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Drake Love Songs

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Our Top 10 Drake Love Songs list looks at Drake’s Love Songs. Drake is a popular rapper and singer who talks about different things. He wouldn’t be the first person you think of when it comes to singing love songs. You would think of crooners or balladeers when you think of artists who sing love songs. He proves that he can sing about love too. He has a sensitive side when it comes to love. His love songs range from being attracted to someone he loves to be intimate with the person he loves. He may not be the first person who comes to mind when you’re ready to hear love songs, but he can handle the theme. His songs will allow you to get close to the person you love. These love songs give you a chance to hear Drake singing in his songs. He isn’t just a hardcore rapper. He has a sensitive side to him. We went through his catalog to find the songs that prove that he can be a romantic when he wants to be. Our Top 10 Drake Love Songs list will feature his best songs.

# 10 – I Get Lonely Too

The first song on our Top 10 Drake Love Songs list is “I Get Lonely Too” from his mix tape It’s Never Enough. The song has an r&b beat. The sentimental song is about him wanting to find love. He expresses how lonely he gets. He’s tired of hanging out in nightclubs and strip clubs. He’s ready for something real. He’s ready for a committed relationship. His friends are involved in serious relationships and have people who love them. He wants what they have. He longs to have a woman who is supportive of him. He wants to be with someone he can talk to and enjoy life together. He doesn’t want a yes woman. She can’t be the type who will turn her head if he’s with other women. She must want him to be faithful to her. He wants a woman who will support him.

The lyrics will make you think about what you want in life. Are you someone who’s tired of the single life and wants something deeper? Does it bother you to see other couples happy while you’re alone? If you can answer yes to these questions, this song will let you know that you’re not alone. The song has a somber beat that will get you in your feelings. Drake sampled TLC’s song “FanMail.” You might not recognize Drake’s vocals on the song. He sings in his lower register for the chorus. He sings the chorus similar to how T-Boz sings “FanMail.” He sings the verses like Marques Houston. You may forget you are listening to Drake singing the song. If you are lonely, he will make you feel like you have someone who can relate to your problem because he gets lonely too.

# 9 – A Night Off – ft. Lloyd

The next song on our Top 10 Drake Love Songs list is “A Night Off” from the album So Far Gone. The jam has an r&b beat. The hook-up song is about a man who wants to take a night off from work to be with his lady of the night. He works a lot, so he leaves her alone a lot. He wants her to understand that even though he has to work he wants to be there for her. Instead of recording, he decides to go home and be with her. He wants her to think about what he’s going to do to her. He wants to make her see that she’s important to him even though his career is important too. He’s going to make her feel special and loved.

Drake wants to make love to his woman. This jam is what you need if you are involved with someone who is a workaholic. You spend a lot of nights by yourself. Drake and Llyod want you to know that you are about to have a special evening. This seductive song is exactly what people could use when they are ready to spend an intimate night together. The guys let you know exactly what’s going to happen when they get off work. They are going to please their women in ways they haven’t before. Drake and Llyod are a great tag team on this track. They are convincing when they say how much they miss the women they love and want to be with them. Drake was able to keep up with Lloyd while they were singing together. “A Night Off” is ideal for couples who don’t see each other much and want to make the night special when they do see each other.

# 8 – Finesse

“Finesse” is from the album Scorpion and has an r&b beat. The celebratory song is a tribute to a woman he loves. He adores her from afar, but he knows he wants to make a life with her. He wants to be faithful and committed to her. He wants to have a baby with her. He wants the baby to have her eyes. The narrator is willing to give up the street life for her. He will change his ways so he could be with her. This song is a different type of love song. He has feelings for the woman in the song, but he doesn’t know her. He’s watching her from afar, but he’s planning his future with her.

“Finesse” isn’t like other love songs. He’s planning his life with a woman he never met. People are attracted to others, but they don’t always have the nerve to approach them. The questionable song has him pondering whether he should date her. He fantasizes about what will happen if they do get together and have a family. The music is somber and suits the theme of the song. It will give you a chance to focus on the music as well as his voice. He sounds hopeful that he will get the chance to be with her. You might find yourself rooting for him in the song especially if you are adoring someone from afar.

# 7 – Teenage Fever

“Teenage Fever” is from the album More Life and has an r&b sound. The bittersweet song is about a guy who is reflecting on two relationships. He thinks about the relationship he had in the past. He talks about how she treated him when they were together. He realized that it wasn’t the happily ever after that it was supposed to be. He meets someone new, and she changes everything for him. She makes him feel like he’s experiencing the feelings teenagers feel when they fall in love for the first time. You might find yourself thinking this song isn’t a love song because he talks about what went wrong in the first relationship. It does fit on our list because he talks about falling in love with someone new.

He doesn’t want to make the same mistakes he made with the first relationship. He finds himself falling in love with the new girl. He wants to make things right with his new love. If you are heartbroken that your relationship ended, you have hope that you will find someone new. If the hook sounds familiar to you, don’t be confused. Drake sampled Jennifer Lopez’s single “If You Had My Love.” He slowed down the beat to make it into a ballad. The song sounds different as a ballad from how it sounds as an up-tempo song. Drake sings the song as if it’s personal to him. “Teenage Fever” is for anyone who has lost hope that they will find love after losing it the first time.

# 6 – Fire & Desire

“Fire & Desire is from the album Views. The song has an r&b sound. The complex song is about a man who is in love with someone who belongs to someone else. Love isn’t always simple. There are times when the heart can make things complex. This song is an example of that. He is in love and that would be fine. The problem with that is he is in love with someone who is dating another man. You might think that he’s wrong to feel that way. She hears what he’s saying to her, but she’s not convinced that she should be with him. She’s not ready to walk away from her relationship.

This song shouldn’t be confused with Rick James and Teena Marie’s “Fire & Desire.” Drake’s song doesn’t sound like their track even though the themes are almost similar to each other. You would think someone who is rich and famous would have luck finding someone. This woman is unattainable to him. He has to convince her to be with him. This song gives Drake a chance to be vulnerable. The track samples Brandy’s song “I Dedicate” and it gives the song something extra. The song is about love that is out of your reach. “Fire & Desire” is about one-sided love. The banger will make you have thoughts about the one you love, but can’t have for one reason or another.

# 5 – After Dark ft. Static Major and Ty Dolla Sign

The next song on our Top 10 Drake Love Songs list is “After Dark” from the album Scorpion. The jam has an r&b beat. This redemptive song is similar to our previous entry “I Get Lonely Too.” Darke finds himself getting tired of being with nameless and faceless women. He wants to have something that’s real. He had his fill of being a player. He’s ready to settle down and be with someone he can love for life. He’s ready to tell the woman he has feelings for that he’s ready to be with her. He’s scared to tell her the truth, but he wants her to know how he feels.

He wants to make her a priority in his life. Some people enjoy the player life, but there are some who want to settle down and have something genuine. Drake, Static Major and Ty Dolla Sign want you to know that they want something real. If you are ready to settle down and fall in love, you know what they mean. You might feel as if they are telling your personal story if you want to have one person in your life. This track is just what you need to hear if you want to settle down and stop being with different people. This song can be your guide that you can have the courage to let the person know you love them.

# 4 – Find Your Love

“Find Your Love” is from the album Thank Me Later. The song has an r&b beat. The vulnerable song is about a man who wants to find true love. He is on a mission to be with the right woman. The rapper/singer tells a story about being tired of finding women who are wrong for him. The relationships never work out for one reason or another. He doesn’t want to just be an option to women. He’s tired of being forgotten. He took a chance with his heart, and it was stepped on by different women. He finally spots the right woman, and he wants to take a chance on her.

“Find Your Love” gives Drake a chance to let the walls down. He bares his soul about women hurting him. He doesn’t want to be hurt again. He has feelings and wants them to be taken seriously. Drake wants men to understand the meaning behind this track. He didn’t think men could understand where he was coming from, but he makes sense. He falls for the wrong woman and wants to meet the right one. He finds the right woman and lets her know that nothing will tear them apart. If you were reading the lyrics, you would probably think this song should have been recorded by a female singer. Drake flips the script and sings it from a man’s point of view.

# 3 – Hold On We’re Going Home ft. Majid Jordan

“Hold On We’re Going Home” is from the album Nothing Was the Same. The track has an r&b beat. The sensual song is about the love he feels for someone. He talks about the way you feel when you are deeply in love with someone. He sees how she is when other people are around. She puts on an act when she’s with her friends. She comes across as if she’s a bad girl, but he knows that she’s a good girl. He sees what other don’t see in her. He knows she’s a good girl. He wants to be the one who motivates her and pushes her to be the best she could be.

In addition to loving her, he loves their heat and passion. He’s willing to give up the street life for her because he believes their love is strong. He appreciates everything about her. He loves her enough to change his ways. This introspective song was a hit for a reason. Drake was able to create a love song that didn’t have to be a ballad. He recorded a love banger that you can dance to with your lover in a club. You can also dance to this at home with your lover. Drake and Majid Jordan pour their hearts out on this song. Majid Jordan are an underrated duo, but Drake gave them a chance to have the spotlight by having them appear in his song. You can play this banger at your wedding reception to get the party started.

# 2 – Best I Ever Had

“Best I Ever Had” is from the albums So Far Gone and Thank Me Later. The song has an r&b and hip-hop beat. The romantic song is an ode to the woman he loves. He’s happy that he’s with her. He’s not making romantic gestures to win her over like in other love songs. He wants to let her know how he feels. He wants her to know that she has all the qualities he’s looking for in a woman. He can see himself having a life with her. She’s not a “hit it and quit it” type of woman. She wants to be with him. He tells her that she’s the best woman he’s ever dated in his life.

He loves the way she looks, but he also admires her inner beauty. Women enjoy being praised for their looks, but they also enjoy being praised for their inner beauty. This fiery song will touch the hearts of anyone who hears it. If you want to score brownie points with that special someone, you should play this track for the person. You might get what you want. This song was a big hit for the rapper and singer. We see why it would be because the song works on so many levels. This song is ideal for people who want to express how they feel about the people they love.

# 1 – Take Care ft. Rihanna

The number one song on our Top 10 Drake Love Songs list is “Take Care” from the album of the same name. The song has a dance beat. The comforting song is about helping someone who has been hurt in the past. He assures her that he will help her ease the pain she has endured in the past. He wants to take her pain away. She wants to do the same thing for him. She knows he’s been hurt in the past and she wants to help him mend his broken heart. He lets his guard down for her and she will “take care” of him. They tell this story from both points of view. Men and women get hurt in relationships so they let you know that people are there for you.

Love has different levels. “Take Care” is about love being able to heal a wound. Love can be strong enough to conquer a broken heart. Drake and Rihanna want to be the shoulders to cry on when you need someone. They want to mend each other’s broken hearts. They tell a convincing story. This upbeat song is just what you need if you are feeling down about a past love. This isn’t a song for couples to slow dance to, but they can have fun dancing with each other. This song will resonate with anyone who wants to move on from a broken heart.

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