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Aly & AJ Songs

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Our Top 10 Aly & AJ Songs list looks at a pop/rock duo. Aly & AJ are sisters. They have been in the music business since 2004. They have released five albums together to date. Three of their albums charted in the US. The duo also released EPs. They like to use their platform to talk about political and social issues. They also talk about relationships. Their singles include “Potential Breakup Song,” “Rush,” “Like Whoa,” “Slow Dancing,” “Take Me,” “Greatest Time of Year,” as well as others. The duo has won awards throughout their career.

Aly Michalka was born in 1989 and AJ Michalka was born in 1991. They received a record contract when Aly Michalka was 15 and AJ Michalka was 13. They released their debut album Into the Rush in August 2005. The album peaked at number 36 on the Billboard 200 charts. It features the singles “Do You Believe in Magic,” “No One,” “Walking on Sunshine,” “Never Far Behind,” “Rush,” “On the Ride” and “Chemicals React.” The album sold over 839,000 copies. Acoustic Hearts of Winter came out in September 2006. The album peaked at number 78 on the Billboard 200 charts and number 14 on the Holiday charts. The album features two original songs and traditional Christmas music. It features the single “Greatest Time of Year.”

Insomniatic was released in July 2007. It peaked at number 15 on the Billboard 200 charts. It features the singles “Potential Breakup Song,” “Like Whoa,” “Closure” and “Flattery.” The album sold over 700,000 copies. A Touch of the Beat Gets You Up on Your Feet Gets You Out and Then Into the Sun came out in May 2021. It features the singles “Slow Dancing,” “Listen!!!,” “Pretty Places,” “Symptom of Your Touch” and “Don’t Need Anything.” With Love From was released in March 2023. It features the singles “With Love From,” “Baby Lay Your Head Down,” “After Hours” and “Blue Dress.”

Aly & AJ are a talented duo who were able to make the transition from teen stars to adult stars. Some teen acts end up going down a different path, but they were able to keep making music together. Groups tend to break up, but they managed to stay together. Our Top 10 Aly & AJ Songs list will focus on the songs that are worth checking out.

# 10 – I Know

The 10th song on our Top 10 Aly & AJ Songs list is “I Know” from the Ten Years EP. The song was released in November 2017. It’s about a person going through a hard time and needing someone to make them feel better. The narrator wants to reach out to a friend in need. Her friend is going through something.

The narrator’s friend hasn’t gotten out of bed in days. She assures her friend that we’ve all seen better days. She’s trying to relate to her friend’s problem. Her friend’s light is fading. If the narrator could feel the pain, she would know what to do. Our narrator lets her friend know that tomorrow will be a better day. Everything is going to be fine.

The uplifting song is about the power of friendship. This song teaches you that no matter what you’re going through you’re not alone. This is a song you will want to hear if you feel alone or know someone who feels alone. The song may inspire you to be there for someone. It’s easy to see that this song is personal to the duo. They wrote the song based on what happened to one of their friends.

This is a track we didn’t know we needed until it came along. The song is a beautiful dedication to a friend. The synths give the song an 80s vibe. The drums give the song tempo. The music is fire. You might get hooked on the song as soon as the beat drops. The sisters’ voices are exquisite. Aly Michalka’s vocals are heartfelt. Her vocals are warm and sincere as she’s trying to reach out to her friend. Aly & AJ’s harmonies shine on this song. If you have a friend who needs help, this song is perfect for you.

# 9 – Take Me

The ninth song on our Top 10 Aly & AJ Songs list is “Take Me” from the EP Ten Years. The song came out in August 2017. The song is about a woman wondering when the guy she likes is going to make a move on her. She has been spending time checking him out, but she’s not going to wait long for him to make his move on her because she has better things to do. The narrator wonders when he’s going to take her out. In the next verse, the narrator says all he ever does is talk. She wants him to show her how he feels about her before she must show him. She knows he would want to be with her if she came on to him. If he wants her to please him, he must ask her out.

“Take Me” tells a story about a woman who wants a man to be aggressive with her. She wants him to make the first move. She wants to please him, but he has to ask her out first. It can be frustrating waiting for someone you like to ask you out. Aly & AJ depict this feeling perfectly. The lyrics touch on how it feels to be kept waiting when you want something to happen. The story is easy to follow.

The duo keeps the story simple. When you listen to the lyrics there’s no denying what the duo wants from the men in their lives. The music is synth-driven and futuristic. The old school electronic drumbeat gives the song an 80s vibe. The song is a blend of today and old school music. It’s a great pop song for fans of the genre. They chose the right music to suit their voices.

# 8 – Don’t Go Changing

The eighth song on our Top 10 Aly & AJ Songs list is “Don’t Go Changing” from the Sanctuary EP. The song was released in 2019. “Don’t Go Changing” is about a woman who doesn’t want her man to change. She confronts her boyfriend because he’s being distant towards her. He is acting like a stranger to her. She talks about how she’s always been in his corner. She always supports and cheers him on.

Our narrator doesn’t want her man to change. She loves him the way he is. He is good enough for her. In the second verse, the narrator asks her boyfriend if someone made him doubt himself. He gives it away that someone got to him when he stops talking to her. She reminds him that she’s always been there for him. She will always root for him. He is everything she has ever wanted. It hurts her to watch him changing. The narrator thought he was too good to be true, but she doesn’t want him to change.

This is an honest portrayal of a woman who wants her man to stay the same. The message behind the song is that love can be scary, but it’s worth it in the end. You shouldn’t let your fears keep you from being in love. What we like about this song is that Aly & AJ wanted to write a song about women supporting their men. They wanted to write a positive song about staying true to yourself.

They don’t always see change as a good thing. The hook is inspiring because it lets you know that you are good enough no matter what anyone says. The sing along chorus is impossible to ignore. The dance track has an 80s electronic sound. The music is hypnotic. The drumbeat adds tempo to the song which will allow you to move in your seat. The duo’s voices are incredible. Their soprano vocals shine brightly throughout the track.

# 7 – With Love From

The seventh song on our list is “With Love From.” It’s from the album of the same name. The single was released in November 2022. It’s a reflective song about the choices that you make in life. The song opens with our narrator not being happy anywhere. She had everything in front of her, but she didn’t care. She doesn’t know how she ended up in this situation. She packed her things and went on a one-way ride. The narrator said she would change, but she never did. In verse two, she is laying low in Vegas without anything to do. She plans on leaving her things and coming back for her partner.

The narrator is looking for luck because she wants closure. She saw a house that made her homesick. She’s hoping to find the answers she’s looking for in life. It makes her nervous thinking about the answers. She doesn’t want to live in panic. She’s getting older and used to waking up slower.

The introspective song is about a woman who is living in misery. She’s trying to find her happiness again. She thought running away from her problems would help, but it didn’t. She ends up being homesick. People who have trouble finding happiness will understand the meaning of the song. The duo wrote a song that has numerous meanings. The song could be about family, a relationship, friendship or life.

It’s up to you how you want to interpret the song. We applaud Aly & AJ for writing this type of song because it has multiple meanings. They switched things up for this song. This song has a country, pop and rock sound. The track highlights both of their vocals. The sisters take turns singing lead on this song. It was nice to hear both of them singing lead. They sound angelic on the track. Their vocals are stunning. They nail this song with their beautiful tones.

# 6 – Slow Dancing

“Slow Dancing” is from A Touch of the Beat Gets You Up on Your Feet Gets You Out and Then Into the Sun. The song came out in December 2020. The track is about being away from someone you love. Our narrator misses her man. He has been gone for a long time. It feels like it’s been a long time since she’s seen him. She’s starting to forget how he felt. No matter what she does to take her mind off it, she keeps thinking about being in his arms. She doesn’t need anything fancy. All she wants is for the two of them to slow dance. No matter what is going on in the world, all she was thinking about was him. She feels like she is in Heaven when she’s dancing with her man.

“Slow Dancing” is a romantic song that tells a story about a woman who misses the person she loves. She longs to have physical intimacy with him. If you are away from the person you love, you know that you are not alone. The song is timely, especially with what is going on in the world. People are being separated for one reason or another so the lyrics will hit home. Aly & AJ wrote a love letter set to music. The lyrics will melt your heart especially if you are away from the person you love.

The music has a cool acoustic vibe to it. This song gives the duo a chance to slow things down. We have songs on our list that will have you moving. This song is a chance for you to focus on their lyrics. The music gives the song an intimate setting. It’s soft and soothing. Aly & AJ’s dreamy vocals are alluring. They sound like Taylor Swift. Their harmonies are flawless in the song. Their voices blend and make one. The song is mesmerizing.

# 5 – Good Love

The next song on our Top 10 Aly & AJ Songs list is “Good Love” from the Ten Years EP. The song was released in June 2018. The song is about how you feel when you finally find the right one. In the first verse, our narrator talks about someone being on her mind. “Good love” is hard to find. She wants him to tell her to stay. All she finds is bad love. She keeps waiting to touch someone. She wants someone to be close to her. She wants to love and kiss someone. In the next verse, she talks about wanting to find a face to hold. Our narrator wants to memorize his face. She wants him to give her “good love.” She wants emotional love and not just the physical side of it.

“Good Love” tells a story about how hard it is to find “good love.” There are times when you have to go through a lot in order to find true love. This song is ideal for anyone who has had trouble finding love. Aly & AJ let you know that you aren’t the only one who has had trouble finding “good love.” They wrote the song in a way that they don’t come off sounding desperate for love. They sound like anyone else who is struggling to find the right one.

They touch on a subject most of us understand because finding love can be hard. Aly & AJ slowed things down for this song too. It has a scintillating 80s sound that they have used for their songs. The synth-driven song is sure to please their fans. Aly & AJ’s vocals are layered on this song. It was a nice touch to hear their voices sound that way. Their vocals are pure gold. Everything about the song works.

# 4 – Like Whoa

“Like Whoa” is from the Insomniatic album. The song was released in March 2008. It’s a song about the narrator being in love. The narrator thinks about the man she loves. Thoughts of him take over her brain and it feels good. She considers him a tattoo that she can’t remove, but it feels good. She compares love to being on a roller coaster ride. Love is like the excitement you feel when you are on a roller coaster. In the next verse, she gets the feeling all over again. She feels like she’s falling and needs to be strapped in. She’s running out of air, and it feels good. He is allowing her to let go of her inhibitions. He is like an affliction to her.

“Like Whoa” compares love to being on a roller coaster ride. They compare the excitement you feel to being on a roller coaster ride to the excitement you feel about falling in love. They can be scary and exciting at the same time. Aly & AJ used a unique way to describe the feeling of falling in love. The roller coaster imagery was the perfect way to describe falling in love.

The music is upbeat, which complements the lyrics. It’s a fun song that captures the excitement of falling in love. The electric guitar and drums give the song energy. They bring the song to life. There’s no way you can sit still while the song is playing. The song slows down in the bridge, which allows listeners to focus on their vocals. Aly & AJ go back and forth with their lyrics. It sounds like they’re having a conversation with each other. Their vocals are brilliant. They make you want to sing along with them.

# 3 – Walking on Sunshine

Coming in at number three is “Walking on Sunshine” from the Into the Rush album. The song was released in June 2005. The track is about the feeling of falling in love. The song opens with her not being sure if the man she loves feels the same way. Now she’s sure he loves her. She can’t wait for him to show up at her place. When she goes to the mailbox, she must calm down.

She can’t wait for him to write to her and let her know that he’s coming to see her. His love has her “walking on sunshine” and the feeling is good. In the second verse, the narrator is convinced that the guy loves her. She doesn’t want to spend the rest of her life just waiting for him to tell her how he feels. She doesn’t want him temporarily. She wants him to stay with her. She feels the love he’s giving her, and she feels like she’s on sunshine.

Aly & AJ remade Katrina and the Waves’ song. It’s one of their biggest hits so they had big shoes to fill. They stayed true to the instrumentation of the song. There are slight changes, but they don’t hurt the song. Aly & AJ change the melody in the chorus. They added notes to their version that weren’t in Katrina and the Waves’ version. Aly & AJ did a great cover of this song. It may not make you forget the original version because it’s one of Katrina and the Waves’ biggest hits, but this version is worth checking out. If you are a fan of the original version, you may enjoy this version of the track as well.

# 2 – Never Far Behind

“Never Far Behind” is from the Into the Rush (Christian Edition) album. The song was released in October 2005. “Never Far Behind” is a song about someone who needs help. The protagonist’s friend is going through a tough time and is not truly themselves. The protagonist will do anything she can to help her friend break out of the spell. She sees that her friend is trying to fit in with other people. She warns her friend that she must look deep within herself if she wants to find herself.

The narrator tells her friend that she will always be her friend. She knows who her friend is on the inside and will be there with her until the end. She is “never far behind” because she’s standing in the distance. She wants her friend to take her time because she will be there waiting. In verse two, the protagonist is sending a message to her friend saying it’s never too late. When you care about someone, it’s important to be there for them. She assures her friend that she doesn’t see her any differently just because she made mistakes. Mistakes are part of life. She sees the truth in her friend’s eyes.

“Never Far Behind” is a beautiful song with an uplifting message for anyone dealing with a hard time. It’s a reminder that someone will always be there to care for you and believe in you no matter what. The song has a hopeful message that even if you make mistakes, your true friends will always have your back. The song is like getting advice from a good friend. The song will comfort you if you are feeling alone. It’s excellent for anyone who is in need as well as anyone who is there for someone in need.

This song can apply to friends, siblings, couples or anyone special in your life. The song has an excellent pop/rock beat. The electric guitars are the stars of the music. It makes you want to play air guitar. Their vocal strengths shine through in this song. They belt and hold notes in the song. We were pleasantly surprised to hear the powerful notes being held in the song. Aly & AJ were able to be heard over the loud music.

# 1 – Potential Breakup Song

The number one song on our list is “Potential Breakup Song” from the Insomniatic album. The song was released in June 2007. It’s about a couple on the verge of breaking up. They are on the verge of breaking up because of lies and broken promises. She has been hurt in the relationship and thinks it’s time for it to end. She is feeling different emotions. The narrator talks about what her man did that made her decide to leave. He forgot to call her on her birthday. She tried to get over it, but she couldn’t take it anymore. She wondered what kind of boyfriend would forget her birthday.

He is a person who will not see his wrongdoings until it’s too late. He’s going to be lost without her. The narrator warns him to change his ways or she’s going to leave him. He’s not living unless he’s living with her. He’s not winning unless he’s winning with her. Things were fine until he messed up. He’ll find out she’s better off without him. He can try to change, but she knows it’s a lie. He is going to die without her in his life. She warns him to think clearly before he messes up a situation he’s going to miss.

This song teaches you that you shouldn’t settle for less. Aly & AJ let the listeners know that they shouldn’t be with anyone who will disrespect them. It’s a breakup song, but it’s about standing up for what you want in life. You don’t have to take disrespect from anyone. If your partner isn’t treating you right, you can walk away. Anyone with relationship problems will know what the duo are talking about in the song. Aly & AJ hit the nail on the head with these lyrics. They found a way to turn a breakup song into one about empowerment.

They have enough sass to pull off the song. It’s an energetic and edgy pop song. You may find your pumping your fist in the air while they are singing the lyrics. The instrumentation will hook you right away. There are a lot of musical changes throughout the song. Aly & AJ were able to keep up with the musical changes. Their harmonies are fire. The chorus is irresistible. Everything about it works. This song may make you a fan if you weren’t already one.

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