Top 10 Corey Hart Songs

Corey Hart Songs

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Born May 31, 1962, Corey Mitchell Hart is a singer famous for hit singles such as Never Surrender and Sunglasses at Night. He was once a Grammy Award nominee for Best New Artist and got inducted to Canada’s Walk of Fame and Music Hall. He has successfully sold over 16 million records globally and has nine songs in US Billboard Top 40 hits. In this review, we look at the fantastic work done by this musician and the top songs he has recorded throughout his remarkable musical career.

#10 – In Your Soul

The song comes from the album Young Man Running, which was released in 1988. In Your Soul is a song about what is on the inside of every one of us. In our childhood, we always consider all possibilities and think that we can even surpass the wind when it comes to speed. With the power embedded deep inside us, we can become who we want to be by the words we sing.

The words in our songs have potent effects, and when we are inspired, we can achieve a lot more in our lives. The song encourages us to look for what our soul is yearning for and address our life goals with all our energy. Moving in a new direction is the central theme of this song, and it is truly inspirational.

#9 – Boy in the Box

“Boy in the Box,” comes from the album Everything in My Heart, which was released in 1987. Being under public scrutiny is not always easy, and this caused Corey Hart to be compared to James Dean. To Corey Hart, the song is about what it is like living in the eye of the public. The musician compared it to being in a box where everyone can see you clearly. It expresses the public fame that, at times, would overpower the musician. The song was ranked number 26 in the US Billboard Top 40 and one of the best songs from Corey Hart.

# 8 – It Ain’t Enough

The song was part of the first album, First Offense which got released in 1983. Corey Hart was 19 when he got inspired to write this song. It was his second single after his debut hit, “Sunglasses at Night.” The music would, to some, sound like an expression of frustration as a result of a girl. However, the real reason behind the song was to illustrate his struggles to get a record deal. Label after label kept turning him down until he eventually managed to land a deal with EMI. His career became profitable when his first album got successful in the US. However, Corey Hart did not give up but instead turned his emotions and frustration into a song. The song presented relentless love and dedication for music.

# 7 – Can’t Help Falling in Love

This song is part of the album Fields of Fire which was released in 1986. It is one of Corey Hart’s songs which resonated with the audience and got him on a steady path in his career. Its central theme was love, something that universally resonated with people from all walks of life. It was a perfect song that was not only slow but also powerful and touching. The piece was compelling and one of the best works by Corey Hart.

# 6 – I Am by Your Side

The song was included in the album Fields of Fire that came out in 1986. This song features Corey Hart in huge trouble; he is emotional in this song, which is evident in his inspirational and encouraging lyrics. He portrays himself as the person to turn to when the world seems impossible. The song is quite popular and made huge waves in the music industry when it was released. At times, finding someone to count on when things are tough can be difficult. This song encourages the listener enabling them to get through the dark moments in life.

# 5 – Everything in My Heart

The song was part of the album Boy in the Box, which was released in November 1985. Released in November 1985, the song took the top spot in Canada for a whole week and also happened to be the third single from his second album, Boy in the Box. It features the musician letting out his feelings for a lady and how much he has had to get to her.

A romantic song, Everything in My Heart, portrays the love between two people. It shows the much they are ready and willing to go through and give up to find their significant other. Corey Hart is ready to give everything in his heart for that special someone, a theme that is evident throughout the song.

# 4 – Take My Heart

The song about love was part of the Everything in My Heart album, which got released in 1987. The song is featured in the album, Everything in My Heart and portrays someone in love. The singer is seen as someone that cannot resist falling in love, and the lyrics present his adventure and battles for love. The song is touching and one of the best love songs ever sung by Corey Hart.

# 3 – Never Surrender

“Never Surrender,” was part of the Boy in the Box album, which was released in June 1985. The classic hit from the 1980s even got a recent remake following the pandemic. It is a true inspiration and a reason to keep pushing ahead for people whose lives have been torn apart and turned inside out after the pandemic. It is also a dedication to all those trying their best to make life easier for others. The song’s message is that only a bit of perseverance is needed to get most things done. In uncertainty, this is the perfect song to listen to and is full of positivity and encouragement.

# 2 -Eurasian Eyes

The song is part of Boy in the Box and was released in 1985. The song is about someone getting attracted to someone of a different ethnic origin. People of Eurasian origin have mixed European and Asian ancestry. The song features unique instrumentals, which are a match for the theme of the song.

An original tune and powerful lyrics work perfectly to create the ultimate musical result. The song is a glimpse of passion towards someone of foreign ethnic origin.

#1 – Sunglasses at Night

A popular song from the album First Offense, released in 1983, is a classic throwback to the old days. It features the artist in a don’t-care attitude as he describes how he wears his sunglasses at night to avoid getting deceived. It shows the musician’s insecurity with someone he is attracted to but doesn’t want to be deceived or fall into a trap. The song is viral and one of the reasons he managed to become successful on charts in the US.


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