Top 10 Anne Murray Songs

Anne Murray Songs

Our Top 10 Anne Murray Songs List takes a look at a successful Canadian singer. She’s a crossover singer because she has hits in pop, country and adult contemporary music. She has sold over 55 million copies of her albums. She has several top 10 hits. She was the first Canadian female singer to have a number one hit on the U.S. charts. She was also the first Canadian female to earn a gold record for her hit single “Snowbird.” She’s the first woman and first Canadian to win Album of the Year at the Country Music Awards. The singer won four Grammys, 24 Junos, three AMAs, three Country Music Awards, and three Canadian Country Music Awards. Some of her hits include “Snowbird,” “You Needed Me,” “Danny’s Song,” “You Won’t See Me,” “A Love Song,” “Nobody Loves Me Like You Do” as well as other songs.

Morna Anne Murray was born on June 20, 1945. She got her start in the entertainment world by auditioning for a part on the television series Singalong Jubilee. The musical director for the show suggested she become a solo artist and the rest was history. She released What About Me in 1968. It features the singles “What About Me,” “Both Sides Now,” “There Goes My Everything” and “Last Thing on My Mind.” This Way Is My Way came out in 1969. It features the singles “Snowbird,” “Thirsty Boots,” “I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight” and “He May Call.” Honey, Wheat and Laughter was released in 1970. The album features the songs “Fire and Rain,” “The Call,” “Put Your Hand in the Hand,” “Get Together” and “Night Owl.”

Straight, Clean and Simple was released in 1971. The album features the singles “It Takes Time,” “Sing High, Sing Low,” “A Stranger in My Place” and “I’ll Never Fall in Love Again.” Annie was released in 1972. It peaked at number 14 on the country music charts and number 143 on the Billboard 200 charts. The album features the singles “Robbie’s Song for Jesus,” “Beautiful” and “Everything’s Been Changed.” Danny’s Song came out in 1973. The album peaked at number four on the country music charts and number 39 on the Billboard 200 charts. It features the songs “Danny’s Song,” “Killing Me Softly with His Song,” “He Thinks I Still Care,” “What About Me” and “I Know.”

Love Song came out in 1974. It peaked at number 24 on the Billboard 200 charts. It features the singles “A Love Song,” “Just One Look,” “Son of a Rotten Gambler,” “You Won’t See Me” and “Send a Little Love My Way.” Highly Prized Possession was also released in 1974. It peaked at number eight on the country music charts and number 70 on the Billboard 200 charts. The album features the singles “Dream Lover,” “Day Tripper” and “Uproar.” Together was released in 1975. It peaked at number 15 on the country music charts and number 142 on the Billboard 200 charts. It features the singles “Sunday Sunrise” and “The Call.”

Keeping in Touch came out in 1976. It peaked at number 26 on the country music charts and number 96 on the Billboard 200 charts. It features the singles “Things,” “Sweet Music Man,” “Shine” and “Golden Oldie.” Let’s Keep It That Way came out in 1978. It features the singles “Walk Right Back,” “You Needed Me,” “Let’s Keep It That Way,” “Hold Me Tight” and “Tennessee Waltz.” New Kind of Feeling was released in 1979. It peaked at number two on the country music charts and number 23 on the Billboard 200 charts. “Shadows in the Moonlight,” “I Just Fall in Love Again,” “Raining in My Heart” and “That Why I Love You.” Anne Murray recorded several more albums throughout her career.

Anne Murray was a pioneer for Canadian artists. She paved the way for other Canadian artists such as Celine Dion, K.D. Lang, Shania Twain, Deborah Cox, Alanis Morissette, Tamia as well as others. She was the first Canadian female to have a number one single on the U.S. charts. She was also the first to earn a gold record. She’s the first Canadian female to win Album of the Year at the Country Music Awards. She has a lot of hit singles so narrowing it down to 10 songs was a challenge. Our Top 10 Anne Murray Songs list will feature her best songs.

# 10 – Just Another Woman in Love

The first song on our Top 10 Anne Murray Songs list is “Just Another Woman in Love” from the album A Little Good News. It has a country sound. The affectionate song is about how women fall in love. It describes the way women feel about the people they love. Men can relate to this song as well. She mentions a woman falling in love, but men can feel something with this ballad. This was a popular song in 1984. It dominated the airwaves. The music is relaxing and smooth. It doesn’t have a typical country beat. It sounds like it’s a cross between pop and adult contemporary.

The instrumentation is simple. It features the violin, acoustic guitar and drums. The drums give the song tempo that allows you to bop your head. Anne Murray’s voice is relaxing on the ear. She sings softly with the music. She doesn’t do any vocal gymnastics or hold any big notes. She keeps it simple. She builds up the chorus, but she doesn’t turn it into a power ballad. She didn’t need to do it because the music was soft. The catchy song is an earworm that will stay in your head after it’s done. It’s not a surprise it was a hit in 1984. The song is still enjoyable today.

# 9 – He Still Thinks I Care

The next song on our Top 10 Anne Murray Songs list is “He Still Thinks I Care” from the album Danny’s Song. The song has a country beat. The anthem is about a former love who thinks she still cares about him just because she visits the spots they used to go to together. She asks people about him. She’s not happy the way she was when she was with him. People who deal with a breakup can understand what she’s talking about in the song. The lyrics hit home if you are in a relationship and haven’t quite gotten over the person. She sings about not caring about the guy, but you can tell she does care. If you pay attention to the lyrics, you can tell she clearly cares about him. Many artists have covered this track.

George Jones originally recorded the track. Elvis Presley, Ronnie Milsap, Glen Campbell, Cher as well as others have covered this song. Anne Murray sings the song from a female’s perspective. The song’s meaning is the same regardless of the gender. The music has a twang to it to make it sound like a standard country song. The musical arrangement was brilliant. It’s arranged in a way to please fans of country music as well as adult contemporary music. The music has a softness to it. She made the song her own and managed to have a number one hit with the song. Her version is slower in tempo than George Jones’ version of it. She sings the lyrics in a smooth way while George Jones sings it with anger in his voice. She sounds a little like Karen Carpenter in this song.

# 8 – A Love Song

The romantic song is from the Love Song album. The track has a country and pop beat. The chart-topping track is self-explanatory. The lyrics discuss what you expect. She’s talking about being in love. The lyrics are romantic without being too sappy or corny. This song is Anne Murray’s third number one hit. Loggins and Messina originally recorded the track. The music is stripped down. It features the guitar, violin, fiddle and drums. The music could have used a keyboard section, but it doesn’t hurt the song. The drums give the song the pop sound.

It has an easy and breezy beat to it. The music is different from Loggins and Messina’s version. Their version sounds like folk music while hers has a country and pop sound. Their version of the song is stripped down too, but they didn’t have a drummer playing. She vocalizes the same way as the original version of the song. She sings in a higher tone for some of the lyrics. She harmonizes in the chorus. Her voice is stacked when she sings the chorus. She sounds passionate while she’s singing. She sells the lyrics as if she wrote them. You can forget this is a cover song. Her version is just as good as the original track.

# 7 – Another Sleepless Night

The seductive song is from the album “Where Do You Go When You Dream.” It has a country sound. The enticing song is about her having a hard time sleeping because the man she loves has been away so long. When he returns she plans on having “another sleepless night” because they are going to be making love. The song is outside of Anne Murray’s wheelhouse. She’s known for doing ballads so this was a change for her. The song has a mid tempo beat to it. It proves that she could sing any type of song. She doesn’t have to just sing ballads. She can sing songs with tempo. The beat is energetic. The electric guitar and the drums are the stars of the track.

They stand out in a good way. They make it hard to sit still to it. The arrangement is slightly similar to Olivia Newton-John’s song “Magic.” If you listen closely, you can hear the similarities in the melodies of the tracks. Anne Murray sounds like she’s right at home while she’s singing. She sounds happy singing the lyrics. Her tone is perfect for the beat of the track. She stacks her voice in the bridge and for the remainder of the song. It was a great choice to stack her voice at that point of the song. She starts to belt towards the end of the song which was a nice way to end it.

# 6 – Snowbird

The metaphoric song is from the This Way is My Way album. The song has a soft rock sound. The poignant song is about wanting to be free like a bird and be able to leave whenever you want. She wants to fly away with the man she loves. This is her first hit song and the first hit by a female Canadian artist. The subject is dark and looming, but she managed to give the song light. She took this song to heights unknown to a point where other artists decided to cover it. Gene MacLellan, Bing Crosby, Loretta Lynn, Elvis Presley and Andy Williams covered the track.

This is another up-tempo track on our list. It has an infectious beat to it. Her version is different from Gene MacLellan’s version. His version sounds like a country version while her version sounds like soft rock and adult contemporary music. The music is uplifting considering the subject matter. She sounds exuberant on this track. She sings in time with the easygoing beat. She sings it in a higher key than the other songs on our list. Her version is the best-known version so it’s definitely worth checking out.

# 5 – Danny’s Song

The next song on our Top 10 Anne Murray Songs list is “Danny’s Song” from the album of the same name. The song has a country beat. The celebratory song is about the birth of a child. This is another cover song. She covered another track by Loggins and Messina. The song touched her heart because her rendition of the song is about the birth of her son. Loggins wrote his version about his nephew. Here is some trivia about the song. Anne Murray liked the original version of the track and wanted to record it. The lyrics are moving and heartfelt. They make you see how much she loves her child and wanted to dedicate the song to him.

The music has a country swing to it. The guitar gives the song the country sound. The drumbeat gives the ballad tempo to allow you to move around. It starts off with just the guitar and then the music builds up throughout the track. Her version has a bigger musical arrangement from the original version of it. Anne Murray’s version is energetic. Loggins and Messina’s version sounds like folk and pop music while Anne Murray’s sounds like country music. The music has a 70s sound and it’s a little dated. It doesn’t hurt the song, but you can tell it’s an older song. She sounds like a combination of Karen Carpenter and Helen Reddy on the track. She didn’t do a Karaoke version of the original. She managed to make it her own.

# 4 – I Just Fall in Love Again

The alluring song is from the album New Kind of Feeling. It has a country and pop beat. The passionate song is about her falling in love with her man over and over again. The lyrics are sweet and sentimental and will put you in a romantic mood. The Carpenters originally recorded the song. Dusty Springfield also covered the track before Anne Murray recorded it. Here is some trivia about her version. Dusty Springfield is her favorite singer and she recorded the song six months before Anne Murray did. She wouldn’t have recorded the track if she knew Dusty Springfield recorded it first. It makes sense that Anne Murray recorded a song Karen Carpenter sang because their voices are similar in clarity.

The song is supposed to be a country song, but it doesn’t really sound like one. It has a slight twang in the beat because of the guitar, but it sounds like a pop song. The melody sounds a little like Dionne Warwick and Johnny Mathis’ duet “Friends in Love.” You would have to listen to the song closely to get it. The music is breathtaking and touching. You can get lost listening to the music. Anne Murray’s voice is like an angel singing. She has the talent to bring tears to your eyes while she’s singing. She gives the song her all. She brings everything to the kitchen table. She sounds similar to Karen Carpenter on the track. Anne Murray’s version is just as good as the original song.

# 3 – Nobody Loves Me Like You Do ft. Dave Loggins

The tender song is from the Heart over Mind album. The song has a country beat. The touching song is about love. It’s a self-explanatory song about no one loving you the way someone else does. The lyrics are romantic and magnificent. They don’t sound sappy or corny. The lyrics will make you want someone to love you the way they are loved in the in the song. It would make the perfect wedding song. The song was another hit for Anne Murray and it’s easy to see why it was a hit for her. It’s a beautiful song with a beautiful meaning behind it. The music is relaxing and will put you in a romantic mood. The musical arrangement is simple.

It features the piano, guitar and drums. The song was recorded years ago, but the music still resonates today. Whitney Houston and Jermaine Jackson recorded this track one year after Anne Murray. Anne Murray’s vocals are strong on this track. They aren’t as powerful as Whitney Houston’s vocals, but she kept her vocals simple. She gave the song her all. Dave Loggins vocals are on point. He sounds tender and smooth. His vocals are stronger than Jermaine Jackson’s vocals. They all do a good job with their vocals so you can decide which one you prefer to hear.

# 2 – You Won’t See Me

The troubling song is from the Love Song album. It has country and pop sound. The drama-filled song is about a crisis in a relationship. Anne Murray is in her wheelhouse because she tends to sing songs about the ups and downs of relationships. This is another cover song on our list. This song is a cover of the Beatles’ hit song. It’s that time to ask the questions that we ask when artists cover songs. Should she have taken the risk and covered a song by a well-known act? Did she pull it off? The answer to the first question is that she probably shouldn’t have taken the risk because

The Beatles’ were extremely popular at that point so she took a chance covering their song. The answer to the second question is that she was able to pull it off. She had a hit with this song just like they did. In fact, John Lennon enjoyed her version of the song. He said it was one of his favorite Beatles’ covers. The music for her version is similar to their version. The music in Anne Murray’s version has more tempo to it. It sounds more soulful than their version. The drums drive the beat in her version. Anne Murray and the background singer Diane Brooks do an excellent job working together. Diane Brooks supports her throughout the song. They make the song sound soulful. Anne Murray sings in a deeper tone and that works for the track. Her version is just as good as the original version.

# 1 – You Needed Me

The number one song on our Top 10 Anne Murray Songs list is “You Needed Me” from the Let’s Keep it That Way album The song has a soft rock beat to it. The stirring song is about an unconditional and undeserved love. She didn’t understand how she could be loved unconditionally when she didn’t deserve it. She doesn’t think she’s perfect by any means so she wasn’t sure why she was loved as if she were perfect. The song was written by Randy Goodrum. He wrote the song for his wife.

She wasn’t thrilled with the track. He was told that it needed a chorus. With that said, he wrote a refreshing dedication to his wife. His wife was mistaken. The lyrics to this monster hit are breathtaking and touching. Anne Murray did a phenomenal job with this song. Her voice is angelic on this track. She sounds similar to Karen Carpenter on the song. Her phrasing is impeccable. She enunciates every word clearly so you can understand what she says. The song is flawless and deserved to be number one on the charts. This song is her last Top 10 hit in the US so it only made sense that it was at the top of our list.

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