Top 10 Aerosmith Album Covers

Aerosmith Album Covers

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Our Top 10 Top 10 Aerosmith Album Covers list takes a look at some of our favorite Aerosmith Album Covers that the band has released throughout their spectacular career. Lead singer Steven Tyler met Joe Perry, Aerosmith’s lead guitarist, while working at an ice cream parlor in New Hampshire in 1970. Steven was a drummer before he was the lead singer, he became lead singer when drummer Joey Kramer joined. The second guitarist that was added to Aerosmith, Ray Tabano, was quickly replaced by another guitarist, Brad Whitford. At the end of 1970, Aerosmith moved to Boston and played their music in clubs around New York and Massachusetts for two years before they received a record contract in 1972 with Columbia Records. In the 1980s, Aerosmith band members lacked the creativity needed to make music and also had problems with drug abuse, which led them to a period of time where they were inactive. Joe Perry left the band in 1979 but when he came back to Aerosmith, the band came back stronger than ever in the late 1980s.

There is no debate that Aerosmith was and currently still is one of the greatest bands in rock history, but they only had one #1 hit on the Billboard Hot 100. This #1 hit, starting September 5, 1998, stayed on the top of the list for a month and it wasn’t even written by any of the band members! Diane Warren was actually the writer of Aerosmith’s only #1 hit, ‘I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing’. Aside from only having a #1 hit, the band had numerous awards over the years for their other outstanding music. Creators of Guitar Hero released a game called ‘Guitar Hero Aerosmith’ that allowed fans to strum those plastic keys to a lot of Aerosmith’s greatest hits. The band was added into the Rock Hall of Fame in 2001. Aerosmith released a total of 15 amazing albums but are currently touring and have touring dates set through 2022. It was hard not to list all of the Aerosmith albums because they each are unique in their own way, but the least to the best album covers include:

# 10 – Honkin’ on Bobo

This album cover features a lipstick lip imprint and the Aerosmith logo stamped on it laying on a satin sheet. The album is not really your typical Aerosmith album, it is a mixture of rock and blues from the 1950s and 1960s. Featuring great songs such as ‘Shame, Shame Shame’, ‘The Grind’, ‘Never Loved A Girl’, and ‘I’m Ready’. ‘Honkin on Bobo’ was released in 2004 as Aerosmith’s 14th album and sold over 500,000 albums.

# 9 – Done With Mirrors

The album cover was a little simple, featuring lettering and not really an eye catcher. In an interview, Joe Perry had mentioned that the concept of this album cover came from their new record company’s art department. This album was to mark the return of two of the band members, Joe Perry and Brad Whitford, after a falling out that happened within the band. In my opinion this album was the worst Aerosmith album, but learning a little about the demons and problems that the members of one of my favorite rock bands has made me rethink my dislike for the album. ‘Done With Mirrors’ was released in 1985 and sold around half a million albums.

# 8 – Night In The Ruts

The album cover features the band members dressed as miners in a black and white photo. This is the album where Joe Perry had left in the middle of recording the album. Jimmy Crespo was then recruited to play in Joe Perry’s place while the band toured. The songs of this album weren’t any of the greatest Aerosmith hits but the album cover was interesting especially since the band ultimately lost Joe Perry in the middle of recording. ‘Night in the Ruts’ was released in 1979, and sold about a million copies.

# 7  – Get Your Wings

This was Aerosmith’s 2nd album that they released, and the cover featured all of the band members. There were a few good songs on this album including, ‘Same Old Song and Dance’, and ‘Women of the World’. ‘Women of the World’ was actually written by one of the members of Steven Tyler’s former band. The album came out in 1974 and sold around 3 million copies.

# 6 – Permanent Vacation

This album cover was pretty eye-catching and has the well recognizable Aerosmith winged logo on it. In my opinion this album was one of the best Aerosmith albums, although they did have a lot of good songs on other albums. ‘Dude Looks Like a Lady’, ‘Rag Doll’, ‘Magic Touch’ and ‘Angel’ were all featured on this album, it was one of the best comebacks for a band. The album was released in 1987 and sold a total of 5 million copies.

# 5 – Get A Grip

This album cover features an Aerosmith logo branded cow with a pierced teat. ‘Get A Grip’, ‘Livin on the Edge’, ‘Crazy’, and ‘Gotta Love It’ were and still are all great songs. Although ‘Livin on the Edge’ is the most memorable song of this album, the other songs are worth listening to. ‘Get A Grip’ was released in 1993 and sold over 7 million albums.

# 4 – Pump

This album cover was a pretty unique one, but the songs were equally unique. ‘Janie’s Got A Gun’ is one of the most memorable songs to come off of the ‘Pump’ album, but other songs such as ‘The Other Side’, ‘My Girl’, and ‘What It Takes’ were good rock jams as well. ‘Pump’ came out in the fall of 1989 and sold over 7 million copies.

# 3 – Aerosmith

This album cover yet again features the band members, but this time there are clouds in the background. It’s significant because it was almost as if they knew they were going to rise in fame. ‘Walkin the Dog’, ‘Make It’ and an all time fan favorite song ‘Dream On’ were all featured on this debut album. Unfortunately this album only sold 2 million copies, but maybe that’s because Bruce Springsteen also released a debut album on the same day with the same record company.

# 2 – Nine Lives

One of the best album covers is the one that features the hard rock loving cat with the daggers surrounding him. There is a lot to notice about this album cover, like the design of the cat’s shirt and the things in the background of the wheel. I think I was too busy listening to the great music that came off of this album instead of paying attention to the actual album. One of the great songs that ‘Nine Lives’ featured was ‘Pink’ and let me tell you, it was “my new obsession”. ‘Nine Lives’ came out in 1997 and somehow only sold 2 million albums.

# 1 – Toys in the Attic

This album cover is sort of creepy with the actual toys in the attic, but it is definitely a one of a kind album cover. Aerosmith’s best album, and best selling album features their most known songs, ‘Walk This Way’ and ‘Sweet Emotion’. Don’t get me wrong, other songs on this album rocked too such as ‘You See Me Crying’ and ‘Round and Round’. Selling around 8 million copies, this album was Aerosmith’s 3rd released album but also their all around greatest.

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