Top 10 George Thorogood Songs

George Thorogood Songs

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Our Top 10 George Thororgood Songs list takes a look at an artist that has blended powerhouse  boogie blues and rock to create a distinctive original sound. George Thorogood released his first album in 1977 entitled George Thorogood and the Destroyers. Out of the albums ten songs, eight were covers. That defined George Thorogood as artist that would largely focus on covering blues classics. That’s not surprising because most blues artist spend most of their careers covering all the blues classics that were written throughout the early and mid 20th century. Nonetheless, George Thorogood would wind up writing the two biggest hits of his career.

After the release of George Thorogood and the Destroyers in 1977, George Thorogood  released his second album entitled Move It On Over in 1978. The title cut instantly put George Thorogood on the map. From that point on, all throughout the 1980s and 1990’s George Thorogood and his band would be in constant play on the radio.

George Thorogood’s last studio album was released in 2017 entitled Party Of One. For 40 years George Thorogood has continued to release albums on a steady basis. George Thorogood  has constantly performed concerts throughout his entire career. Like all genuine blues musicians, the concept of working is what it’s all about. There is nothing else for a real musician like George Thorogood. We hope you enjoy this top 10 George Thorogood songs list.

# 10 – Who Do You Love

Well, no better way to open up our top 10 George Thororgood songs list than with one of his best known covers. The great Bo Diddley tune “Who Do You Love,” was the perfect song to capture George Thorogood’s smart aleck blues vocals and to die for guitar playing. This great version of “Who do You Love,” was released on George Thorogood’s second album entitled Move It on Over.

# 9 – Wanted Man

While most of George Thorogood’s material was straight out nasty boogie blues rock, occasionally Mr. George Thorogood world record something close to a ballad. This great cover of Bob Dylan’s “Wanted Man,” was released on the Bad To The Bone album. It was the record’s closing track.

# 8 – Reelin’ And Rockin’

George Thorogood has covered many Chuck Berry songs throughout his career. This live version of “Reelin’ and Rocking,” stands as one of the best. The version making our top 10 George Thorogood songs list was released on the 1986 Live album. The George Thorogood Live album wound up being the biggest selling album of his career. It is George Thorogood’s only U.S. Platinum album.

# 7 – Willie and the Hand Jive

George Thorogood’s version of the great Johnny Otis song “Willie and the Hand Jive” was released on the 1985 Maverick album. The song was released as a single and reached number 63 on the Billboard Hot 100. That is pretty incredible when you realize that the song was originally written in 1958. Great songs stay great great songs, no matter what time of day you listen to them.

# 6 – Gear Jammer

Talk about opening an album with the pedal to the metal WOW! This one smokes. From the great Maverick Lp. Always been one of our favorite George Thorogood songs. That horn section on the verse licks just tears it up.

# 5 – One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer

If there ever was a great storyteller, it was George Thorogood. The man was like the boogie blues Sinatra. Every word out of George Thorogood’s mouth was completely believable. He knew how to phrase perfectly in the blues tradition. This great song “One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer,” is a perfect example of what we are writing about.  Perfect line… “Now your funny too,”

# 4 – You Talk To Much

This is one of the most fun George Thorogood songs in the George Thorogood catalog. We all know someone that fits this bill. This great track was released on the almighty Born To Be Bad album which is not to be confused with the album that “Bad to the Bone,” was released on. They are two different albums.

# 3 – Move It On Over

In 1979, George Thorogood had a rock and roll hit with a country song written in 1947 by Hank Williams. That’s why we love George Thorogood. The song was issued on George Thorogood’s second album. “Move It On Over,” was released as a single in 1979.

# 2 – I Drink Alone

If there ever was the perfect drinking song, George Thorogood’s “I Drink Alone,” was it. The song was released on the Maverick album in 1985. The song was also written by George Thorogood. The official video showcases George Thorogood pulling to an old country bar by himself on his motorcycle. He walks into the empty bar and pulls a shot glass out of his guitar case. For the entire video George Thorogood drinks, sings and plays guitar by himself. At the end of the video a beautiful woman appears next to him. George Thorogood throws her a look of disgust and then begins to walk out of the bar. As he is about to leave he turns and looks towards her and sings the final line, “I Drink Alone.” He then slams the door shut behind her. That’s why we love George Thorogood.

# 1 – Bad To The Bone

Hands down, George Thorogood’s “Bad To The Bone,” opens with one of the most recognizable licks in rock and roll history. Its right up there with Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love,” The Beatles “Day Tripper,” Metallica’s “Enter Sandman,” and Cream’s “Sunshine of your Love.”  Without a doubt “Bad To The Bone,” is George Thorogood’s most popular song. The song defined George Thorogood’s ability to play some of the meanest guitar licks juxtaposed against his bad attitude vocal delivery that just bled the ultimate hardcore blues.

One of the greatest aspects of the song “Bad To The Bone,” was the fact that George Thororgood wrote the song. The majority of George Thorogood’s recorded and released material has been covers. However, many of George Thorogood’s originals have always been among our favorite George Thorogood songs.

“Bad To the Bone,” is not only George Thorogood’s most popular song, it is one of the most popular rock songs ever used in film and television. The lick is so recognizable that producers only have to play a few seconds of the opening to get there point across. “Bad To The Bone,” is simply the most perfect way to conclude our top 10 George Thorogood songs list.

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