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Our Top 10 Chiffons Songs list takes a look at one of the biggest girl groups from the 60’s. They are a female doo-wop group. Their biggest hit singles are “He So Fine” and “One Fine Day.” The Chiffons started out as a trio with members Judy Craig, Patricia Bennett and Barbara Lee. They became a quartet when songwriter Ronnie Mack wanted to add Sylvia Peterson to the group. They got their first taste of fame with their single “He’s So Fine” in 1963. It was a number one hit for the quartet. It sold over one million copies.

The Chiffons released their self-titled debut album in 1963. It features the singles “He’s So Fine,” “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow,” “Why Do Fools Fall In Love” and “Lucky Me.” They also recorded other songs under the name “The Four Pennies.” Peterson sang lead on the songs instead of Craig. They released the album One Fine Day in 1963. It features the singles “One Fine Day,” “It’s My Party,” “The Loco-Motion,” “Only My Friend” and “I Wonder Why.”

The 60’s were rough for the Chiffons because of the British Invasion. Those acts were making it hard for the group to get hit singles. They also went through financial problems, but still continued to record music. They released Sweet Talkin’ Guy in 1966. It features the singles “Sweet Talkin’ Guy,” “My Boyfriend’s Back,” “Just A Boy,” “Out of This World” and “Keep The Boy Happy.” After this album came out, the Chiffons sued George Harrison and Billy Preston for plagiarism. They thought Harrison’s song “My Sweet Lord” sounded like their song “He’s So Fine.” The melodies were too similar.

They dealt with another blow when Craig left the group. She left because they kept touring and they weren’t making hit music. She decided to get a job at a bank. The quartet became a trio. Peterson became the permanent lead singer. Unfortunately, all of the women had to get regular jobs in order to support themselves. They still performed together on the weekends even though they had other jobs.

They released the album My Secret Love in 1970. It features the singles “Secret Love,” “I Don’t Deserve A Boy Like You,” “Now That You’re My Baby,” “Strange Strange Feeling” and “The First And Last.” The group got hit with another member change when Peterson left. She was replaced with different friends of the group. Peterson returned to the group in the 80’s. The group released several greatest hits albums throughout the years.

The Chiffons managed to make their mark in music early. They competed with other girl groups like The Shirelles, The Angels, The Supremes as well as others. They managed to be successful at a young age. Unfortunately, they had to deal with the British invasion and struggled to maintain their career. This Top 10 Chiffons Songs list will feature their best songs.

# 10 – Loco-Motion

The first song on our Top 10 Chiffons Songs list is the fun song “Loco-Motion” from the One Fine Day album. This song has a doo-wop sound. This is an energetic song about dancing. The music is dance friendly. It is easy to move around to it. This is a novelty song because it’s about dancing, but the song works. The Chiffons were teenagers when they recorded this track so it was appropriate for them to sing a song about dancing. Craig sings the lead on this song and does a good job with it. The Chiffons do a great job supporting her in the background.

This is a popular song that has been covered a lot of times. In fact, the Chiffons also covered this song. This version doesn’t stray from the original version. It is just as good as the original. The difference is, Craig’s voice is higher than Little Eva’s who sang the original version of the song. The song has album been covered by Grand Funk Railroad who had a massive hit number one single with the record.

# 9 – I Wonder Why

The next song on our Top 10 Chiffons Songs list is the emotional “I Wonder Why” from the One Fine Day album. This song has a doo-wop sound. This is an anthem about her wondering why she loves the guy the way she does. This is another cover song. Dion and the Belmonts originally sang this song. They managed to make this song their own. The music starts off with a good guitar intro. The music is a great to listen to at a party. The Chiffons’ version of the song is more dance friendly than the original version. It is also more soulful. The Chiffons have incredible harmony with each other. They vocalize in different pitches. Their voices blend very well together. Craig sounds as if she has a double when she’s singing and it works for the song. The rest of the group is singing throughout the song and their voices sound amazing.

# 8 – Nobody Knows What’s Goin’ On (In My Mind But Me)

This defiant song is from the Sweet Talkin’ Guy album. This song has a psychedelic pop sound. This is a risqué song about her not wanting to give up the man she loves just because people tell her not to be with him. She is determined to be with him no matter what anyone thinks. This song is a change for the Chiffons because they strayed away from their signature doo-wop sound. This is also not one of their innocent love songs. The music has an echo throughout the song. The tempo in the melody changes throughout the song.

They took this song to the next level. The musical arrangement is mesmerizing and dramatic. Phil Margo from The Tokens is playing the drums. He does an excellent job with the drums. The music features a trombone during the musical pause that is worth a listen. Peterson sounds amazing in this song. The Chiffons do a great job harmonizing in the background.

# 7 – I Have A Boyfriend

This sweet song is from the Fabulous Chiffons album. This song has a doo-wop sound. This is a love at first sight song about a girl being convinced she has found the right one. This is relatable to anyone who falls in love instantly. The music has a great production. It blends well with their voices. Craig has a double while she is singing lead. She also has an echo when she sings the chorus. She was able to sell the song even though she was a senior in high school. She sounds convincing telling the listener that she wants to get married after knowing the guy for only a week. The rest of the group does the background chants very well. They have great harmony in the background. They sound similar to the Ronette’s in this song. This is a cover song, but the Chiffons made the song their own.

# 6 – Sweet Talkin’ Guy

This innocent song is from the album of the same name. This song has a pop and soul sound. This is a cheerful song about a sweet guy. Here is some trivia about the song. Songwriter Doug Morris was inspired to write this song based on a Supremes song. It’s not a surprise because it sounds like something the Supremes would have done. The melody sounds something like “I Hear A Symphony.” The music is a head bopper. It will have you moving around in your seat. The song has a pretty melody. It had all of the ingredients to make the song a hit. The music is beautiful and easy to move around to. It has an excellent violin intro and rhythm section. It has a delightful vocal arrangement. Peterson does a great job singing lead on this track. The Chiffons do their job by supporting her in the background. Their harmonies are fire.

# 5 – Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow

The next song on our Top 10 Chiffons Songs list is the cover song “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow” from their debut album. This song has a doo-wop, soul and pop sound. This is a lovelorn song about her wondering if the guy will still love her after she has had sex with him. This song is a little grown up for them because they were teenagers when they covered this song. This song is one of their rivals (The Shirelles) signature songs so the Chiffons took a big risk covering this song. The risk paid off because this version is just as good as the Shirelles. They don’t stray away from the original version. Craig’s vocals are a little deeper than they are in other songs. Did she do this to sound similar to Shirley Reeves from the Shirelles?

# 4 – It’s My Party

This anthemic song is from the One Fine Day album. This song has a doo-wop sound. This is a song about heartbreak. She is telling a story about her man going off with another woman. This is definitely something most people can relate to when their significant other betrays them with someone else. The title of the song is misleading. It makes you think it’s an upbeat song, but it’s actually not. This is a deep song about infidelity. This is another cover song. Lesley Gore originally performed the song. The Chiffons’ version is a little slower than the original. Craig sings the verses similar to Gore’s version. Craig changes the melody in the hook. She does a stop/start in the hook that Gore doesn’t do. Other than the minor changes, the song sticks to the original version. Craig sings it just as good as Gore. Craig adds more soul to her vocals than Gore. The music is energetic and upbeat. It’s impossible to sit still listening to it.

# 3 – My Boyfriend’s Back

This vengeful song is from the Sweet Talkin’ Guy album. This song has a pop sound. This song is an ex boyfriend warning to men that she cheats after she rejects him. She warns the guy that her boyfriend is back and she’s going to make him pay. This is a cover song of the Angels’ song. The Angels were a rival girl group for the Chiffons. They took a risk covering this song because it was a big hit for the Angels. Again, the risk paid off because the Chiffons’ version is just as good at the Angels’ version. The music is soulful and dance friendly. The music is smoother than the original version. The song starts off with a narration about the guy she rejected spreading rumors about her. After the narration, the song gets going. Peterson does an excellent job with the vocals. Her vocals are strong and demanding, which is perfect for the subject of the song.

# 2 – One Fine Day

This unrequited song is from the album of the same name. This song has a pop sound with a doo-wop vocal. This is a hopeful song about a girl who likes a guy who isn’t interested in her. She believes the guy will eventually want to be with her. This is an age appropriate song for the Chiffons since they were teenagers when they sang this song. Here is some trivia about the song. The song was originally written for Little Eva, but her voice wasn’t right for the song. The song eventually went to the Chiffons. This is a feel-good song. Carole King’s opening piano solo will immediately hook you to the song. The music will get you in the mood to dance even if you are feeling down. Craig’s vocals are excellent. The Chiffons sound bouncy in the background. Everything about this song worked. It was definitely a contender for the number one spot on this list.

# 1 – He’s So Fine

The number one song on our Top 10 Chiffons Songs list is the dreamy “He’s So Fine” from the album of the same name. This song has a pop and doo-wop sound. This is a romantic song about a guy they think looks good. The music is upbeat and peppy. The song has a catchy hook. The hook features the famous “doo-lang” line that will stick in your head after the song is finished. The song never gets dull. It has a simple melody and rhythm. The two combine to make a seductive marriage. Craig’s vocals are sultry and sensual and they make the lyrics sound even better. The Chiffons do an amazing job in the background. Their voices blend well together. The only minor complaint is the song is too short. It needed to be a little bit longer. Other than that, the song is flawless.

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