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Daniel Caesar Songs

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Our Top 10 Daniel Caesar Songs list will look at an r&b singer on the rise to stardom. Daniel Caesar got started by releasing his music independently. He released two EPs Praise Break (2014) and A Pilgrim’s Paradise (2015). They were critically acclaimed. He achieved his first number one song with Justin Bieber called “Peaches.” The talented singer can reshape his voice to showcase his versatile singing ability. Some of his musical influences are Frank Ocean, Beyonce, Kanye West, The Doors and Jim Morrison. Daniel Caesar’s eclectic taste in music is reflected in his own music. He has won awards throughout his career. He has sold over one million albums worldwide. His best-selling album to date is Freudian.

Daniel Caesar was born Ashton Dumar Norwill Simmonds on April 5, 1995. Daniel Caesar has a church background. His father was a pastor and gospel singer. He sang in his father’s congregation. He grew up listening to soul and gospel music. His parents were concerned about him getting involved in music. He didn’t let their concerns get in his way. After a fight with his father, he became homeless. He decided to pursue his music career. He began performing in clubs. The r&b singer met Jordan Evans and Matthew Burnett and began writing and recording his debut EP Praise Break. The EP received critical acclaim. It was considered one of the 20 best r&b albums of 2014.

He gained attention in 2015 when he released his second EP Pilgrim’s Paradise. It received positive reviews and featured the sleeper hit “Streetlights.” He released his debut album Freudian in August 2017. The album peaked at 25 on Billboard 200 and number 16 on the r&b charts. It features the singles “Get You,” “We Find Love,” “Blessed” and Best Part.” The album sold over one million copies. He was nominated for Grammy Awards. He won a Grammy for “Best Part.” Case Study 01 was released in June 2019. The album peaked at number 17 on Billboard 200. It features the singles “Love Again,” “Cyanide,” “Open Up,” “Too Deep to Turn Back,” “Complexities” and “Superposition.” Never Enough was released in April 2023. The album peaked at number 14 on Billboard 200 and number six on the r&b charts. It features the singles “Do You Like Me?,” “Let Me Go,” “Valentina” and “Unstoppable.”

Daniel Caesar is a rising r&b star. Singing in his blood, so it makes sense that he became a singer. He is an underrated artist who deserves more attention for his work. Our Top 10 Daniel Caesar Songs list will give us a chance to give him the attention he deserves.

# 10 – We Find Love

The 10th song on our Top 10 Daniel Caesar Songs list is “We Find Love” from the Freudian album. “We Find Love” was released in 2017. The song is about losing a love and moving on with his life. When he met her, he knew she was going to be the girl of his dreams. Unfortunately, his dream didn’t last because they broke up. He knew they could never be together because she didn’t love him anymore. He wants to know if she likes the song he is singing to her. He knows that she needs someone to adore her. She needs to be where she belongs. He said his world had been spinning out of control since the day he met her. He longs to hold her. He talks about love crashing down. He feels that once love is lost it won’t be found.

The lyrics are emotional. The song perfectly captures how people feel at the end of a relationship. He expressed emotions of sadness and acceptance. The song isn’t just about a breakup. The song is about picking yourself up and trying to move on from the breakup. Daniel Caesar isn’t trying to make you cry. He wants you to pick yourself up and move on with your life. The music is beautiful. The music is piano friendly. The music has gospel elements. It is a nod to Daniel Caesar’s gospel roots. Daniel Caesar’s vocals are impeccable. He sings the song with the emotion needed to convey his message. He stays in character throughout the song. His voice goes through vocal changes that we mentioned earlier. He sings in his lower and upper registers. The background singers sound like a choir which gives the song a church feel.

# 9 – Blessed

The ninth song on our Top 10 Daniel Caesar Songs list is “Blessed” from the Freudian album. “Blessed” was released in 2017. This song is about a man being thankful to be with his woman. He knows he is a mess of a person, but he feels blessed that he has the woman in his life. He doesn’t want to be anywhere without her. He doesn’t want to be anywhere where he can’t feel her. He knows that their relationship isn’t perfect, but they will always need each other. He wants to be with her and would make everything better if he could. He knows she is attracted to him the same way he is to her. He knows he does the wrong thing, but he wants her to listen to the words in this song. He assures her that he is coming home to her.

This is the type of song that reminds you that love doesn’t have to be perfect to work. Daniel Caesar knew what he was doing when he wrote the powerful lyrics. It will make you think about your relationship and appreciate what you have with your partner. The lyrics will make you a believer in love. If you don’t know what to say to your partner, let Daniel Caesar do the talking for you. The lyrics may bring a tear to your eye. You know you are listening to a good song when it makes you feel like you are going to cry. This song will remind you what love feels like. The music is acoustic so you can focus on the tender words. Daniel Caesar’s voice blends in with the piano. He sings the song tenderly. He sounds like a man in love.

# 8 – Valentina

The eighth song on our Top 10 Daniel Caesar Songs list is “Valentina” from the Never Enough album. “Valentina” was released in 2023. The song is about a man who is in love with someone who is not available to him. She is involved with another man but that doesn’t matter to him. He can’t let her go. He longs to be with her even though he knows he has an uphill battle. He knows that she is in a committed relationship, but he is determined to get her from him. The narrator believes that if he could have a moment of her time, he will be able to convince her to be with him. He knew when he looked into her eyes that he was going to get together with her. The narrator doesn’t think her boyfriend loves her the way he does. He knows she wants to be with him. She is a loyal girlfriend and he understands that. He respects her boundaries, but he still wants to be with her.

This song is proof that narrators can be the villains in the track. He knows that she is in a relationship, but he wants to take her anyway. He wants her to cheat on her boyfriend so they can be together. This track doesn’t paint his character in a good light. It shows that he has a manipulative side. There isn’t much lyrical content to the song. It has one verse and a chorus that is repeated twice. He gets to the point of the song. He doesn’t need to build up the story for the listeners to get it. The music starts with a slow instrumental beat. After the break, you can hear the kick drum, bass and keys. This is a refreshing mid-tempo beat that is perfect for the bedroom. Daniel Caesar’s vocals are soulful. His vocals change with each song. He is like a vocal chameleon. “Valentina” is a short track that packs a lot of sentiment in a short song. Despite the length, the song is enjoyable.

# 7 – Cyanide

The seventh song on our list is “Cyanide” from the Case Study 01 album. “Cyanide” was released in 2019. The song is about a man who is intoxicated by the woman he wants. He lets her know she makes him weak. He lets her know he would take her to Paris. He wants her to understand him. He is not a monster. He is someone with needs. He wants her to kiss him. He wants to be intimate with her because he needs and wants her. He assures her that she will be with him for life. The narrator wants the woman to give herself to him. He is excited to be with her. He is willing to go to her place without an invitation. She lights up his life.

Daniel Caesar is expressing the feeling we all feel when you are physically attracted to someone. The lyrics will hit home especially if you are attracted to someone. You may find yourself thinking this song is about your feelings for someone else. Your heart might start melting the longer you hear this song. We all want someone to want us the way he wants his partner in the song. The music is soft and mellow. He infuses r&b and soul effortlessly. The percussion and guitars are the stars of the music. Daniel Caesar’s vocals are emotive and showcases how he feels about the woman he loves. He sounds like he is yearning for her and not being too needy. We can listen to him sing this song all day long. This song is addicting and irresistible.

# 6 – Do You Like Me?

“Do You Like Me?” is from the Never Enough album. “Never Enough” was released in January 2023. This song is about a man who sees a girl he likes. He starts asking her different questions. He wants to know if she likes the way he talks to her. Does he stimulate her mind? He wants to know if she likes him. He likes her attitude. He wants to get together with her. He wants to make a move on her, but he wants to make sure she likes him first. He is fine with getting hurt because it’s not the first time he has been hurt. He wants to be in love again. The narrator reveals a twist to the listeners. He was involved with her friend first, but he wanted her. He wants to know if they will end up together because he wants to love again.

This song depicts the story of a person who isn’t sure how the other person feels about them. He did what most of us would do in his situation. He asked her questions so he could get inside her head. This is something we can all do to find out how someone feels about us. The lyrics show Daniel Caesar’s vulnerable side. He showcases the uncertainty of a person waiting to find out if the one they love returns the sentiment. It is hard not to know if the person you love loves you back. He had the right idea to ask questions.

The instrumentation is magnificently arranged. The music features soft guitar riffs and smooth percussion. Daniel Caesar’s vocals are excellent. He has impressive harmonies throughout the track. He utilizes his falsetto vocals to the best of his ability. He has the type of voice that will send you to a different dimension. He has an old soul. He sounds as if he has been singing for years.

# 5 – Peaches – Justin Bieber ft. Daniel Caesar and Giveon

The next song on our Top 10 Daniel Caesar Songs list is “Peaches” from Justin Bieber’s Justice album. “Peaches” was released in March 2021. This is a love song. The artists talk about their feelings about being in committed relationships. Justin Bieber opens the song by talking about the texture of his partner’s skin. He wants to wrap his arms around her and never let go. He loves the way her touch feels. He loves how she lifts him up. He plans to be with her until the end of time. Daniel Caesar talks about being there for his partner. He knows that she’s not sure about committing, but he assures her that she is all he ever wants. She is the woman he wished he could have. He wants more time with her. Whenever he leaves her, it feels like torture. Giveon assures his partner that he is hers. He won’t pretend that she’s not the one for him. He can’t ignore his feelings for her because she is right for him. He doesn’t want any other woman. He only wants her.

This was the song of the summer when it came out. This is the type of song you can listen to with the windows down. The song has a chill vibe which allows you to chill while you are listening to the artists serenade you. The lyrics are romantic and will have you in your feelings if you have a love like the men in this song. Justin Bieber, Daniel Caesar and Giveon aren’t a trio you would expect to find on a track together, but they make it work.

They have vocal chemistry with each other as if they have been singing together for years. They all sound convincing expressing their love for the women in their lives. Ladies would probably wish to be in their position. Most women would love to hear these lyrics serenaded to them. Justin Bieber, Daniel Caesar and Giveon need to record more songs together because they knocked this song out of the park. It’s no surprise this song was such a big hit.

# 4 – Japanese Denim

“Japanese Denim” is a non-album single. “Japanese Denim” was released in 2016. This song is about a man who realized that he has found the woman of his dreams. He hopes their relationship can last forever. He is willing to change his ways for her. He will wait for her even though he doesn’t like to wait for anything. He will think about her even though he doesn’t like to think about things. He considers her his good luck charm. He is head over heels in love with her. He places no one above her. The narrator feels their love should last like his jeans. He never thought he would find someone like her.

This is a seductive song about love. Once again, the talented singer shows his vulnerable side in a song. He is willing to change his ways for her. We have all been head over heels for someone who would make us do things we normally wouldn’t do. The heartfelt lyrics will touch your heart. They will make you long to hear these words being said to you. We like how Daniel Caesar isn’t afraid to be vulnerable with her. He is ready to put his heart on the line for the woman he loves. What could be more romantic than that? Daniel Caesar came up with a creative title for the song. It’s not every day someone compares you to a pair of jeans. It is an indicator of the talent he has as a songwriter. He can write a song about anything. Don’t let the title of this song fool you. It is not a novelty song about jeans. It is a deep love song.

# 3 – Love Again ft. Brandy

Coming in at number three on our list is “Love Again” from the Case Study 01 album and Brandy’s B7 album. “Love Again” was released in July 2019. The song is about a former couple who still have feelings for each other. They miss each other but they are torn by the bad memories of their relationship. Daniel Caesar talks about what did wrong in the relationship. He felt like they were fools who fell in love. He felt like she didn’t think anything was good enough. Brandy tells her half of the story in her verse. She talks about how he acts differently when he is around his friends. She feels as if he doesn’t act like he is in love. She warns him that he will be alone if he keeps acting that way. Despite the problems they have, they still hold on to each other. They can’t seem to be apart. They love each other even on their worst days.

If you have feelings for an ex, this song is for you. This song describes how it feels when you are not quite finished with someone you were dating. The couple is torn between getting back together or staying apart. This is a song that is told from both points of view. It gives listeners a chance to hear things from both sides. It is not a song that bashes either gender. It simply tells a story about what happened between them. The music has a cool and mellow vibe. Daniel Caesar and Brandy show versatility on this track. He is being a vocal chameleon again because his vocals change from his lower register to falsetto. He makes the change with little to no effort. Brandy shows why she is considered the “vocal bible.” Her vocals are incredible. She has strong control over her voice. Her vocals change throughout the song too. She sings in her upper and lower registers. Her harmonies are a gift from God. Daniel Caesar and Brandy were a match made in heaven on this track. They should record a duet album.

# 2 – Get You ft. Kali Uchis

“Get You” is from the Freudian album. “Get You” was released in October 2016. This song is a dedication to the woman Daniel Caesar loves. He felt like he didn’t deserve her love, but she gave it to him anyway. He didn’t expect to fall in love the way he did. He talks about his partner being there for him through everything. He will never leave her no matter what happens. Every time he looks in her eyes, he sees her love for him. She is the only person he needs in his life. He was surprised he was able to get a girl like her. He enjoys being intimate with her. He feels as if they are the only two people in the world when they are intimate. Everything he needs is with her. She talks about how thankful she is to have him. He makes her feel alive. She knows he will lead her to paradise.

This is a simple song about a couple in love. We have all heard love songs before, but there is something about this song that stands out. You will feel this song if you are in love. If you aren’t in love, it will make you wish you were in love. The music has a soulful and groovy beat. The bass and drums will hypnotize you until the song is done. You will find yourself bopping your head the beat. Daniel Caesar’s vocals are good in this track. He does the vocal changes. He sings the verses in a lower pitch while he sings the chorus in falsetto. He sounds like Jon B. Kali Uchis is along for the ride. Her voice is soulful. She doesn’t have a big part in the song, but she does enough to make an impact. She put her mark on this song. Their voices have electrifying chemistry with each other.

# 1 – Best Part ft. H.E.R.

The number one song on our Top 10 Daniel Caesar Songs list is “Best Part” from the Freudian album and H.E.R.’s eponymous album. The poetic song is about a couple who want to be there for each other through good and bad times. This is a love story between a couple who are expressing their feelings towards each other. They want to let the listeners know how important it is to let your partner know how you feel. They want to be together and will be lost without each other. She considers him her boost of energy. He helps her get through the day. She wouldn’t be able to get through her day without him. He talks about not being able to live without her. He needs her the second she is gone. She takes away his pain whenever she is near him. They continue to go into detail describing how they feel when they are with each other and when they are apart.

This song tells the story of appreciating the love in your life. This is an emotional track about loving each other through good and bad times. The lyrics read like poetry in a song. This song will make you a believer in love. The artists use metaphors to keep it from sounding like other love songs. You will be hooked on the song the second you hear the acoustic guitar strings. The music is stripped. It is a tender ballad that is guaranteed to tug at your heartstrings. The soft music allows you a chance to focus on their voices. The music caters to both voices. The artists sound incredible together. Their voices blend as if they were born to sing together. He sings this in a lower register while she sings in her upper register. Their voices will invite you to sing along with them. This song is mesmerizing and will stay in your head all day.

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