Top 10 King’s X Songs

King's X SongsOur Top 10 King’s X songs list looks back at the career of a band that has crossed multiple musical genres. The band King’s X has often been noted as playing an important role in the arrival of the grunge sound in the early 1990’s. Before the arrival of Nirvana, Soundgarden and Pearl Jam, King’s X had been releasing music that served as an inspiration for many members of those bands that would arrive on the scene in the early 1990’s and change the direction of rock music.

The roots of King’s X goes bacK to the late 1970’s as founding members bassist Doug Pinnick, guitarist Ty Tabor and drummer Jerry Gaskill had formed a band called The Edge. The trio would eventually change the name of the band to Sneak Preview. The band met ZZ Top’s production company Vice President Sam Taylor. The ZZ Top executive became involved with the group and had the band change their name to King’s X.

King’s X released their first album in 1988 entitled Out of the Silent Planet. A year later the band would release the album Gretchen Goes to Nebraska. Both of those albums have remained some of the most loved records the band has ever released. Over the course of the career the band King’s X released 12 studio albums and two live albums. The last album to be released was issued in 2012 entitled Burning Down Boston.

Our Top 10 King’s X Songs list is an attempt to define different parts of the band’s career. However, we were kept being pulled back to their first two incredible records.

# 10 – (Thinking And Wondering) What I’m Gonna Do

Listen to the difference between the first three songs on this King’s X Songs list. This is why we love this band so much. When listening to King’s X entire catalog, it’s impossible to get bored. We start our Top 10 King’s X Songs list on the lighter side with the great track “(Thinking And Wondering) What I’m Gonna Do.” The song was released on the band’s Ear Candy album which was released in 1996.

# 9 – Bebop

The heavy rocking song “Bebop,” was released on the band’s Ogre Tones album. The Ogre Tones CD was released in 2005. The song “Bebop,” was issued as the sixth track on the album.

# 8 – Goldilox

The band’s debut album Out of the Silent Planet will always be a fan favorite. It was hard not to list more King’s X songs from that album because there are so many great tracks on the record. We needed to choose carefully so we would have room for songs from other albums. But man, do we love this record.

# 7 – Summerland

As so many people loved the band’s debut album Out of the Silent Planet, their follow up album may have been loved even more. The great record Gretchen Goes to Nebraska was released in 1989. The song “Summerland,” was the album’s third track. This album defines why we list King’s X as a progressive rock band.

# 6 – The World Around Me (1992)

“The World Around Me,” was the opening track to the band’s fourth studio album titled simply King’s X. The album was released in 1992.

# 5 – Out Of The Silent Planet

We covered four different albums over our first four selections on our Top 10 King’s X songs list. Inevitably, we must return to some of those great records. Once again from the great Gretchen Goes to Nebraska CDis the album’s stunning opening track “Out Of The Silent Planet.”

# 4 – We Were Born To Be Loved

As we continue with our Top 10 King’s X songs list we turn to the album, Faith Hope Love. The Faith Hope Love record was the band’s third release. The album was issued in 1990. The song “We Were Born To Be Loved,” was written by Doug Pinnick. The song appeared as the eleventh track on the CD.

# 3 – Dogman

The next three King’s X songs on our Top 10 King’s X songs list are three of the band’s most loved songs. For many, the killer track “Dogman,” is the ultimate King’s X song. We would not argue with that. It is an amazing piece of music. The song “Dogman,” was released on the band’s album entitled “Dogman.” The album was released in 1994. The album was produced by Brendan O’Brien  who was responsible for producing some of the 21st century Bruce Springsteen albums when Bruce was looking to modernize his sound.

# 2 – Black Flag

The King’s X song “Black Flag,” was released on the album King’s X in 1992. The song “Black Flag,” was released as a single from the album. The song was written by Jerry Gaskill, Doug Pinnick and Ty Tabor. The song did well on FM radio reaching the top 20 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Top 100 charts.

# 1 – Over My Head

It was tough to choose a King’s X song to be listed at the number one slot on our top 10 King’s X songs list because the band has so many amazing recordings that are so loved by their dedicated fans. Nonetheless, we had to choose one and our choice stands as the song “Over My Head.” The great King’s X song was released on the phenomenal album Gretchen Goes to Nebraska. 

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