Moody Blues Voted Into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Moody Blues Rock and Roll Hall of FameFinally, the great Gods of rock and roll justice have found their way and voted The Moody Blues into the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame. After years of not even being nominated, the Moody Blues received their first nomination a few months ago. Moody Blues fans who had long been frustrated by the ignorance of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s voters probably never expected that The Moody Blues would actually win the nomination.

The Moody Blues will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2018 with their fellow musical artists Bon Jovi, The Cars, Dire Straits, and Nina Simone. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction Ceremony will take place in the Spring of 2018 on April 14th. This year’s Ceremony will take place in Cleveland, Ohio which is the hometown of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Ceremony will be broadcast at a later date on HBO as they have done for so many years. The Rock and Roll hall of Fame began inducting performers thirty-three years ago even before the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum Cleveland Ohio had been built.

The Moody Blues were first formed in 1964. The band’s early success was found on their first hit single entitled “Go Now.” However, it was not hit singles that earned the band their loyal following. The Moody Blues were a pioneering band in shaping the genre of progressive music. Their use of the Mellotron and lush string arrangements set them apart from all other rock and roll bands. The band’s deep vocals resonated with a sound of warmth that was simply captivating. Their lyricism, melodies, and chord progreessions were full of substance and originality. The mere fact that they played such a pivotal roll in the development of progressive rock with their unique sound has made fans shake their heads in dismay for so many years as to how the band had been ignored by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame voters. Well, now its finally time for them to Go Now into that Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The dismay is over.

To view our choices in picking out some of the bands best songs, check out our Top 10 Moody Blues songs article.

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