The Rasmus Songs Ranked

The Rasmus Songs

Our top 10 The Rasmus songs introduce us to an award-winning Finnish band reputable for its awe-inspiring rock music. The band was formed in 1994 by friends who met at a Helsinki high school. Initially, the band went under the moniker “Rasmus,” performing their first show at their former high school pre-Christmas party. While the band has seen a few changes, Lauri Ylönen has remained the band’s frontman even though he has recorded a song with Apocalyptica alongside HIM singer Ville Valo. The Rasmus released their debut extended play 1st in 1995, which sold only a few thousand copies. Years that followed had the band release the debut album Peep and EP’s 2nd and 3rd, which received critical acclaim in their homeland and Europe. The Rasmus would win an Emma for the 1996 Best Newcomer Award.

This would lead to vocalist Lauri and guitarist Pauli quitting studies to concentrate on their newfound glory in music. The result was an album Playboys, which went Gold in the band’s native land. Initially, most of the band’s music was funk having The Rasmus alter their musical style to rock. The change of music style was marked by the release of the band’s 1998 third studio album Hell of a Tester. The band released tons of albums years later, which won multiple awards in the Finnish Emma Awards, ECHO Awards, and MTV Europe Music Awards. The Rasmus were also part of Dynasty, a musical brotherhood that brought together top Finnish bands, including Killer and Kwan. Thanks to the band’s unchanged lineup since 1999, it has maintained an unswerving musical style. Here are our top 10 The Rasmus songs from the band’s nine studio albums.

# 10 – In My Life

Opening our top 10 The Rasmus songs is the ballad “In My Life.” The song is an original composition by The Rasmus for their fifth studio album, Dead Letters. “In My Life” is an upbeat song that features timeless melodies thanks to the sublime instrumentation by the band members. The song finds the band members in hyper moments on each chorus, having them jump around to the song’s beat. “In My Life” reached number two on the Finnish Singles Chart. The Beatles had their version of the song written by John Lennon back in the 1960s.

# 9 – I’m A Mess

Even though our lives might be in limbo or a bad state, there is something that we all can be proud of (For those who see life in a positive dimension as I do). No better song covers such a feeling and theme than “I’m A Mess” featured on the band’s eponymous album. While the narrator feels lost in life, one thing that has not departed from him is how to make a close soul shine as no one else can do. He uses this to try not to leave his lover even though his life is a mess.

# 8 – October & April

The Rasmus brings to the band’s fans a transcendent symphonic rock song, “October & April.” Written by the band members, the song brings the best of The Rasmus’ collaboration acts having the band link up with Anette Olzon. The song is moving thanks to its exquisite lyrics, which allude to a fatal love between two people. Another “October & April” version was leaked in 2010, having it feature Lena Katina of t.A.T.u. The song peaked at number two on the Finnish Singles Chart.

# 7 – Justify

“Justify” is an original composition by the band members of The Rasmus released in February 2009 for the album Black Roses. The song lyrics allude to a relationship that ended with a goodbye from the lady, something that hurts the narrator. After all that the guy did, nothing would make the lover stay. The music video for the song starts with Ylönen tied on a chair where he pours out his emotional words. His black-ink color tears pour until they gradually fill the room, drowning him, signifying his sinking in pain. The song charted in Austria, Slovakia, and Germany, making it to the top hundred songs of those nation’s singles charts.

# 6 – First Day of My Life

“First Day of My Life” became one of the best The Rasmus songs from Dead Letters. The song is an original song by the band, with its lyrics alluding to The Rasmus being on tour, making the band’s musical success a reality. Bright Eyes released a song with a similar title (but different lyrics) for the band’s album I’m Wide Awake, It’s Morning. The Rasmus’ version peaked at number fifty on the UK Singles Chart, appearing on tons of charts in many other European countries.

# 5 – Guilty

Have you ever felt like whatever you do deprives you of time to bond with your family and friends? The Rasmus have felt that and even went further to feel guilty of their situation. “Guilty” was released by the band on the album Dead Letters to show how The Rasmus feel about neglecting their family and friends owing to the nature of the band’s job. Without a doubt, the band members hold their family and friends dear in their hearts despite their absence at times.

# 4 – Sail Away

Written by Lauri Ylönen, “Sail Away” was originally recorded and released on the band’s album Hide from the Sun. “Sail Away” is a relaxed but melodic song that features violin sounds. Its lyrics allude to a relationship where the parties seem to be moving on after love seems to have died. Thanks to its outstanding video, the song was successful, having it peak at number one on MTV Latino in 2006.

# 3 – No Fear

“No Fear” is the most successful release from the band’s sixth album, Hide from the Sun. Other than topping on several charts such as the Israel Singles Top 40 and Finland Singles Top 20 charts, the song also peaked at number one on “UpNorth,” an MTV Europe’s Nordic chart list. Thanks to the magnificent instrumental that “No Fear” became one of the band’s timeless hit songs.

# 2 –  Livin’ In A World Without You

Falling in love might be the best thing that many might have experienced. While the feeling might feel so great, at times, it is all built on a lie and fake emotions. Some people have a problem moving, but not for the narrator in The Rasmus’ song “Livin’ In A World Without You.” Now that the narrator has moved on, he confesses that he sees the light and hopes to guide him in living in a world without the toxic girlfriend.

# 1 – In The Shadows

Number one on our top 10 The Rasmus songs list is “In The Shadows,” featured on the band’s fifth album, Dead Letters. Written by the band members, “In The Shadows” is the most popular song by The Rasmus, having it used for animation movies and TV shows. The song was nominated for the 2004 Kerrang! Award for the Best Single thanks to its awe-inspiring composition. “In The Shadows” peaked at number one on several charts globally while reaching number three on the UK Singles Chart.

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