Top 10 Chad & Jeremy Songs

Chad & Jeremy Songs

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Our Top 10 Chad & Jeremy Songs list presents the best Chad & Jeremy Songs like “Summer Song,” “Before and After” “Yesterday’s Gone,” and more. While attending the Central School of Speech and Drama in London, England, David Chadwick and Michael Clyde met as fellow students before banding together to form Chad & Jeremy in 1962. Before gaining fame from their first hit single, “Yesterday’s Gone,” the two often performed at Tina’s, a basement coffeehouse located in London. It didn’t take long before the duo was discovered and then signed to their first record label, Ember. It would be at this time the vocalist style from Chad & Jeremy would feature a whispering effect, as recommended by the musical composer who discovered them, John Barry. Between the two, Chad sang the higher harmonies while Jeremy’s pitch stuck with the melodies.

British Invasion

In 1964, the United States of America became the recipient of a musical British Invasion that saw Chad & Jeremy become one of the many acts that would win over its audience. Best known for ballads, Chad & Jeremy realized a string of hits, first from their debut album, Yesterday’s Gone, and its 1965 follow-up, Chad & Jeremy Sing for You. Also in 1965, via Columbia Records, Before and After was released as an album, along with its title track. Just like the duo’s previous albums, the string of hits kept coming. For Chad & Jeremy, their success wasn’t just limited to the UK and North America, as nations such as Sweden took notice and even had artists cover some of their hit singles. At the time, it seemed as if the momentum of Chad & Jeremy was unstoppable.

Acting Bug

Although 1965 saw a year of hits from Chad & Jeremy, this was also the year the duo’s momentum came to a pause when Jeremy acted in the London stage production, The Passion Flower Hotel. Hoping to gain back the duo’s momentum, Chad & Jeremy were performing and recording again in 1966. In the US, the duo was more popular than they were in their own home nation as they continued to produce music. The peak years of Chad & Jeremy were, however, between 1964 to 1966 with “Distant Shores” becoming the final single for the duo to crack into the top forty of the US Billboard Hot 100 chart.

It was also during the mid-1960s that Chad & Jeremy made several appearances on television, usually as guest stars on episodes of The Dick Van Dyke Show and The Patty Duke Show. At one point, Chad & Jeremy faced the possibility of having their own sitcom titled Paleface, but it was an idea that never materialized into anything more than that. Between the two,

Going Separate Ways

In 1967, Chad & Jeremy released Of Cabbages and Kings, an album with a more psychedelic flair than their usual soft-folk style. Following it was the 1968 release of The Ark. Although both received great reviews by the music critics, not enough fans were interested to turn them into successful sellers. In addition to these two albums, the duo collaborated for a soundtrack to the movie, Three in the Attic. Not long after this, 1968 witnessed Chad & Jeremy opting to go their separate ways to embark on solo projects. The dissolving of this working relationship came about after both men found themselves growing tired of corporate expectations they were no longer interested in accommodating.

Chad & Jeremy did, however, reunite in 1982 to record Chad Stuart & Jeremy Clyde as an album. There were plans for an album in 1984 but financial issues by the record label, Rocshire Records, prevented this from happening. Not only did the two reunite as musical performers but as actors as well. Finally, the duo had their own show, Pump Boys and Dinettes, that ran from 1984 until 1985. The duo continued performing together until 1987, seeming to reach an agreement to slow down that wouldn’t see the two perform again until 2002. The duo continued, off and on, until Chad Stuart retired in 2016. Four years later, he was laid to rest due to complications from pneumonia.

Chad & Jeremy Legacy

In total, Chad & Jeremy have eleven studio albums together, four compilation albums, and a live album. Of the nineteen singles the duo released, eleven of them became hits on official music charts where five of them cracked into the top ten on the US Billboard Easy Listening chart. While their fellow British Invasion stars were rocking up a storm, Chad & Jeremy cradled the audience with one easy-going hit after another.

Top 10 Chad & Jeremy Songs

#10 – From a Window

“From a Window” was a song written by Paul McCartney, then recorded in 1964 by Billy J. Kramer and The Dakotas. Later in the year, Chad & Jeremy covered this easy-listening number, which would then be released in 1965 from their album, Chad & Jeremy Sing For You. On the US Billboard Hot 100, it was charted as a number ninety-seven hit. Singing as a narrator who saw his love interest from the view of a window, this song was a heartwarming favorite, especially among fans who really took to this love at first sight scenario.


#9 – Adesso Si

During the 1966 Sanremo Music Festival, Chad & Jeremy performed their version of this Italian song that was originally composed by Sergio Endrigo. The result of Chad & Jeremy’s performance level placed them eighth in the competition while Endrigo’s version peaked at number nine on the official Italian singles chart. For Chad & Jeremy, the appeal of this duo was global. Although they may not have dominated music charts like The Beatles or The Rolling Stones, they still had a solid fan following who preferred the softer side of music and its influence. “Adesso Si” in English means “now yes” which served as the narrator’s lyrical acknowledgment his beloved was about to travel far away and he was not able to follow them to their final destination.


#8 – I Have Dreamed

“I Have Dreamed” was a 1951 original song from the musical, The King and I. What has become a favorite recording among many artists, the version performed by Chad & Jeremy became a number twenty-two hit for the duo on the US Billboard Easy Listening chart in 1965, and peaked as high as number ninety-one on the US Billboard Hot 100. The musical tale of escaping to freedom away from the king’s reach in the name of love has since become a huge favorite that has been covered many times over by a wide variety of recording artists.


#7 – What Do You Want With Me?

On the US Billboard Easy Listening chart, “What Do You Want With Me?” became a number nine hit for Chad & Jeremy. On the US Billboard Hot 100, it peaked at number fifty-one and was at its most popular in Canada at number five. Coming from the album, Chad & Jeremy Sing for You, “What Do You Want With Me?” was one of the numerous recordings made by the duo while still with their first record label, World Artists. As a song about a man wondering why a certain woman wants to interfere with his relationship with his current love, this served as a lyrically gentle reminder to leave the past where it belongs and move on.


#6 – Distant Shores

“Distant Shores” was the final time Chad & Jeremy realized a top forty hit as it peaked at number thirty on the US Billboard Hot 100 after its release during the summer of 1966. As the shift of musical interests threatened to leave the duo in the dust, “Distant Shores” came forth as a more sophisticated sound that was considerably softer than the mix of folk and light pop they were previously known for. In Canada, this single became a number sixteen hit as its popularity there was even greater. It would be the duo’s final hit in that nation.


#5 – If I Loved You

“If I Loved You” charted as high as number twenty-three on the US Billboard Hot 100 after it was released as a single in 1965. On the US Billboard Easy Listening chart, it peaked as high as number six, marking this song as the third in a row from Chad & Jeremy to become a top ten hit on North American soil. Originally recorded as a 1945 show tune for the musical, Carousel, “If I Loved You” was a reluctant love story that featured the vocalist struggling with personal security issues. This song had been recorded many times over by a variety of artists. In 1945 alone it was a hit for Perry Como, Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, and Harry James. For Chad & Jeremy, their version became a number twenty-three hit on the US Billboard Hot 100 in 1965.


#4 – Yesterday’s Gone

“Yesterday’s Gone” was the first hit single produced by Chad & Jeremy that peaked on the UK Singles Chart at number thirty-seven in 1963. A year later, it became a number twenty-one hit on the US Billboard Hot 100. While the rest of the bands from the famed British Invasion rocked the audience with heavier sounds, this duo’s approach was soft folk, thanks to their hush-style vocals. This musical tale of a summer romance that ran its course was first recorded in a manner that was unsatisfactory before agreeing to whisper out the lyrics instead of belting them out. As a result, the soft and mellow “Yesterday’s Gone” became a soft ballad that paved the way for Chad & Jeremy’s road to stardom. Not only was it a hit in the UK and the US, but also peaked as high as number twenty-six in Australia and at number nineteen on Canada’s Adult Contemporary chart.


#3 – Before and After

From the 1965 album with the same title, “Before and After” became a number seventeen hit on the US Billboard Hot 100 after its release. The title track from Chad & Jeremy’s album served as the final top ten hits for the duo on the US Billboard Easy Listening chart after it peaked as high as number four in 1965. In this lyrical tale, the narrator compared himself with the demeanor and imagery of his ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend, using the “Before and After” as a frame of reference.


#2 – Willow Weep for Me

For Chad & Jeremy, “Willow Weep for Me” was a number one hit on the US Billboard Easy Listening chart, marking it as the one and only time the duo would experience a chart-topping single. This 1932 original from Ann Ronell was written after the inspired college student found herself in awe by the willow trees she observed on her school campus. At first, there was reluctance to have this song published until Irving Berlin took it upon himself to do so.

This song was dedicated to George Gershwin during an era when it was not deemed appropriate to do so. This changed after Berlin had it published which had since become a jazz standard when it was first made popular by Ted Fio Rito and Muzzy Marcellino, then Paul Whiteman and Irene Taylor. For Chad & Jeremy, they turned it into more than just a hit on the easy-listening chart. It also peaked as high as number fifteen on the US Billboard Hot 100.


#1 – A Summer Song

“A Summer Song” was Chad & Jeremy’s signature hit, which came as a surprise as it was not originally intended to be released as a single. However, on the US Billboard Hot 100, it peaked as high as number seven and won over a flurry of fans that seemed to prefer the softer sounds of Chad & Jeremy as opposed to the heavier beats coming from the likes of The Beatles and The Kinks. On the US Billboard Easy Listening chart, it peaked as high as number two. This lyrical tale of wistful summer romance had a folk flair to it compared to the duo’s debut song, “Yesterday’s Gone.”

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