Top 10 Christopher Cross Songs

Christopher Cross Songs

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Our Top 10 Christopher Cross Songs list takes a look at a soft rock legend who rose to fame in the 70’s and 80’s. Christopher Cross won multiple Grammy Awards for his self-titled debut album. He is also an Oscar winner for best original song. Christopher Cross was born Christopher Charles Geppert on May 3, 1951. Before he became famous, he was in a cover band named Flash. He signed a solo contract with Warner Bros. Records in 1978.

Christopher Cross released his self-titled album in 1979. It was an instant success. The album received positive reviews. It features the hit singles “Ride Like The Wind,” “Sailing,” “Never Be The Same” and “Say You’ll Be Mine.” He won numerous Grammy Awards for this album. The album peaked at number four on the charts and went on to sell over five million copies.

He released his second album Another Page in 1983. The pressure was on for Christopher Cross to create another successful album. It peaked at number 11 on the charts. It features the singles “Arthur’s Theme (Best That You Can Do),” “All Right,” “No Time for Talk” and “Think of Laura.” The album wasn’t as successful as his previous project, but it went on to sell over 500,000 copies.

In between albums, Christopher Cross wrote the inspirational “A Chance For Heaven” for the 1984 Summer Olympic games. After 1984, he faced an uphill battle with stardom. Once MTV became hugely popular, Cross’ style of music started to fade in popularity.

In 1985, Christopher Cross released his third album Every Turn of the World. He tried to compete with his peers by creating a hard rock sound with this project. He had one single that made it on the charts. “Charm This Snake” peaked at number 68 on the charts. The album also features the singles “Every Turn of the World” and “Love Is Love (In Any Language).

Christopher Cross released his fourth album Back of My Mind in 1988. The album and singles didn’t chart in the United States. The album and singles did chart in other countries. The album features the singles “I Will (Take You Forever),” “Swept Away” and “Someday.” The album peaked at number 45 in Germany.

Unfortunately, he was released from Warner Bros. Records because of declining sales. He didn’t sign another recording contract for almost five years. He signed with a new record label. He released his fifth album Rendezvous in 1993 and his sixth album Window in 1995. Neither of these albums did very well on the charts.

Christopher Cross released his seventh album Walking In Avalon in 1998. This is a double album. It contains new music as well as live versions of his greatest hit songs. Some of the greatest hits featured on this album are “Sailing,” “Ride Like The Wind,” “Arthur’s Theme (Best That You Can Do)” and “Think of Laura.”

Christopher Cross released a couple of Christmas albums, but they failed to chart. In 2008, he released The Cafe Carlyle Sessions. It is a collection of his greatest hit songs. He released Dr. Faith in 2011. It features the singles “Hey Kid,” “I’m Too Old for This,” “When You Come Home” and “Dreamers.”

He released Secret Ladder in 2014. The album failed to chart. It features the singles “Reverend Blowhard,” “I Don’t See It Your Way,” “Island of Anger,” “Light The World” and “Got To Be A Better Way.” He ended up starting his own record label called Christopher Cross Records in 2017. He released Take Me As I Am in 2017. It features the singles “Halia,” “Take Me As I Am” and “Alvah.”

Christopher Cross became an overnight success with his first album. He was competing with other soft rock artists. He’s an underrated artist who had the difficult task of competing with the success of his debut album. He might not have matched the success of his debut album, but he didn’t give up. He was able to have some hits after his debut album. This Top 10 Christopher Cross Songs list will mostly consist of his hit songs

# 10 – Charm The Snake

The first song on our Top 10 Christopher Cross Songs list is the compelling “Charm The Snake” from the Every Turn of the World album. This ballad with tempo has a soft rock sound. This is a unique song about him being a racecar driver. This is an original theme because there aren’t many songs about this subject. It could also be a metaphor for a relationship. It’s up to your interpretation of what the song is about. This was Cross’ attempt to try to reach a new audience. He wanted to reinvent himself so he could adapt to the MTV crowd.

This is an excellent attempt to cross over. He was known for his soft rock ballads, so this song was a change for him. He didn’t overdo the rock genre. He didn’t bombard the song with a lot of guitar riffs. He didn’t make the song too much of a rock song to maintain some of his style while adapting to the new style. He does have guitar strings in the music, but they aren’t overbearing. He doesn’t scream in the song the way other rock singers do. He builds up to the momentum and then starts belting. He sounds like Kenny Loggins in this song.

# 9 – A Chance For Heaven

The next song on our Top 10 Christopher Cross Songs list is the inspirational “A Chance For Heaven” from the 1984 Summer Olympics Soundtrack. This ballad has a soft rock sound. This is a gripping song about winning. Since it’s on the Olympics soundtrack, it was the perfect song. The music is mellow and smooth. He is musically in his wheelhouse because it has a soft rock sound. The music starts soft and slow until it builds up to the chorus. The music gets louder during the chorus. The keyboard and the guitar riffs are excellent. They make the music soar. Cross’ tenor voice blends well with the music. He sings the song with a lot of passion. He starts the song softly and then goes wild in the chorus. He belts in the song towards the end. This is an underrated song that should have been a bigger hit.

# 8 – No Time for Talk

This emotional song is from the Another Page album. This is the first single released after his massively successful debut album, so he had big shoes to fill. This ballad with tempo has a pop sound. It also has a mix of jazz music. This quivering song is about losing love. Lyrically, Cross wears his heart on his sleeve as he tells the listener about his lost love. This is a ballad, but you can move around to it. The saxophone gives the song an excellent jazzy sound. The chord choices were clever, especially in the bridge portion of the song. The tempo picks up in the bridge of the song. The acoustic guitar is on point throughout the song. Cross does a great job vocally. He takes vocal risks by holding notes towards the end of the song.

# 7 – Say You’ll Be Mine ft Nicolette Larson

This love song is from his self-titled debut album. It is a midtempo track with a soft rock sound. It is an enchanting song about him expressing his love for someone and not wanting to let her go. This track has an infectious melody. It’s smooth and rhythmic. The guitar strings are masterful. They give the song a rock edge. The bass provides the song with a folk edge. The piano makes the music sound like something Billy Joel would have done.

This song had to compete with his bigger hits on the debut album, but it’s still good. Cross and Nicolette Larson have great vocal chemistry with each other. Their voices blend well with the music. Nicolette Larson sounds similar to Stevie Nicks. Cross sings this in his signature tone, which works well with the music. Nicolette Larson holds little notes towards the fade out of the song. Cross doesn’t take any vocal risks by holding notes, but he does belt a little.

# 6 – All Right

This anthemic track hails from the Another Page album. It features a mid-tempo pop-rock sound that carries an uplifting message of redemption and the promise of a brighter outcome after adversity. The song resonates with anyone facing challenging times, encouraging perseverance and hope. Christopher Cross showcases his versatility as an artist beyond his renowned love ballads, delivering a song that connects with listeners more profoundly.

The composition is upbeat and catchy, highlighted by an impressive guitar solo from Steve Lukather of Toto, which stands out as a particularly remarkable element of the track. The lyrics possess a meaningful depth, and Cross’s song execution is masterful. His vocals are potent, demonstrating his ability to amplify his voice amidst the crescendo of the music without succumbing to oversinging. Particularly notable is how Cross skillfully increases his vocal intensity following the bridge, maintaining this strength through the song’s fadeout. His ability to do so while retaining the natural softness of his voice is a testament to his vocal prowess.

# 5 – Swept Away

The next song on our Top 10 Christopher Cross Songs list is the romantic “Swept Away” from the Back of My Mind album. This ballad has a soft rock and pop sound. This is a poignant song about love, making you feel as if you were swept away. Here is some trivia for the song. This song was featured on the 80’s sitcom Growing Pains. This song is calming and relaxing because of the music. It is soft and soothing.

The guitar riffs give the song a rock beat. The chords are beautiful and romantic. The lyrics are touching and moving. The lyrics will make anyone feel emotional about the person he or she loves. This is the perfect song to listen to in a romantic mood. Cross does an outstanding job with his vocals. He doesn’t belt as much in this song, but it wasn’t needed since the music is soft. This is another underrated song that should have done better on the charts.

# 4 – Sailing

This tranquil song is from the self-titled debut album. This ballad has a soft rock sound. This is a relaxing song about sailing and leaving your troubles behind. Here is some trivia about the song. This is Cross’ favorite song on the album, but it wasn’t supposed to be a single. It’s hard to believe it wasn’t supposed to be a single. It would have been a mistake not to release it because it became one of his biggest hits. The music is soothing and comforting. The music remains the same until the beat changes in the bridge. The beautiful piano takes over the bridge and makes the song come alive. Cross sings in his signature tenor tone. His vocals are soft, which matches the vibe of the song. When the beat changes, he gets louder. This is the song to listen to when you are in the mood to chill and relax.

# 3 – Ride Like The Wind

This unique song is another gem from the debut album. This mid-tempo song has a pop-rock and post-disco sound. This is an eccentric song about a criminal on the run to Mexico. This is definitely a different song. Here is some trivia about the song. Cross was on drugs when he wrote the song. This does explain the uniqueness of it. The song will hook you as soon as the piano chords start. The music is infectious and danceable. It’s energetic and rhythmic. Cross sings well to the music. He doesn’t over-sing in the song. He holds a note towards the end that is amazing. He never breaks character in the song. Michael McDonald appears in the background of the track. He sounds terrific in the backing vocals. Cross and McDonald’s voices are in sync with each other.

# 2 – Think of Laura

This heartbreaking song is from the Another Page album. This ballad has a soft rock and adult contemporary sound. This is a moving song about a 17-year-old girl who was killed by a stray bullet. For some reason, this song was used as a love song on the soap opera General Hospital. The song was used for a character named Laura on the show. It was used in the wrong context because it was used as a love song instead of a song about a tragic loss. This haunting song will keep you mesmerized until the end. Cross sings so passionately that you feel like you know Laura. He pours his heart out in the lyrics. You can hear the pain in his voice as he sings it. The music is soft and mellow. The piano chords are soft and rhythmic and make the song sound emotional. This flawless song could have easily been number one on this list.

# 1 – Arthur’s Theme (Best That You Can Do)

The number one song on our Top 10 Christopher Cross Songs list is the infectious “Arthur’s Theme (Best That You Can Do) from the movie Arthur soundtrack written by the legendary Burt Bacharach. This ballad has a soft rock and pop sound. This is an alluring song about a character named Arthur in the movie. This song will grabyou as soon as it starts. The music is enchanting. The saxophone solo is fantastic and dramatic. The piano chords are hypnotic. The drums are rhythmic. Everything about the music works. There aren’t enough words to describe how great the music is. Cross’ vocals are also excellent. He sings in time with the music.

He starts the song off softly and then vocally soars towards the end. The song will stay in your head after you hear it. You don’t have to watch the movie to enjoy this song. It’s easily one of his best songs and deserves to be the number one song on this list.

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