Top 10 Dangerous Toys Songs

Dangerous Toys Songs

Our top 10 Dangerous Toys songs list looks at the body of work of an American band best known for its rock and metal sound. The band was formed in 1987 by Tim Trembley, who invited Jason McMaster at the band’s inception. Jason was the former vocalist to the progressive metal band Watchtower. Other members who formed the original lineup include bassist Mike Watson, drummer Mark Geary, and guitarist Scott Dalhover.

The band bagged a recording contract with Columbia Records in 1988. Even before Dangerous Toys released its debut album, its founder, Tim Trembley, left the band. This left without a second guitarist. Eventually, the band released its eponymous debut album. Max Norman produced Dangerous Toys (1989). The producer has also worked with Ozzy Osbourne, Megadeth, The Tubes, Y&T, Savatage, and Lynch Mob.

Just before Dangerous Toys released its debut album, Danny Aaron joined the band as the second guitarist. While he didn’t record any songs with the band, he was featured on the album’s cover. Dangerous Toys (1989) catapulted the band to mainstream success, peaking at number sixty-five on Billboard 200. The album was Gold-certified in 1994 after its sales went above five hundred thousand units.

Dangerous Toys (1989) remains the band’s most successful album both on the charts and by albums sales. Some of the musical gems featured on Dangerous Toys (1989) include “Teas’n Pleas’n,” “Scared,” and “Sportin’ a Woody.” The band went on a worldwide tour to promote its debut album. During the tour, Dangerous Toys performed alongside other artists/acts, including Pussycat, The Cult, Stryper, Junkyard, The Almighty, and L.A. Guns.

The band hit the studio once more to record and release its sophomore album, Hellacious Acres (1991). Hellacious Acres (1991) was produced by Roy Thomas Baker. The producer has also produced for Journey, Queen, The Cars, Alice Cooper, and The Darkness. Hellacious Acres (1991) peaked at number sixty-seven on the Billboard 200.

Unlike the band’s debut album, Hellacious Acres (1991) only managed to stay on the chart for nine weeks. Dangerous Toys (1989) managed to stay on the Billboard 200 for thirty-six weeks. Some of the best Dangerous Toys songs featured on this album include “Gimme’ No Lip” and “Line ‘Em Up.” This was the band’s last album with guitarist Danny Aaron who left the band after the band’s tour to promote the album. The album was also the band’s last release under Columbia Records.

Some while later, the band recruited Kevin Fowler on the guitars. However, Kevin Fowler neither toured nor released an album with the band. Kevin Fowler later launched a solo career and wrote hit singles for Mark Chesnutt, Sammy Kershaw, and Montgomery Gentry. After Kevin left Dangerous Toys, his position was taken by former Dirty Looks guitarist Paul Lidel.

The band released a third studio album under the title Pissed (1994). Unfortunately, the album failed to chart, with few of its songs receiving minimal airplay. Dangerous Toys hit the studio to record and release its fourth studio album. The R*tist 4*merly Known as Dangerous Toys (1995), is the band’s most recent studio album release.

The album also didn’t manage to rise to the charts. Dangerous Toys has also released one live album in 1999 and two compilation albums; one in 2004 and the other in 2020. Notably, several of the band’s releases showcase the band’s humorous side. Here we present the best Dangerous Toys songs of all time.

#10 – Demon Bell (The Ballad of Horace Pinker)

Opening our top 10 Dangerous Toys songs is the raging hit “Demon Bell (The Ballad of Horace Pinker).” The song is featured on the soundtrack to the 1989 slasher movie Shocker. “Demon Bell (The Ballad of Horace Pinker)” is a hard rock ballad that features heavy metal elements. Other artists that contributed to the soundtrack included Iggy Pop, Bonfire, Megadeth, The Dudes of Wrath, Saraya, Dead On, and Voodoo X.

#9 – Sticks & Stones

“Sticks & Stones” is an anthemic song in defense of a rock and roll singing career. The singer expresses how society views rock and roll as an evil music genre. However, Jason clarifies that he needs his liberty to exercise his talent. He also spell out in the song that sticks and stones may break his bones, but rock and roll will never hurt him. “Stick & Stones” is featured on the band’s sophomore album.

#8 – Best of Friends

Coming in at the eighth position on our top 10 Dangerous Toys songs is the breath-taking hit “Best of Friends.” The song is featured on the band’s album Hellacious Acres (1991). “Best of Friends” finds the singer reminiscing about a good old friend who was killed running from the law. The two met almost thirteen years before he read the sad news on papers. Unfortunately, the friend took a nasty path in life, and now the singer is mourning a person he treasures from his old days.  

#7 – Pissed

“Pissed” is a stunning heavy metal ballad that serves as the lead track to the band’s third studio album. The song’s lyrics find the singer expressing anger about a person whose actions only piss him off. “Pissed” brings the best out of Jason McMaster’s vocals. The song also showcases some of the best works by Billy Sherwood as a producer. Currently, Billy Sherwood is the bassist to the progressive rock band, Yes, taking the position after the death of Chris Squire in 2015.

#6 – Here Comes Trouble

Number six on our top 10 Dangerous Toys songs is the phenomenal hit “Here Comes Trouble.” In this track, the singer already identifies himself as a trouble maker. Everyone knows his deeds; hence, avoids him like a plague. While he promises even more trouble, the singer gets to a reflective moment where he comes up with no idea about what went wrong with him.

#5 – Gimme’ No Lip

While the band’s sophomore album might not have outdone the debut LP, it featured a number of the best Dangerous Toys songs, including “Gimme’ No Lip.” Dangerous Toys goes harder on this song compared to other releases on the band’s debut album. The song features a magnificent guitar solo that adds glamour to the song’s overall feel. “Gimme’ No Lip” was released as a single alongside “Line ‘Em Up” to help promote the band’s sophomore album.

#4- Feel Like Makin’ Love

“Feel Like Makin’ Love” is one of Dangerous Toys’ best cover songs ever released. Initially, the song was released in 1975 by Bad Company, an English rock supergroup. Paul Rodgers of Bad Company was inspired to pen the lyrics to the song while touring in the US with his rock band Free.

Later he played the song to the band’s guitarist Mick Ralphs who added a chord in the chorus. Dangerous Toys covered this hard rock ballad featuring their rendition on their sophomore album. Other artists who have covered the original song include Pauline Henry, Philip Claypool, Kid Rock, and Millie Jackson.

#3 – Line ‘Em Up

Coming in at number three on our top 10 Dangerous Toys songs is the impressive hit “Line ‘Em Up.” “Line ‘Em Up” is one of the best Dangerous Toys songs from Hellacious Acres (1991). The band used the song as an album promotional single for Dangerous Toys’ sophomore album. “Line ‘Em Up” is among the timeless concert staples by the band.

#2 – Scared

“Scared” is a raging song from Dangerous Toys’ debut album. The song blends glam metal and Southern rock elements. “Scared” showcases the lyrical prowess of the band’s lead vocalist Jason. The band members have cited the song as a tribute to Alice Cooper. Jason also delivers some awe-inspiring vocals on this up-tempo ballad. Critics had lauded “Scared” for bringing the best of the band’s musicianship.

#1 – Teas’n Pleas’n

Number one on our top 10 Dangerous Toys songs list is the charming hit “Teas’n Pleas’n.” Jason McMaster and Tim Trembley teamed up in penning the lyrics to this heavy track. The song is featured on the band’s debut album Dangerous Toys (1989). Jason’s vocals on this song have been compared to Axl Rose of Guns N’ Roses and Sebastian Bach of Skid Row. “Teas’n Pleas’n” was covered by the heavy metal band Shadow Fall on its album Fallout from the War (2006).

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