Top 10 Climax Blues Band Songs

Top 10 Climax Blues Band Songs

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Our Top 10 Climax Blues Band songs list introduces us to a British band best known for their outstanding impact in the blues-rock and soft rock music genres. Formed in Stafford, the band enjoyed quite a successful moment in the 1970s thanks to the wondrous skills exhibited by their original lineup. While they might not have been the best in their time, Climax Blues Band made several top 10 hit songs that helped propel their career in the UK and internationally. The original lineup of Climax Blues Band included vocalist Colin Cooper, bassist Richard Jones, guitarist, and vocalist Pete Haycock, drummer George Newsome, guitarist Derek Holt, and keyboardist Arthur Wood. Sadly, death has robbed us of most of the original members of the band.

Most of the best Climax Blues Band songs have been drawn from the band’s releases from the 1970s. This comes not as a surprise having all the band’s albums released between 1972 and 1980 feature on the US Billboard 200 Album Chart. With twenty-two studio albums on their name, the band has been one of the most active 1970s bands in the music industry. Climax Blues Band retains the same blues and soft rock vibes from the 1970s and 1980s, proving to be a rare gem in the current music world. The band continues to tour the world to entertain and sell their name despite lacking any of the original members in their current lineup. Here are the top 10 Climax Blues Band songs that bring the best of the band’s 1970s and 1980s blues and soft rock sensations.

#10 – Reaching Out

Opening up our top 10 Climax Blues Band songs is the hit “Reaching Out.” The song is featured on the band’s 1974 album Sense of Direction, which is one of Climax Blues Band’s favorite. “Reaching Out” starts with a breathtaking tune that acts as the song’s signature guitar solo. The song fuses blues, jazz, funk, and rock vibes to yield quite a pulsating tune. “Reaching Out” is a wake-up call asking its listeners whether they are reaching out to someone.

#9 – Shake Your Love

“Shake Your Love” is one of the best Climax Blues Band songs from the band’s 1972 album Rich Man. The song had the Climax Blues Band members collaborate with producer and songwriter Richard Gottehrer in coming up with its lyrics. “Shake Your Love” is about a confession a man makes on the transformation a woman made to his life thanks to the love she showered him with. Debbie Gibson released a song with a similar title from her album Out of the Blue. Debbie’s version, which had different lyrics, is one of her best releases, with the song peaking at number four on the Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart in 1987.

#8 – Country Hat

Featured on the band’s album, A Lot of Bottles, “Country Hat” is Climax Blues Band’s instrument skills put in a single song. While Climax Blues Band might not have had the most successful career, it is without a doubt that the band’s original members were talented. All of them, including the vocalists, would play at least one instrument. “Country Hat” is an all-instrumental solo by the band members exhibiting skills from each one of them.

#7 – Amrita / Sense of Direction

“Amrita / Sense of Direction” is one of the best Climax Blues Band songs from their 1974 album Sense of Direction. Written by the band members, “Amrita / Sense of Direction” tries to strike a balance between blues and rock. Thanks to Pete Haycock’s skills on the guitar that the song features some nice guitar solos. The song is one of the reasons that the 1974 album Sense of Direction peaked at number thirty-seven on the Billboard 200 Albums Chart.

#6 – Mole on the Dole

The Climax Blues Band’s 1972 album Rich Man was their second album to chart on the Billboard 200 Album Chart. Thanks to songs like “Mole on the Dole,” that the album spent ten weeks on the chart peaking at number 150. The song brings the best of jazz and blues vibes in a quite melodious and catchy tune. Colin Cooper and Pete Haycock provided the song with quite some sublime harmonious vocals that prove to be irresistible to any music lover! 

#5 – Using the Power

“Using the Power” is one of the best Climax Blues Band songs from their 1975 album Stamp Album. The upbeat song brings more rock vibes thanks to the sublime and rock-influenced instrumentation. Climax Blues Band tells its audience to wake up and use the power it has in its hands to change situations. Credit to Pete Haycock for such a sublime guitar solo as the song nears the end. “Using the Power” peaked at number ten on the Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles Chart.

#4 – Makin’ Love

Number four on our top 10 Climax Blues Band songs is the hit “Makin’ Love.” Written by Climax Blues Band’s members, the song is featured on the band’s 1978 album Shine On. The song reveals the true nature of being human. Despite having quite a huge catalog of troubles, we all hide them away, trying to forget them and make love. We all have problems, and probably this is the best way to handle them instead of whining each time. “Makin’ Love” went on to peak at number ninety-one on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart.

#3 – Gotta Have More Love

Flying the Flag (1980) is the last album from Climax Blues Band to chart in the Billboard 200 Albums Chart, peaking at number seventy-five. Thanks to songs like “Gotta Have More Love,” that the album was quite a success in the US. The timeless song features one of the most electrifying guitar solos from Pete Haycock, making him one of the best guitarists ever to feature on the band’s lineup. “Gotta Have More Love” peaked at number forty-seven on the Billboard Hot 100, staying on the chart for twelve weeks.

#2 – I Love You

Number two in our top 10 Climax Blues Band songs is “I Love You,” from the band’s 1980 album Flying the Flag. Written by Derek Holt, “I Love You” is a love song about a lady who enters a guy’s life-impacting his life positively. The song developed a cult following and still receives some airplay to date on some radio stations. “I Love You” was featured in the indie-comedy film Cherish. The song peaked at number 12 on the Billboard Hot 100, staying on the chart for twenty-seven weeks.

#1 – Couldn’t Get It Right

“Couldn’t Get It Right” is by far the best Climax Blues Band song in the band’s career. Featured on the band’s 1976 album Gold Plated, the breakthrough song brings the best of the band’s dual vocal technique. The band’s breakthrough with the song would come after releasing eight albums. As revealed by the band’s vocalist Derek Holt, the song is about being on the road in America. The song peaked at number three and ten on the Billboard Hot 100 and UK Singles Chart.

Climax Blues Band Songs

Photo: CMA-Creative Management Associates (management), Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

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