic Grand Circus Park.

Exodus Rooftop

Greektown’s Exodus Rooftop at 529 Monroe Street is the only lounge in Detroit that keeps rocking throughout the year as an indoor-outdoor venue designed to rock its guests with great dance music. This is one of the city’s most popular venues to visit during the summer, thanks to the cityscape views and lively atmosphere. This sits right above the Golden Fleece Restaurant in Greektown and has been a popular hangout for DJs and nightclubbers. Whatever brand of music gets people moving on the dance floor, Exodus will play it. Between electro, hip-hop, and some retro, dancing the night away on the rooftop is sure to be an experience that will make your road trip to Detroit awesome.

The Annex

If your road trip only has time for one nightclub to visit as part of your itinerary, The Annex at 24 Adams Avenue would be the perfect choice. This is the sister club to the iconic 3Fifty Terrace, the rooftop venue located at the Music Hall Center for the Performing Arts. The Annex has made a name for itself as a key influencer in Detroit’s nightlife, thanks to the Instagram stars known as AnnexAngels. Also known as Bottle Babes, these influencers have been known to party it up at the 3Fifty.

What makes The Annex stand out is its unrivaled audio-visual experience, making it Detroit’s premier venue for members of the party crowd who want to let loose and boogie. Because this place is so popular, don’t be surprised if you find celebrities hitting the dance floor or taking up space at the VIP lounge. Usually, this place makes its noise every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 10 PM until 2 AM. If this is where you want to go, be sure to book ahead of time so you’re sure to be let through the doors.

Destination Detroit

The reputation of Detroit’s music scene became every bit as popular as its impact on the automobile industry over the years. In addition to earning Motor City as its official nickname, Detroit has also been fondly referred to as Motown and Rock City. Choosing Detroit as a road trip destination for music fans seems to be the best of two worlds. If you’re a music fan who loves automobiles, this truly is the perfect city for you. Now, throw in some excellent diners and drive-ins; you have the perfect recipe for classic cars, classic food, and classic rock as the ultimate road trip experience.

Detroit’s Kid Rock would know this better than anyone as he personally escorted Guy Fieri from the Food Network in and around the city for one of Fieri’s episodes of Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. One that stood out was The Fly Trap, a “finer diner” restaurant close to the Detroit Zoo situated at 22950 Woodward Avenue. This would be it if you’re looking for a twist to diner classics. Should you be in the mood for gingerbread waffles or a red chili salmon burger, this popular hangout sits in Ferndale on Woodward Avenue, just south of East Breckenridge Street.

With a city as culturally influential and historical as Detroit is, there is so much to see and do for music fans who choose to take their road trip here. Since the 1940s, live music has played a prominent role in Detroit as it first attracted North American talent to either visit or move to the city. It wasn’t just American musicians like John Lee Hooker who headed straight for Michigan’s largest city. Canada’s Joni Mitchell and R. Dean Taylor also moved here at one point. Detroit has been a popular city for motorists to visit for many years and is still a favorite destination.

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