Top 10 Dwight Twilley Band Songs

Dwight Twilley Band Songs

Our top 10 Dwight Twilley Band songs list looks at the music catalogue of an ensemble distinguished for its power pop and rock sound. The Dwight Twilley Band is among the unsung heroes in the rock and roll music scene. Its founders, Phil Seymour and Dwight Twilley, invested several years of playing together since meeting in 1967. Their musical pursuits began in Tulsa, forming the band Oister which would later evolve into the Dwight Twilley Band.

The band rose to prominence after the release of its debut single, “I’m on Fire.” Despite the song being self-produced, it catapulted the Dwight Twilley Band to stardom in 1975. However, the Dwight Twilley Band is more than a one hit wonder. In the following years, the band released several songs that were critically acclaimed by fans and music critics.

The Dwight Twilley Band’s success has been credited to the inspirational songwriting skills by Dwight Twilley. On the other hand, Phil Seymour has been lauded for his awe-inspiring vocals and drumming skills. Phil Seymour’s magical vocals saw him featured on the background vocals in “Breakdown” and “American Girl” by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.

Issued in 1976, Sincerely was the band’s debut album. The album peaked at number one hundred and thirty-eight on the Billboard 200. Sincerely is home to some of the best Dwight Twilley Band songs, including “I’m on Fire” and “You Were So Warm.” The Dwight Twilley Band later issued its sophomore LP Twilley Don’t Mind in 1977. “Looking for the Magic” and “Twilley Don’t Mind” are some of the musical gems from the album.

Twilley Don’t Mind peaked at number seventy on the Billboard 200. However, the album failed to take the band to commercial success. Eventually, Phil left the band to pursue a solo power pop career till his death in 1993. Phil’s departure was largely fuelled by the commercial failure of the band’s debut and sophomore LPs.

The commercial failure by Dwight Twilley Band’s albums is highly associated with the band’s encounter with ‘bad’ record labels. Dwight Twilley later started a solo career which also failed to bring him commercial success. Nevertheless, he released reputable ballads including “Girl,” “Somebody to Love,” and “Keep on Working.”

The Dwight Twilley Band later released its third LP, The Great Lost Twilley Album, in 1993. This came shortly after one of the band’s original members, Phil, died of cancer. The Great Lost Twilley Album featured some of the best recordings the band had made with the late drummer and vocalist. While the album failed to chart, the band brought back its enticing fusion of power pop and rock sounds. Here we present the best songs the band released throughout its career.

#10 – Sleeping

Ushering us to the top 10 Dwight Twilley Band songs is the amazing track “Sleeping.” The song was released on the band’s 1977 LP Twilley Don’t Mind. “Sleeping” is one of the most emotive songs by the band. Its lyrics showcase the affectionate nature of the singer’s significant other. However, the singer seems to have taken ages to understand how to recruit her love.

#9 – Shark (in the Dark)

“Shark (in the Dark)” is one of the initially unreleased recordings by Dwight Twilley and the late Phil Seymour. The song is featured on the band’s third LP, The Great Lost Twilley Album. “Shark (in the Dark)” was penned by Dwight Twilley. Its lyrics find the songwriter recounting an experience with a woman who made him feel like a shark. The song brings some of the band’s best rock and roll vibes.

#8 – Trying to Find My Baby

Coming in at number eight is the striking ballad “Trying to Find My Baby.” The song is featured on the Dwight Twilley Band’s album Twilley Don’t Mind, issued in 1977. “Trying to Find My Baby” was covered by the Oklahoma-based singer-songwriter Jared Lekites. Jared Lekites is among singers who have cited the legendary rock and pop artist Brian Wilson as an influence on their musical styles.

#7 – Chance to Get Away

“Chance to Get Away” is an outstanding hit first released on the sophomore LP of the power pop and rock music act Dwight Twilley Band. The song brings the best of the band’s harmony vocals. “Chance to Get Away” also showcases the great bass guitar skills by Johnny Johnson. The two and half minute song is among the tracks that led the 1977 LP Twilley Don’t to critical success. However, the song didn’t achieve commercial success.

#6 – Sincerely

Number six on our top 10 Dwight Twilley Band songs is the hit “Sincerely.” The song serves as the album title track to Dwight Twilley Band’s debut album. “Sincerely” finds the band delivering a touch of rockabilly elements on this power pop-influenced song. The band’s sound in this song has been compared to The Beatles and Big Star.

#5 – Twilley Don’t Mind

At the number five spot of our top 10 Dwight Twilley Band songs list is the ravishing hit “Twilley Don’t Mind.” “Twilley Don’t Mind” is the album titled track to Dwight Twilley Band’s sophomore album. The song finds Bill Pitcock IV taking on the bass guitar. Tom Saviano plays the horns on this song that blends rock and power pop elements.

#4 – Lovin’ Me

“Lovin’ Me” is one of the best Dwight Twilley Band songs that take us years back to when the band went under the moniker Oister. While the song was recorded during this time, it was finally released on the band’s third LP, The Great Lost Twilley Album. This rare gem brings the best of the then-Tulsa-based power-pop ensemble. “Lovin’ Me” was obtained in the band’s Teac Tapes which contained multiple songs recorded by the Phil and Dwight duo.

#3 – You Were So Warm

Coming in at the third spot on our top 10 Dwight Twilley Band songs is the charming hit “You Were So Warm.” The song was released on the band’s debut album, Sincerely. “You Were So Warm” finds the singer telling of how he felt in the arms of his significant other. He continues to say that it wasn’t his wish to leave, for he felt secure and contented in the cuddly arms of his lover. The song was later covered by Nada Surf and Beekler.

#2 – Looking For The Magic

“Looking for the Magic” is one of the musical gems from Dwight Twilley Band’s sophomore LP Twilley Don’t Mind. While the song features some great pop hooks, it failed to get enough airplay on the radio. However, the song rose back to fame after it was featured on the 2011 American slasher movie, You’re Next. “Looking for the Magic” was also featured on the 2015 comedy-drama movie The Diary of a Teenage Girl.

#1- I’m on Fire

Number one on our top 10 Dwight Twilley Band songs list is the astounding hit “I’m on Fire.” The song was featured on the 1976 LP Sincerely. “I’m on Fire” is a power-pop ballad penned by Dwight Twilley. The song was the band’s debut single and breakthrough release. “I’m on Fire” is the only song by the band to reach the Billboard Hot 100. It peaked at number sixteen on the chart.

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