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John Fogerty Las Vegas

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Throughout January 2016, John Fogerty played a series of concerts at the Venetian Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, offering eight performances over the course of the month. Set in The Venetian Theater, this intimate show took a look back through Fogerty’s musical history, both with his Rock and Roll Hall of Fame group, Creedence Clearwater Revival (CCR), and in his later solo efforts. The show gave special attention to the year 1969, in which CCR released three successful studio albums. Combining musical performances with video footage and personal monologues, this concert embodies Fogerty’s spirit through a tapestry of musical and visual storytelling. VIP tickets to the show gave fans not only front row seats for the concert, but also a gift bag of memorabilia, including a t-shirt, bandanna, hat, guitar pick and copy of Fogerty’s memoir, Fortunate Son: My Life, My Music, to be released October 6th, 2016.

Revisiting Classic Creedence Hits

Fogerty is best known for his work with CCR. After several name and member changes throughout the early 1960s, the band eventually settled on Creedence Clearwater Revival in 1968. The late 60s and early 70s led Creedence to rapid fame with hits including “Proud Mary,” “Bad Moon Rising” and “Looking Out My Back Door,” among many others. Fogerty’s songs were characterized by a down home southern twang and Vietnam War sentiments. Their psychedelic roots-rock sound was well-received by audiences at the time and helped to shape the evolution of rock and roll music going forward. Unfortunately, the band suffered from issues of creative differences regarding Fogerty’s domination of the creative direction of the group and eventually split in 1972.

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 Fogerty’s Evolving Solo Style

Fogerty’s first solo album, Blue Ridge Rangers in 1973, received mixed reviews. For this album, Fogerty recorded all of the instruments and vocals himself and dubbed them over each other to complete the songs. He delivered an album with country and western influences that achieved only moderate success with critics and fans alike. After that first release, Fogerty found himself embroiled in legal battles with his former group’s record label, Fantasy Records. He did not release another album until 1985, Centerfield, which was well-received by critics.

On this album, Fogerty stayed true to his bayou roots and produced a sound that seemed almost like an extension of his work with Creedence. While the style had been modernized a bit for the times, the swamp rock vibe was unmistakable, as was Fogerty’s inimitable voice. His later 1985 album, Eye of the Zombie, took a step away from his origins and delivered a sound that was much harder and darker. This album also achieved critical acclaim for its apocalyptic undertones and themes.

Going Back to the Beginning

After decades of legal battles, Fogerty opened himself up to the idea of revisiting his CCR music in the late 1990s and early 2000s, performing benefits and charity concerts. That trend continued into his Fortunate Son concert series in Las Vegas. For those who missed their chance to attend the shows in Vegas, Fogerty will continue to tour the United States in 2016, with dates set in California for the Stagecoach Music Festival on April 30th and stops in Texas and Oklahoma in mid-May.

Written by Alanna Kate Borrowman



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