Top 10 Anglagard Songs

Anglagard songsOur Top 10 Änglagård songs list takes a look at a dynamic and exciting Progressive Rock Band that came out of Sweden in the early 1990’s. The band was only active between the years 1991 and 1994. However they reformed in the early 2000’s. Despite the band’s shortened career, the group Anglagard established themselves as great contributors to the genres of Progressive Rock music during the genre’s second wave of artists;

The band Änglagård’s first album was released in 1992 and was entitled Hybris. The music on the album seemed to be heavily inspired by the music of the legendary Progressive Rock bands Yes and King Crimson. The band’s second studio album entitled Epilog was released in 1994. After the release of the Epilog album the band broke up after releasing just two records.

The band reformed for performances in the 2000’s and released their third album in 2012 entitled Viljans öga. In addition to their three studio albums, the band has also released a series of live albums starting with Buried Alive in 1996, Prog på Svenska: Live in Japan in 2104 and Änglagård Live: Made in Norway in 2017.

Our Top 10 Änglagård songs list is an attempt to turn people on to some of the band’s great music to those who may have never heard of this fantastic Swedish Progressive Rock band.

# 10 – Vandringar i Vilsenhet

We open our top 10 Anglagard Songs list with a rack from their first studio album entitled Hybris. The album was released in 1992. The album featured band members Tord Lindman on vocals and guitar, Jonas Engdegård on guitar,Thomas Johnson on keys including the cool Mellotron made famous by the Moody Blues, Anna Holmgren on flute, Johan Högberg on bass and Mattias Olsson: on drums

# 9 – Ur vilande

The great track “Ur vilande,” was released nearly twenty years after the Hybris album was issued, The song was released on the Viljans öga album. The song “Ur vilande,” was the album’s opening track. The album was released in 2012.

# 8 – Prog på Svenska

The song “Prog på Svenksa,” was released on the album, Live in Japan. The great live record was issued in 2012. It’s a shame this band did not release more music because they were unbelievably good.

# 7 -Ifrån Klarhet Till Klarhet

Another great live album was the Buried Alive CD. The killer album was released in 1996. The music was recorded in 1994. The song “Ifrån Klarhet Till Klarhet,” appeared as the fourth track on the live album.

# 6 – Sista Somrar

If you’re an Anglagard fan, you can’t ignore the incredible “Sista somrar (The Last Summer)” track from their second album entitled Epilog.

# 5 – Snardom

As we enter the second half of our top 10 Anglagard songs list we once again turn to their 2012 album Viljans Öga. The all instrumental piece “Snardom,” was released as the third track on the 4 track album.

# 4 – Kung Bore

One of our favorite Anglagard songs is the great progressive rock track “Kung Bore.” The great “Kung Bore,” was released on the band’s debut album Hybris. The song’s great minor chord opening battle between the guitar work of Jonas Engdegård and piano playing Thomas Johnson gives way to the grand entrance of Johan Brand, Anna Holmgren and Mattias Olsson’s dynamic playing. The song’s crescendos and diminuendos set the stage for an exciting piece of Progressive Rock that stands with the best of them. I have no idea what their singing, but it sounds great.

# 3 -Jordrök

If there is one album from the band Anglagard that you must have, the great Hybris album is the one. This was easily one of the best progressive rock records released from the second wave of progressive rock bands of the 80’s,’90’s and 2000’s.

# 2 – Skogsranden

As great as the band’s first album Hybris was, they came swinging back on their sophomore debut with another tremendous record, and than…..they went away. Uggh!

The Anglagard song “Skogsranden,” was released on the Epilog album. The song appeared as the fourth track on the album, although if you take out the two small introduction tracks, it is really the second musical selection on the CD.

# 1 – Höstsejd

We close out our top 10 Anglagard songs list with the amazing musical recording of the song “Hostsejd.” The song appeared on the Epilog album in 1994. It also appeared on the Buried Alive live CD released in 1996.

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