Monsters of Rock Cruise 2024: Day Three Review

Steve Parry & Mark Evans Of Heavens Edge: Feature Photo shot by Shannon Wilk

Aboard the Monsters of Rock Cruise for the best and most debaucherous rock n’ roll week of the year, we are docked in Cozumel, Mexico, for day 3 – not that it matters much to me as I almost always stay on the boat to avoid missing shows while in port. After another late night on day 2, I set my alarm to wake up at noon – leaving just enough time to get up and get dressed before heading up to Heavens Edge on the Pool Stage at 12:15.

Philadelphia’s Heavens Edge is opening the day, starting bright and early, or at least what is considered early on this ship. Under the shining sun, in the blistering Caribbean heat, these five guys gave it their all – with reddened faces and sweat dripping down. Along with their old school material, the group performed several songs off their new record – even giving a nod to producer Jacob Bunton, who was in the crowd watching their set. The Heavens Edge set brought yet another exciting, once-in-a-lifetime surprise to the MORC stage: a performance of Cold Blood by KIX, with KIX guitarist Brian Forsythe.

Monsters of Rock Cruise 2024: Day Three Review

Mark Evans of Heavens Edge – photo by Shannon Wilk

Heavens Edge

  1. Play Dirty

  2. Rock Steady

  3. Had Enough

  4. Daddy’s Little Girl

  5. Up Against the Wall

  6. Don’t Stop, Don’t Go

  7. What Could’ve Been

  8. When the Lights Go Down

  9. Skin to Skin

  10. Cold Blood (KIX cover) (with Brian Forsythe)

  11. Find Another Way

On the Monsters of Rock Cruise for the first time, coming all the way from Sweden, are Crashdiet. While I didn’t get to catch their first show on the ship, I made sure I could catch their second, since they’re a band that rarely performs in the States. The group welcomed two new permanent members just weeks ago: John Elliot on vocals and Michael Sweet on drums (previously a touring member). For being brand new to the band, Elliot brought his A game – not only knowing all the lyrics and melodies but also performing naturally like a true hard rock frontman. It’s always appreciated when MORC spotlights sleaze revival bands like Crashdiet, allowing North American fans to see a band they might not see otherwise.

Monsters of Rock Cruise 2024: Day Three Review

Martin Sweet & Peter London of Crashdiet – Photo by Shannon Wilk


  1. Knokk ’em Down

  2. Riot in Everyone

  3. Tikket

  4. Cocaine Cowboys

  5. Out of Line

  6. It’s a Miracle

  7. Chemical

  8. In the Raw

  9. Breakin’ the Chainz

  10. Falling Rain

  11. XTC Overdrive

  12. Queen Obscene

  13. Generation Wild

Monsters of Rock Cruise 2024: Day Three Review

John Elliot of Crashdiet – Photo by Shannon Wilk

Peter London of Crashdiet Photo by Shannon Wilk

With how amazing Quiet Riot was the first time around, I just had to attend their second set. Beginning at 2:3o PM on the Pool Stage, these classic rock icons took the stage under beautiful blue skies. With an identical setlist to their previous show, the 4-piece was totally locked in. As a bassist myself, it’s always a treat to watch Rudy Sarzo perform – he truly is one of the best bass players out there when it comes to not only technicality but also putting on a show.

Monsters of Rock Cruise 2024: Day Three Review

Jizzy Pearl of Quiet Riot – Photo by Shannon Wilk

Quiet Riot

  1. Run for Cover

  2. Slick Black Cadillac

  3. Mama Weer All Crazee Now (Slade cover)

  4. Love’s a Bitch

  5. Condition Critical

  6. Thunderbird

  7. Party All Night

  8. Blackout in the Red Room (Love/Hate cover)

  9. The Wild and the Young

  10. Let’s Get Crazy

  11. Cum On Feel the Noize (Slade cover)

  12. Metal Health (Bang Your Head)

Monsters of Rock Cruise 2024: Day Three Review

Rudy Sarzo of Quiet Riot – Photo by Shannon Wilk

Back in the day, Extreme created a never before seen musical style – combining hair metal with funk – and to this day they are still innovating, especially with their 2023 album. Out on the Pool Stage again at 6 PM are Extreme. The deck is absolutely packed, ready to see the high-energy show the group is known for – and of course, this set was no different. Frontman Gary Cherone is nonstop, from one side of the stage to the other, climbing amplifiers and even climbing up onto the next deck and roaming around up there while still singing. What is there to say that hasn’t already been said about guitarist Nuno Bettencourt, the guy is untouchable when it comes to riffs, shred and tone. Bassist Pat Badger has a groove and pocket that perfectly matches drummer Kevin Figueiredo.

Extreme – Pool Stage 6 PM

  1. It (‘s a Monster)

  2. Decadence Dance

  3. #REBEL

  4. Rest in Peace

  5. Kid Ego / Play With Me


  7. Hole Hearted

  8. Cupid’s Dead

  9. Am I Ever Gonna Change


  11. Midnight Express

  12. More Than Words

  13. Flight of the Wounded Bumblebee

  14. Get the Funk Out

  15. RISE

Another Swedish hair metal revival band, Crazy Lixx, are performing for their second year on the Monsters of Rock Cruise. For their first show of the week, the band takes the stage at 6:45PM in Studio B. With songs like Hell Raising Women, Wild Child and Girls Of The ‘80s, Crazy Lixx bring a totally ‘80s party vibe with their sound as well as their look – with denim, leather, crop tops, white sneakers and long hair. For being in a competing time slot with Extreme, these Swedes brought a pretty solid crowd, which grew even more with folks filing in after Extreme’s set let out around 7:15PM.

Crazy Lixx – Studio B – 6:45 PM

  1. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

  2. Hell Raising Women

  3. Rock and a Hard Place

  4. Rise Above

  5. Sword and Stone (Bonfire cover)

  6. Girls of the 80’s

  7. Walk the Wire

  8. Wild Child

  9. Two Shots at Glory

  10. Autobot/Decepticon Battle (Vince DiCola song)

  11. The Star-Spangled Banner (John Stafford Smith & Francis Scott Key song)

  12. Anthem for America

  13. Never Die (Forever Wild)

Just after 7 PM, Slaughter took on the Theater stage for their first show on this Monsters of Rock Cruise.  Presently, the group features original members Mark Slaughter on vocals and Dana Strum on bass, as well as longtime guitarist Jeff Blando, and behind the kit, they’ve got one of the best modern rock drummers as far as I’m concerned, Jordan Cannata. On a stage completely filled with smoke, these Las Vegas rock n’ rollers perform all their classic tunes, some from each of their first two records, as well as Led Zeppelin’s “Immigrant Song.” After more than 30 years, Slaughter are still stickin’ it to ya out on the road and evidently out on the high seas as well.

 Slaughter – Theater – 7:15 PM

  1. Mad About You

  2. Burnin’ Bridges

  3. Spend My Life

  4. Immigrant Song (Led Zeppelin cover)

  5. Drum Solo

  6. Eye to Eye

  7. Days Gone By

  8. Real Love

  9. Fly to the Angels

  10. Up All Night / Won’t Get Fooled Again

This year, Monsters of Rock Cruise branched out of their typical hair metal genre and brought on some classic rock icons such as Ace Frehley, Joe Satriani, and the one and only Glenn Hughes. I was lucky enough to catch the end of Hughes’ set on the Pool Stage, as I showed up early to tech for the next band on that stage. Of course, being a Deep Purple fan, I was thrilled to see Glenn Hughes and his stellar band close their show with “Burn.: I have to say, Hughes was the talk of the town on MORC and I can see why. At 72 years old, Glenn Hughes is easily one of the most impressive vocalists aboard this year. He’s got a voice that really just gives you chills when it hits your ears.

Glenn Hughes – Pool Stage – 8:30 PM

  1. Stormbringer (Deep Purple song)

  2. Might Just Take Your Life (Deep Purple song)

  3. Sail Away (Deep Purple song)

  4. Mistreated (Deep Purple song)

  5. Gettin’ Tighter (Deep Purple song)

  6. You Keep On Moving (Deep Purple song)

  7. Burn (Deep Purple song)

Black N’ Blue takes the stage on time at 11 PM on the Pool Stage, which means it’s my time to get to work as their guitar tech. The group is celebrating the 40th anniversary of their debut self-titled album by performing the release in its entirety. After beginning their previous set so late, I was glad to see this second Pool Stage set run much more smoothly – with the band less stressed, adjusted to the motion of the ship and the intense winds. It is truly impressive how perfectly in time and locked in with each other, especially only playing a few shows a year.

Monsters of Rock Cruise 2024: Day Three Review

Black N Blue – Photo by Shannon Wilk

Black N’ Blue – Pool Stage – 11 PM

  1. The Strong Will Rock

  2. School of Hard Knocks

  3. Autoblast

  4. Hold on to 18

  5. Wicked Bitch

  6. Action (Sweet cover)

  7. Show Me the Night

  8. One for the Money

  9. I’m the King

  10. Chains Around Heaven

  11. Miss Mystery

  12. Nasty Nasty

Monsters of Rock Cruise 2024: Day Three Review

Black N Blue bases – Photo by Shannon Wilk

The night’s final show for me was Firehouse in the Theater, which began at midnight. The group played nearly all of their debut record with ease, especially original guitarist Bill Leverty, who makes every shred-filled solo look like an absolute breeze. For the past few months, 22 year old vocalist Nate Peck has been filling in for CJ Snare. I was at the first show Peck performed with the band in October last year, and it’s incredible to see how far he’s come with Firehouse, clearly having grown vocally and becoming much more comfortable performing to large audiences. The young singer has the perfect voice to replicate Snare’s tone and range and executes the songs well.

Firehouse – Theater – 12 AM

  1. All She Wrote

  2. Shake & Tumble

  3. Oughta Be a Law

  4. Helpless

  5. Lover’s Lane

  6. Home Is Where the Heart Is

  7. Guitar Solo

  8. Overnight Sensation

  9. Love of a Lifetime

  10. Reach for the Sky

  11. Don’t Treat Me Bad

Once again, I ended the night at karaoke from 1 AM to 4 AM. Day 3 was likely my most hectic day on the Monsters of Rock Cruise, as I attended nine shows, guitar teched for Black N’ Blue, and hung out at karaoke until the wee hours of the morning.

Shannon and Sam

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